Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"Stability is priority", Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore style of government

Readers of this blog who are unfamiliar with the goings on in Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore, may think reading the comments that there are many who think Singapore is a democracy based on the rule of law. The reader is warned that they may be Singapore government employees whose job is to discredit those who criticize Lee Kuan Yew's authoritarian rule. Please use your discretion as to how much weight you will give these comments.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore's state controlled newspaper the Straits Times, online edition and presumably the print edition as well, of March 10, 2009 has this article "Stability is priority". This report refers to a speech made by Wang Shengjun, President of the Supreme People's Court of Communist China were he said "Maintaining stability would help China in it's effort to rejuvenate it's economy".

Among other things, he referred to crime having gone up, especially white collar crime, more protests, and the fact that they had tried and concluded 770,000 criminals, they had convicted a million criminals, and 160,000 criminals were sentenced to terms from 5 years to death. The tone of the article appeared to indicate that Mr. Wang took great satisfaction from so many people having been sent to jail and executed and had it been that twice this number had suffered the fate, he would be overjoyed. There is a picture of his beaming face in the article confirming his pleasure. Sadism pure and simple.

We already know with punishments as cruel as this that goes on in Communist China, of course there is stability. In fact there has been stability in Communist China since 1949. What else did you expect with a one party state, ruthless suppression of protests,the lack of rule of law and the prospect of being shot on the spot if you are unlucky.

Communist China is not the only country that has remained so stable. So has North Korea, the military junta of Burma and the one party state Cuba.

Of course there is one other country that has also achieved this infamous distinction; which has been absolutely and completely stable since independence in 1965; which is none other than Singapore. The similarities are striking. Communist China, North Korea, Burma, Cuba and Singapore all share the same characteristics, no rule of law, one party state, has a state controlled press and the denial of human rights.

Countries such as these, with a state controlled press, can push forward any agenda they please. In this case, prominently heading the article "Stability is priority" Lee Kuan Yew is clearly trying to tell Singaporeans this. For him stability is more important than anything else. More important than the rule of law or democracy. The reason being of course that stability means he can continue to rule without question.

Lee is clearly telling us that not only will he continue to abuse human rights and deny the rule of law, he is going to tighten the screws. He is going to heighten punishments, and silence you completely and entirely. Although he already does it now, he is reminding you to be aware!

He is going to going to give Singapore so much peace and quiet, it will be even better than the cemetery at Bidadari, a cemetery in Singapore.

And that is why his state contolled newpaper, the Straits Times has carefully thought out the title of this article "Stability is Priority".

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Anonymous said...

I've often been struck by that eerie likeness between The 'Democratic' Republic of Singapore and The 'People's' Republic of China too. Neither country is about being by and for all the people, just a tiny extremely privileged handful, and certainly despite the loud trumpeting, democracy is spelt with an even tinier 'D' in both.

Luckily Old Father Time takes no prisoners and while Singaporeans may be silenced temporarily once again, for their tormentor the peace and quiet of Biddadari will soon be permanent and eternal. And good riddance too.

Anonymous said...

A mere semblance of stability masks the inherent instability of the system fostered by a one party state replete with brutal suppression.

Anonymous said...

Must be real good to be a ruler. Even those who govern tiny Singapore want to be at the helm forever.

A long lasting ruler without expire date. So no matter how much they have rot they are still being sold over and over and over. Though more people now perhaps no longer buy them like they used to.

Anonymous said...

Referring to Renaldi's post.
Australia's 2nd long serving PM, John Howard, ever mentioned how he enjoy being in charge. He hope to serve another 3 years, but he lose the election gracefully, offering nice words to his political opponent.

As a Liberal, I think he must be really thankful that he has been ousted before he lead his country in this Global Financial Crisis.