Sunday, July 12, 2009

Singapore. The need for a leader to move the people.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This is a message to Dr. Chee Soon Juan. The disadvantaged in Singapore have been oppressed for so long; brainwashed into submission so long; silenced into a paralysis so long, that they are unable to stand up for their rights anymore. A person from the outside has to stand up and lead them. And that person is Dr. Chee Soon Juan.

I ask Dr. Chee Soon Juan to do it now. What are you waiting for? Is not the suffering of those in the one room flats, the suffering of those displaced by foreign workers into unemployment, the suffering of the minorities not enough. How much more have they to endure before someone who has the courage to lead them to step forward and march to Lee Kuan Yew's palace and demand answers to their questions? Demand answers to their suffering.

You are in the best position to do it. Your actions are credible and will be so. Can you not see this dictatorship bringing Singapore down steadily without any real agenda at all? Can you not see the Lee dictatorship behaving as if there was no real problem among the poor of Singapore?

Lead them now. Organize a mass protest of the poor. You will have sufficient numbers for it, with this appalling state of affairs in Singapore.

Those who know Singapore already know the great sacrifices you have made. We respect you for it. And we know that if there was anyone in Singapore who can bring about change there, it is you. Noone else.

Dr. Chee, do it for Singapore. Now.

Gopalan Nair
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Anonymous said...

Singapore Dissident has edited the following comment received from an anonymous blogger for temperance:

as much as i like reading your blog i definetly do not want dr chee to 'rise up' and 'lead' us. where is he going to lead us? into jail? i don't trust that one bit.

Gopalan Nair said...

To anonymous,

Perhaps going to jail is not such a bad idea when you do it for a noble cause. Indeed some would cherish that oppurtunity as a noble act. I myself has gone to jail in Singapore for writing in this blog about Singapore Judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean blatantly shamelessly abusing the law she is supposed to uphold for her personal interest and that of her employer Lee Kuan Yew.

Think of it this way. Lee is more afraid of you than you are of him. If you are preapred to stand up to him, his dictatorship will collapse like a house of cards.

Believe me, it is worth it. Moreover, you will go down in histoy as one with a a conscience.

Do it.

Singapore Dissident

Anonymous said...

Dear Gopalan,

Dr Chee is, unfortunately, no longer be trusted by Singaporeans.

I can confirm this as a reformed person - one that used to be conditioned by the PAP into thinking that the PAP way is the best because it lift poverty in Singapore.

But people do not realised that :-

1. It is in the past. When the global environmental factors blew in Singapore advantage. Whether it is to counter the Eastern bloc or the baby boomers demographics, etc

2. PAP way did work early on as poor 3rd world country hanging on to its dear life after Separation. But whose policies are those? Lee Kuan Yew? Ha!

But now that I see how the politics in the real democracy work, dirty as it may be, but it allows individuals to exercise rights, choices and freedom that we would not have under other forms of systems.

But people need to be educated in this area of individual rights. LEEapore missed that opportunity.

LEEapore serfs now can only function with a strongman taking the lead. The people are looking for a unbanished track record of a hero figure. What an anomaly and what a coincidence. PAP seems to be the only choice.

Singapore is a lost cause. The number of people commenting in your blog seems to indicate so.

Dr Chee's sacrifice is in vain if people fail, and continue to fail to see the noble things he is doing for his countrymen. Even Tang Liang Hong get ridiculed for running away from a fight. You have been racially and unfair targetted by your ex countrymen as fat keling troublemaker.

Perhaps it is unfair to blame the Singaporeans for their ignorance. But wait, these people are educated, a number of them from overseas in western countries. So, perhaps, money greases the motivation of the people, dulls the sense of reality and eases the pains of a controlled existence.

The recent good news about the economy (true or false) is giving much nourishment to the confidence level of the people. Perhaps we are seeing the manipulation of a people under the PAP spell to vote again for the Emperor.

Long live the God-Emperor of Singapore. Singapore's Cultural Revolution is not over. Continue to spread your Words in your memiors, I mean Bible ... both the Old Testaments & the New Testaments [Get it?]. Live to see the irrepairable damage to the generations of people who trusted Him.

Gopalan Nair said...

To anonymous Jul 14,07:29,

You are entitled to your opinion. But I have to disagree. And so will a good sizable portion of Singapore. It is backed up by increasing numbers emigrating overseas, insufficient children being born, and edcuated foreigners not coming to/ not staying in the island, and unbearable and mounting unemployment. The bad news is all around. If you still want to cling to your beliefs, noone can stop you. But do look around you. Thanks