Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Singapore. DSP Hassan lied in court under oath, says Dr. Chee Soon Juan in the website Singapore Democrat

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dr. Chee Soon Juan has clearly and deliberately accused Singapore’s DSP (Deputy Superintendent of Police) Hassan (DSP Mohd Hassan Said, telephone number: 64734026) of perjury. The rank of DSP denotes an officer of superior rank.

He has said, in the Singapore Democratic Party website,, of May 06, 2009, that DSP Hassan, of the Singapore Police force, Special Operations Command, Queensway Base, Singapore 149051 lied in the Subordinate Court under oath while testifying in Dr. chee Soon Juan's case in February 2009.

The material words of Dr. Chee in his blog of May 06, 2009 were, "They lie under oath: DSP Hassan testified that Dr. Chee Soon Juan had broken away from the police cordon during the WB-IMF (World Bank International Monetary fund) protest when it was actually the officer who had given Dr. Chee permission to proceed."

Dr. Chee's charge against DSP Hassan is indeed serious. To accuse someone of perjury (giving false testimony under oath) is a serious matter.

Under Section 193 of the Singapore Penal Code which reads “Whoever intentionally gives false evidence in any stage of a judicial proceeding or fabricates false evidence for the purpose of being used in any stage of a judicial proceeding shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to 7 years and shall also be liable to fine".

Dr. Chee Soon Juan calls DSP a lair who had lied under oath in court. It is about the trial for the peaceful protest held by him and others in Speakers Corner, Hong Lim Park, on Sept 16, 2006 over the World Bank International Monetary Fund meetings being held in Singapore.

The charge against them was for "attempting to stage a procession from the Speakers Corner to Parliament House". The law does not require anyone to have a permit to speak in Speakers Corner. Yet, in order to secure a prosecution against Dr. Chee at any cost, DSP Hassan gave false testimony to say that he was not in Speakers Corner although numerous pictures and videos publicly available clearly show him in it.

DSP Hassan as I said is a superior officer in the police force. It is very high rank. Now since Dr. Chee has accused him, an officer of high rank, of perjury, a serious criminal offense which carries a sentence of 7 years in jail, will Singapore’s Attorney General who claims the need to protect Singapore’s reputation for the rule of law see the need now to prosecute DSP Hassan?

And if DSP Hassan is not being held to account for this serious criminal offence of perjury, then will Singapore’s Attorney General charge Dr. Chee Soon Juan of insulting a public official (a high ranking police officer)? If not, will DSP Hassan sue Dr. Chee Soon Juan for defamation of character and prove that he is not a perjurer, that he did not give false testimony under oath and clear his name?

At about 9 pm, Pacific Standard Time (California time) May 06, 2009, I telephoned Singapore number 6473 4026. Singapore time about 1 pm May 07, 2009. The following was the conversation:

Gopalan Nair: Are you DSP Hassan, full name DSP Mohd Hassan Said who is now involved in the trial of Dr. Chee in the Subordinates Courts

DSP Hassan: I guess so

Gopalan Nair: When you say "I guess so" can I take it that you are indeed the officer that is involved in Dr. Chee's trial going on now?

DSP Hassan: Yes

Gopalan Nair: Are you aware that Dr. Chee has written in his website that you had lied under oath while giving testimony in court?

DSP Hassan: It is up to the judge

Gopalan Nair: I am not talking about the judge. I am talking about you. He has called you a liar and that you lied under oath.

DSP Hassan: It is up to the judge

Gopalan Nair: Dr. Chee has called you a liar. Are you going to do nothing? Are you.................

DSP Hassan hangs up.

You can read what transpired in court, in the articles "Police are "fundamentally honest"? Wednesday, 06 May 2009, Singapore Democrats, and "Police testimony crumbles under cross-examination" Monday, 23 February 2009 Singapore Democrats.

You know what? I think nothing will happen. DSP Hassan will not be charged for lying under oath. And Dr. Chee will not be charged with insulting a police officer nor will DSP Hassan sue Dr. Chee for defamation of character.

And the reason? They have victimized Dr. Chee far too many times and he has been sued far too many times, so much so that Lee Kuan Yew's legal system has been totally discredited. And charging Dr. Chee or suing him will not bother Dr. Chee nor will anyone else. This is what happens when a legal system has lost all respect.

And even after all this, Mr. K Shanmugam, Lee Kuan Yew's recently hand picked Minister of Law is announcing on a daily basis that Singapore has the best legal system in the world! Doesn’t it make you laugh?

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mycroft said...


DSP Hassan is but the latest in a long line of dishonourable Singapore cops and far from being the highest ranking.

