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Running Singapore Island by controlling information.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Lee Kuan Yew's one party state is really run by controlling information. In the island, all newspapers, the entire media is state controlled.

Every journalist, every reporter, ever newsreader, every TV and radio worker takes orders from Lee Kuan Yew's agents.

Only news that is approved for public dissemination reaches the Singapore islander. No one is allowed to publish or publicize anything unless it is cleared by state censors.

Singapore's Ministry of Communications and Information is the island's propaganda department.

Through this Ministry of Propaganda, the island's Ministry of Communications and Information, the minds of Singaporeans are controlled, so as not to permit any thought adverse or detrimental against the one party state and its supreme ruler Lee Kuan Yew and his son.

Another George Orwells’ 1984.

Any foreign newspaper or media found to be critical of the one party state is successfully sued, fined and refused circulation within the island, as what had happened to Wall Street Journal and the Far eastern Economic Review last year, not forgetting the long list of foreign newspapers that have been punished this way for decades.

This leaves the local Singaporean islander powerless to read anything neutral critical of the state apparatus, except the propaganda churned out.

The islanders can receive blogs and writings through the Internet which are neutral but the fear is so compelling, many are even afraid to read these things, lest they are found out by the unseen eyes and ears of the state, and punished.

Singaporeans are terrified to publicly oppose the one party administration. The blogs that circulate openly indentifying the owner are all praise of the leader, Lee Kuan Yew, his son and his one party state apparatus.

Those who are critical do not dare to identify themselves doing so incognito.

Only 3 people in the entire island of 4.5 million people dare to oppose the government openly through their writings but they have been punished so much and so many times by the Supreme leader Lee Kuan Yew that they no longer care.

They are Dr. Chee Soon Juan in his blog Singapore Democrat, Mr. Yap Keng Ho in his blog Uncle Yap and Robert Ho who writes as himself. It is well known in psychology that a man reaches a certain point of pain and punishment that from that point he no longer cares. That is the case with these 3 people here.

I too write critically. But Lee Kuan Yew can do nothing as long as I am not in Singapore making me effectively beyond the reach of his clutches, that is, his corrupt police force and his corrupt judiciary.

But with the complete lack of investigative journalism, where the entire journalistic profession has sold themselves lock stock and barrel to the supreme leader Lee Kuan Yew, what is the real news then?

For instance, what has happened to the legal profession there?

In my post here of June 30, 2009 titled "Law Society of Singapore Island refuses to disclose the number of lawyers" it appears the number of lawyers has declined perhaps to below 2,500, an unsustainable number for a country with 4.5 million people and engaged as they say in international commerce and finance!

In order not to embarrass themselves, they rather remain silent than state the number of lawyers remaining in the profession.

Since this fact of declining lawyer population there is not only embarrassing but also detrimental to the island's unchallenged self-claim that it is a banking center (since no one is allowed to challenge it), Lee Kuan Yew's hand picked Tamil Minister for Law had with great fanfare, declared that the requirements for foreign Singapore lawyers to practice there has been made easier, and therefore there will be a flood of them returning to Singapore.

In saying this, the handpicked Tamil Minister did not believe in it one bit. He knew the real reason why no one wants to practice there is because there is no longer any rule of law but rule by dictate; Lee Kuna Yew's dictate.

And therefore, making it easier to practice there would not make anyone return when they had left not because the rules to practice were difficult but because they were thoroughly disgusted with it.

Without an independent press, it is, as you can see impossible to know the truth. Are there 100 lawyers there today, or are there 2,000? No one can tell.

About a year ago there was a newspaper report revealing the great loss in manpower from the Singapore civil Service.

Since then, nothing further has been said about it. Today we do not know what the number of Singapore civil servants there are.

It appears the highly skilled and educated upper echelon are all leaving and many are leaving the country entirely, preferring to emigrate overseas to countries such as Australia.

It appears that they no longer want to live in a one party state ruled over by Lee Kuan Yew and his son, a country that lacks individual human rights and self respect.

But it is impossible for us to find out one way or another the truth or otherwise of what actually happens in the organization.

You see, it is the same throughout the island and with every single happening there. The news is controlled, calibrated and twisted to tell you what the government thinks you should hear, and no more.

And with it is the totally unacceptable situation in a country where the people, many of them, being overseas educated and demanding of democracy, the two don't meet.

Lee Kuan Yew's demand that he rule over them like obedient children and their desire to live as free agents is irreconcilable and un-resolvable. And with this impossible situation, the islanders have begun emigrating en masse.

For the moment, Lee Kuan Yew, the dictator manages to continue with false information being fed to his people by the state controlled media. But my question is how long? The system is rotting from it's foundation so rapidly that you can expect a sudden collapse in the not too distant future.

That is why I say if you are smart enough, pack up now and leave with your children. Lee Kuan Yew is managing it now, but only just.

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Anonymous said...

For a man thought to be of so large caliber LKY regime is way too easily offended.

They surround themselves with sycophants and now having used to receiving nothing but praises, they despise critics and feel very offended by them.

LKY regime has brainwashed themselves into believing their own made up lies by surrounding themselves with sycophants and yes man.