Sunday, January 18, 2009

Leave of absence

Readers of this blog who are unfamiliar with the goings on in Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore, may think reading the comments that there are many who think Singapore is a democracy based on the rule of law. The reader is warned that they may be Singapore government employees whose job is to discredit those who criticize Lee Kuan Yew's authoritarian rule. Please use your discretion as to how much weight you will give these comments.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I will not be blogging in the near future because of having to take care of work related business, after which I will return to blogging as usual. Lee Kuan Yew's agents, the Singapore Government cybersquad have been writing to me almost daily , of course not disclosing who they are, telling me to stop writing this blog. It is obvious this blog is hurting Lee Kuan Yew's dictatorial government, as is my intention. I have no intention to stop exposing the dictatorial regime in Singapore. This work will go on, after a time.

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Your letters are welcome. We reserve the right to publish your letters. Please Email your letters to And if you like what I write, please tell your friends. You will be helping democracy by distributing this widely. This blog not only gives information, it dispels government propaganda put out by this dictatorial regime.


Anonymous said...

"This work will go on, after a time."

As it should.

It would be fun to read some of those letters that the Skunk's agents have sent to you.

For comic relief, if not anything else.

Anonymous said...

Please do not stop from telling us the truths which is hidden in stinkapore!

Pls keep blogging Mr Nair!

We learn more from your blog than over here in PAP Times/Stinkapore ruled by the Lee Regime!

Anonymous said...

We are the agents who have been asking Nair to stop blogging. It is our job and we get paid for it. But deep in our hearts we know that he is telling the truth.

Anonymous said...

Can't you forgive and forget this poor old man who is now 86 yrs old with not much time left before the Grim Reaper takes him away? After all, he did a lot of good for S'pore in the 60s-80s resulting in our prosperous country. No doubt he did a lot of wicked stuff to his opponents and detractors esp in the 80s-90s and even now (CSJ and you), but can't you let bygones be bygones? Leave the old foggy alone and let him wither and slowly fade away? His wife is already brain-dead and kept alive only with powerful machines and medications.
He is very sad and depressed that he could no longer hold a tete-a-tete with her as he usually does to get approval for his great speeches and decisions on state matters.The poor man's heart is sad, so pitiful!

Gopalan Nair said...

To anonymous, Jan 18, 0931pm

Forgiveness is not the issue. The issue is the right of Singaporeans to excercise their human rights. Lee Kuan Yew has turned Singapore which is supposed to be a democracy into a dictatorship. Singaporeans have a right to live in a democracy. And for that reason, he has to be stopped. Which is exactly what Singaporeans are doing now.They are openly demanding their rights, and willing to be imprisoned for it. And I am doing whatever I can to weigh in with their cause. Which I shall continue to do.

As to your observation that he has done some good in the 1960s, I am not sure. What good does it do to turn Singaporeans into caged animals with no rights whatsoever in the name of prosperity?

Anonymous said...

LKY has a plethora of means at his disposal, including but not limited to Legal Action to sue for defamation if what you are writing about him is defaming him, why isn't he suing but chooses to send you emails everyday?


Anonymous said...

Mr Nair, you need the time to rebuild your life. Go on and sort out your own things for a while. Nothing to worry. The GOOD will always prevail. Only time tells. It is nice reading your blog. Please come back to inform us what is happening in Singapore. It is needed for us Singaporeans to be informed of the truth. This is one good blog to visit always. We await your return.

Anonymous said...

Singapore has to and must be burned down. Otherwise it will never progress.

Anonymous said...

it be pretty cool if you can post what the cybersquad people have said.

Anonymous said...

LKY has done the best he can. If it is not good enough just too bad, because he has done the best he can.
As for GN, he is a one dog trick. Without LKY he has no problem in this world. LKY is laughing till tears well up in his eyes. GN thought he can pull LKY down. Think again. No harm dreaming.

GN I dare you to publish this.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Nair,

Carry on blogging without fear of the 'Cybersquad'. Be free and exercise your freedom of speech cause in SG, we can't. Citizens of SG have had enough of oppression. Do not be fooled by that old man's age and health. If you let your guard down, he will take you.