If anyone is under any illusion that the SPF is anything other than thoroughly compromised, top to bottom, they ought to spend some time perusing this interesting thread on the old SammyBoy Forum by posters who appear to know from the inside exactly what this organisation is really like:

You might even suspect that your encounter with our brave boys in blue and the subsequent trumped-up charges you were hit with were all in a day's work for 'the best legal system in the world'.

Anonymous said...

Good to see some good old fashioned naming and shaming here.

I myself have been preoccupied with the same - shan't reveal more.

Anonymous said...

Thirteen months after his audacious escape from detention in Singapore, Mas Selamat Kastari has been caught in Malaysia.

WKS to tender for pampers so that no more toilet rolls to escape from!

888Loaded said...

with the recent entrapment from cnb leading to a doctor's career demise, perhaps the police force and cnb should look themselves in the mirror to check if they have such moral authority when their own are not exactly angels. worse, they cover up cases of their very senior officers.

their ex-commissioner, goh yong hong, was dating and screwing sumiko tan, a journalist with the local papers. she was given great excess to news and info from the police files. of course goh yong hong was married then. wonder what their political masters feel about the number 1 man having such flings ? you then have ex-deputy commissioner of police jagit singh always trying for sumiko too ! mr bayi was known to have a junior officer arrange his flings.

in recent times, we have a senior asst commissioner tan puay kern joining the exclusive club. he was reported to have told his wife he was on overseas course when he went to meet his lover in the US. his lover, also his subordinate, was then about to graduate from her masters programme. also a married man, no action taken ! currently, director special duties and director public affairs dept.

even more mischevious was one lim soo gee, a retired asst commissioner now senior vice president with capitaland. he was investigated for bringing a lady companion to some training quarters for a quickie. maybe he is not aware of hotel 81. cheapo chap. imagine bonking your girl at a training base in mandai. the woman companion is wife of one of ah long san's right-hand man. it was alleged that ah long san wanted to pay his man 200k to "surrender" his spouse to soo gee. therefore, cpib initiated their investigations. best of all, he was allowed to retire despite serving meaningless time in the cid as deputy director special duties. by the way, this sheep in wolf's clothing worships at paya lebar methodiat church !!!

we also have current deputy director of the cpib, one deputy asst commissioner koh teck hin caught with his pants down in genting highlands. told his wife he was away on course but when wife called, police operator informed her that her husband was on leave ! he was in genting with one of his subordinates and strangely, both are doing well today, in their respective careers.

another senior asst commissioner rajagopal was found in the carpark of punggol park with his subordinate way past sleeping time. a police patrol car checked on them and his woman companion had the audacity to challenge the police check. rajagopal did not faced any disciplinary measures from his management. perhaps they sanctioned his action. or he was counselling a junior officer in distress.

next, we have a celebrity. recently promoted to superintendent of police, adrian quek. his wife is huang biren, an actress. adrian was bonking a trainee from police academy leading his wife to physically check on him. he now bonks another lady from the intellectual property rights branch. how lucky ! bonk and bonk. promoted and promoted. perhaps biren should find men to bonk her to seek revenge.

on the money side, a senior asst commissioner was allowed to retire when he committed criminal breach of trust. the amount was 7 figures ! but because he was once in-charge of the security branch, someone sanctioned his retirement and not charge in court. how fortunate. his name, ong seng chye.

commissioner of police, can you please reply ? better still, wong kan seng, please explain if your police top men are free from disciplinary action for misbehavior.

Kafka's Fan said...

The trial of Dr Chee and his companions reads like a Kafka novel.

Seriously. When I was chatting with my English teacher about Dr Chee and the SDP, he had to stop me several times to confirm if we were discussing 'The Trial' by Kafka or Chee Soon Juan's trial. The misunderstanding may have happened because I was supposed to do a book report on Kafka's 'The Trial'.

Anonymous said...

The best legal system in the world....

Pfffftt Hahahahahahahahahhah


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the number.
I will call him and tell him this:

Chee Bye

It will remind him of both Dr.Chee's trial and his goodbye from the service if he is charged.

ex-Kangaroo said...

The price for a credible criminal justice system is eternal vigilance. In paying that price, the various stakeholders can from time to time be considerably inconvenienced whenever efforts are made to verify an accused’s complaints. Neither the courts nor the Prosecution should baulk at inquiring into all apparently serious grievances made at any stage of the proceedings.

Anonymous said...

i am impressed how those police officers' secret liaisons were found. i guess it is very difficult for men not to stray, even when in public office.

as long as you say yes to orders from the top, you are given leeway as these guys know too much.

Anonymous said...

Goh Yong Hong is my granduncle, I would like tot answer for him. Stop making baseless comments and get some hard proof. Your comments are not appreciated.