Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A worrying time for the one party state Singapore's oligarchy

Ladies and Gentlemen,

All signs show danger lurking in the horizon for Lee Kuan Yew and his Singaporean dictatorship.

Increasing number of anti PAP activists are braving jail terms and breaking Singapore's protest laws. Sending them to jail just doesn't seem to stopping them. When you have an unjust law which people defy, you have a problem. Then there is the multiplied effect. Each time you send another young man to jail because he challenged Lee Kuan Yew's laws to stifle dissent, a hundred other of his friends and relatives hear about it, making them mad as well. Slowly but surely, these men are causing increasing numbers to be antagonistic towards lee and his family in power.

Then you have the burgeoning internet and the dissension in them. And then they have to suffer with people like myself who write from outside without any fear at all, writing directly for Singaporeans who read it regularly. The Internet places the Singapore dictatorship in a quandary. There is nothing they can do to stop it from being read in Singapore, short of banning the entire blogspot.com, which they cannot do. This criticism on the Internet is another flank which they find impossible to handle.

Then you have the Singaporean ministers almost afraid to make a speech, which they know the detractors like me will take them to task. You recall the recently appointed Lee Kuan Yew's stooge, Minister for Law, K Shanmugam who spoke of the rule of law in Singapore and the constitution, after which he was made to look very silly for uttering the nonsense. In the past, without the Internet and a people consumed in fear, he could have got away with anything. But now, making silly speeches can be dangerous. It comes with a price of being exposed as a clown.

Then you have men like Dr. Chee Soon Juan who simply refuses to roll over and lie down. Every time they charge him sue him, and do all sorts of bad things to him, he refuses to give up. In fact when he was asked by a foreign journalist as to how he was going to pay Lee Kuan Yew $410,000.00 damages which Singapore court awarded against him, he had the cheek to say "just add it to my tab". And Lee Kuan Yew himself has realized the futility of pursuing him any further. Any government would only pursue a person if they knew the person will submit. If not, there is no point of going after him again and again, if he is not afraid of you. That is why I am quite sure that no matter what Dr. Chee Soon Juan does or says now, Lee Kuan Yew has given up on him. He has in fact won and Lee Kuan Yew has lost.

And the same thing is going to happen with others. Recently I was sent to jail, John Tan of the SDP was sent to jail, Gandhi Ambalam was sent to jail, so was Isrizal, Shafi and many others. None of us are rolling over. They remain defiant and are going to do it again. These protest laws are unjust and they must be broken. I have not stopped writing and doing whatever else I want, and Mr. Lee Kuan Yew can sit there and do nothing.

And when these protesters increase in number, which they must, since logic dictates; Lee Kuan Yew has to either shoot all of them or just eat humble pie, and that is exactly what he is beginning to do.

Now is the time my friends. If you can pick up your courage and show this tyrant that Singapore is also yours, he will tumble. And when he tumbles, his entire edifice of his corrupt judges, corrupt policemen, corrupt civil servers and his corrupt cronies will equally tumble. They know presently they are thin ice, because an 86 year old man cannot last much longer.

And all these corrupt judges can do to you is to send you to jail for a few days. But by going to jail, you would have shown your heroism to all Singaporeans who will admire you. And jail in Singapore is nothing. I spent exactly 2 months in jail, in circumstances where the jailers themselves were ashamed of themselves to see me there. They know I did not deserve to be there. They knew that the law was being abused once again to thwart political opposition.

All it takes is for the protest movement to grow. If that happens these corrupt judges, civil servants and Lee Kuan Yew's cronies will be the first to leave Singapore. With that everything will be lost for this dictator and you will get the democracy which is rightfully yours.

I am not allowed to return to Singapore without express permission. In other words I am banned. So I cannot protest with you in Singapore. But you can. So grab your chance for change in Singapore.

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Anonymous said...

Take heart comrades, a curse has been placed and it will strike with vengence. All that rises shall crumble and all that evil shall perish.