Even when a wild animal is wounded/aging it can still rip you apart regardless.

TC,GOD Bless!!

Anonymous said...

LKY may have done the best he can but it's not good enough. Where's the humanity and compassion in him? For not utilizing this potential, his efforts have come to nought. I give him 20 out of 100. Failed.

Anonymous said...

You can give LKY 20/100. I will give you 100/100. What does it add up to? Nothing. It is just a matter of opinion. Actions and records speak louder than words.

Happy Lunar New Year!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Nair,

I second (or third, or fourth) the notion to publish the e-mails that you've gotten from Lee Scum Yew's cybersquad goons. If anything, they'll serve as comedy relief and further underscore the lengths to which the senile old fart will go to silence his critics.

Anonymous said...

To the Anonymous of Sun Jan 18, 09:31:00 PM PST:

I give you one name. Francis Seow. Detained without trial or solicitation 72 days under the Internal Security Act. His crime? For "taking money and advice from the U.S. for the promotion of democracy." DEMOCRACY. Go wiki that shit, and look real hard. This dude was caged for advocating democracy!

There are other names, to give you a headstar on your homework: Lim Chin Seong, 6 years. Michael Fernandez, 9 years. Chia Thye Poh, 32 years, all detained without trial under the same act as Francis Seow. To give a measurement for comparison, Nelson Mandela was in political prison 27 years.

Go Wiki all that shit before you start villainising anybody, hmm?

Look, I'll help you: it's very easy. Go to, and then type wiki, then Francis Seow, and press enter. On the wiki page it's on the fourth paragraph, on the third line.

I'll even read it to you: "accused of having received funds from the United States and advice for the purpose of promoting DEMOCRACY in Singapore."

Be it far from me to exaggerate, but no list of expletives can adequately express my astonishment when I read that.

Anonymous said...

to the Anonymous of Wed Jan 21, 05:34:00 AM PST.

Yes, I am an exceedingly puerile individual, but it looks like GN, as you abbreviate him, has called your bluff.

( D

Anonymous said...

to Anonymous on Thur Jan 22 at 02.55am.
Just a matter of opinions? Get real.Actions do speak louder than words. Look at LKY's actions,not very noble.

Anonymous said...

And you think yours is noble?

Like LKY once said something to the effect: 'when our stomach is full we talk about democracy'.

Probably all our stomachs are full.

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering how does one become an agent of Lee Kuan Yew? Its just that I would like to become one with heart of bringing a more transparent demo"crazy" on the island within' the system.. like some character in Infernal Affairs.....

I know u must be really busy Gopalan, but do try & get back to Blogging again. I love to see you past blog entries published like Tony Benn's diaries.

Anonymously Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

To the Anonymous of Fri Jan 23, 02:58:00 AM PST:

Ah, so you concede that (even IF "our" cause is ignoble) that LKY's is, in fact, ignoble? Tch tch, you really should watch your implicit meanings...

And since you seek give quotations that, quite frankly, hold no weight with us (read: "me") except as evidence in aid of indictment, let me give you another quotation:

“… the individual should come to realize that his own ego is of no importance in comparison with the existence of his nation; that the position of the individual ego is conditioned solely by the interests of the nation as a whole...that above all the unity of a nation’s spirit and will are worth far more than the freedom of the spirit and will of an individual.” Does this sound like the pet ideas of "Nation before Self" that is so beloved of our own propaganda machine; choosing the wellfare of the Welfare and preservation of State against the Individualism of Democracy? Well, guess what? That quote is from Hitler's "Kampf."

I'll be ready to cede that democracy is the frivolous pasttime of all overfed and complacent persons if you first concede to have Hitler, the incestuous megalomaniac eater of Jewish babies, as your role model.

Anonymous said...

To Solipsis,
It does not means whatever Hitler said is wrong. In this case I fully subscribe to the notion that : National interest must take precedence of over self interest"

Anonymous said...

You have escaped from the prison of Singapore. Pls don't come back and be captured by Lee. One day perhaps, I can get out of this prison and also all of my CPF money back. GIVE ME BACK MY MONEY!