Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Singapore. The effectiveness of activism for democratic change

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore does not allow its citizens the right of free speech or expression. Although the Constitution specifically guarantees free speech or expression, there are laws enacted that deny this right. These laws are illegal as being in violation of the Constitution.

There also is no rule of law. Judges misuse the law at will to punish and intimidate political opponents such as Judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean whose dishonesty I had described in this blog.

The state owns and controls the media which means it is used daily to both distort and brainwash the citizens.

In fact every other element of civil society is hijacked to ensure absolute obedience and no dissent.

In these appalling circumstances, one thing must be clear, that is, there is no way you could possibly challenge Lee Kuan Yew's dictates one way or another.

The question therefore is this. If you are quite happy with a life such as this, you need do nothing. Simply carry on with your life and keep your opinions to yourself. At the same time, tell your children not to question authority and eternally submit. On the other hand, if this is not want you want life to be, then you must agitate for change. It cannot come about through elections since they have been and will be rigged. The only option left to you is through peaceful agitation. Protests, demonstrations, writing blogs, distributing leaflets or anything else you can think of short of violence.

And this is a very powerful weapon. Don't underestimate the effectiveness of it. It is a powerful weapon. The actions of each person spreads from him to another throughout the island, which will inevitably bring about change in the country. I am absolutely certain about it.

You may be aware that as we speak, 16 protesters who mounted a peaceful protest against the unbearable costs of living outside the Parliament House on March 15, 2008are now undergoing trial in the Subordinate Courts, Court No 5, before Judge Chia Wee Kiat. Even though they were entirely within their right under the Constitution, they are being charged under an illegal law which requires permits even for peaceful protests. The case had commenced as early as September 2008 but is even now only half way through the case. Numerous police witnesses have to to testify and be cross examined by the peaceful protesters. The government is being made to spend great expense, time, effort and resources to go though the trial. The protesters on their part are refusing to give in. They feel justice is on their side, and rightfully so, and they will not budge.

This is not a case the government can win at all. They may be able to win by abusing the law but in reality they would be losing terribly. Imagine the effect of jailing these citizens which they would have to do. The government itself realises the danger of prosecuting these individuals and the effect it will have on Singaporeans, the possibility being that not only these individuals will turn hostile against them, but also their friends their relatives and everyone else who understands what is happening. You must keep in mind, Singapore is a small island with a small population. But this government has no choice to proceed with these pointless prosecutions. They realize the opposition to their dictatorial policies on the ground is mounting, spreading and gaining momentum. Their only option is to prosecute these individuals and give it as much publicity as possible in the state controlled press, in the hope that this will somehow frighten others from doing what they did. In this contest, which I consider one of justice against injustice, the result can be only this. Justice will triumph and injustice will fall.

Every citizen's actions however small does contribute to the overall message to this government that you demand your rights. That you demand a free and democratic society. That you are not satisfied to live each day blindly complying to the dictates of Lee Kuan Yew and his minions in government.

Every action that one takes has a multiplier effect. Even if you stood at a street corner distributing leaflets to publicise the injustices that you see, or if you wrote blog posts exposing the injustices there, or if you protested outside the CPF building or other government office demanding justice; all these actions even though small spreads through the island. If you keep spreading awareness, you are building up the muscle that is needed for change.

In my case, I write this blog. Singaporeans and people elsewhere read this blog. And they spread the word to others and as each day passes more and more hear about it. This has a cumulative effect upon the whole purpose of toppling a dictatorship.

Keep in mind that your cause is just. You are entitled to be live free and democratic lives. The attempt by this government to deny you that right is fundamentally wrong. And when truth confronts injustice, truth always wins. Have no doubt, you will triumph.

I get daily insults and abuse from anonymous persons advising me to stop writing this blog even to the extent of threatening my life. There can be no doubt as to who sends these letters; none other than Lee Kuan Yew's agents. The very fact they spend time, money and such resources to dissuade me from doing what I do, is proof that this blog is hurting. To what extent I do not know but it is undoubtedly hurting them, because I know the message spreads. Slowly but surely, more and more will read what I write which slowly but surely discredits their government, their judiciary, their institutions of governance.

I am only one among the many who are agitating for change in Singapore. Dr. Chee Soon Juan and political activists are also contributing to the cause of justice. As time passes more and more realize that they cannot just sit idle and let things pass. That action no matter in what form is necessary.

My message to the reader is this. Do your part. protest. Distribute leaflets. Blog. Tell your friends what they need to know. Sell T political T Shirts in public. Wear them yourself in public with pride. Form political discussion groups. Distribute leaflets in HDB flats. And if you cannot do any of this, at least tell one other friend or colleague about the injustice that goes on.

And always remember this. The men who are now on trial for peaceful protests are not ordinary men. They are extraordinary men. They are patriots. What they have done gives themselves no benefit. They have done it for you. They have done it for Singapore. And for Singapore, they are prepared to pay a price.

Do your part my friends. It will give you a great feeling. Like I feel each day I write this blog.

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Anonymous said...

You mentioned agents of LKY asking you to stop writng these blogs and even threatening your life.
While they will desperately resort to any measures, including influencing and even muscling Google at some opportune time in future to disable your blog (similar to how China recently arm twisted Yahoo yo reveal names of it's email registrants in order to effect a clamp down), you might want to consider hosting your blog on your own domain powered by wordpress. In that way you claim ownership of all content. Not Google.

Anonymous said...

It's still not too late to make a police report against anyone who threatens your life.

I believe that such cases are taken up by Interpol.

Anonymous said...

Insults eh. The typical psychotic way of LKY. No remorse no conscience no heart no grace. Only pride and lies no matter how unjustified and how false.

I get insults quite often in sgforums too because I speak up against tyranny which faced me.

My PC has been dead for 2 weeks after 5 times of reinstalling fresh my Vista each one with a security hole created within an hour and ended with my PC being dead and just now after a 2 week hiatus and another fresh installation I just had another bluescreen. I'm not saying that LKY agent hack into my PC but that is a possibility.