Friday, September 4, 2009

Arshad Khan writes

Dear Sir,

Thank you for airing all to the dirty laundry that Singapore has had for the past 40 years.
I am quite aware of all the ills that goes on in Singapore but have so far not have either the courage or drive to do anything about it. I have always felt that Singapore gov't makes the public feel they are not smart enough to think for themselves. So many of us have been brainwashed to think we are inferior and not worthy to even voice against the government.

But what I cannot hide is the love I have for my country. Why is that ? I complain constantly about it though.
I suppose if I did not care I would not be so upset at the condition of my country right ?

Why can't LKY see that those who sacrifice their peace of mind, going to jail, undergoing hardship , defamation suits and what not. They did all that if not for the love of their country.
Would any of our so called leaders be ready to go in and "enjoy" the air in jail?

You blog has certaily maked an indelible impression on me. Please keep up the faith and the good work.

Majulah Singapura.

Arshad Khan


Anonymous said...

Mr Nair,

Chan Sek Keong's 2-goondu disciplinary tribunal may be going thru' your blog to fish for evidence to act against you.

But there may be one or more readers out there who are illegally copying your writings into their computers.

Should you be stopped from blogging for any reason at all, a mysterious reader may choose to post all your writings anonymously at another site.


Anonymous said...

Hi Gopalan,

You're in the news in Singapore again :


Anonymous said...

I saw the report on

Personally, the tribunal's money would have been better spent if they try to find the real cause of disrepute of Singapore lawyers.

Messing around with a blogger will only add suspicions to the intention of the law society and whether the lawyers or its professional rep body has something to hide.

I doubt you are worried at all.

See what the US Dept of State has to say about Singapore.

Under the topic "Internet Freedom"

In June a visiting foreign citizen, Gopalan Nair, was arrested for comments he made in his blog about the High Court judge presiding in the hearing to assess damages in the Chee defamation case. He was charged with insulting a public servant, which carried a maximum fine of S$5,000 ($3,759) or one year in prison. In September Nair was found guilty and sentenced to three months in prison. While Nair was serving this sentence, the attorney general charged him with contempt of court for posting statements critical of the judiciary on his Web site. Nair retracted and apologized for those statements, and the court imposed no additional punishment. In November authorities released Nair from prison and permitted him to leave the country.

Anonymous said...

Oh LKY sees that those who oppose him and his rule love the country and want to keep their dignity and conscience intact.

But LKY and his thus only love themselves what do they care for Singaporeans. It's about maintaining their power it's not even about Singapore and Sinagporeans.