Saturday, September 19, 2009

Singapore. What, nothing so far about my disbarment from the island's roll of lawyers!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Had there been the Internet in 1934, Adolf Hitler's claims of the great Germany would have been debunked the next day. But even then, we did finally know the truth of what it really was. And what angers dictators, like Lee Kuan Yew, the most is when their lies, cleverly crafted and packaged are exposed and the rot underneath revealed. This is how, I am sure, Lee Kuan Yew feels.

Take for instance my fast approaching disbarment from the Roll of Lawyers in Singapore. For me to predict with certainty such an eventuality is itself a disgrace to a so called independent legal system, which the island's government claims.

You see, today it is no longer a secret. The Singapore Law Society, the professional organization for lawyers in Singapore, despite all it's attempts to claim independence, has over the years been exposed as a important organ of the Singapore government, an instrument of repression which the Singapore strongman uses to punish and disbar lawyers who question his authority.

Examples of this are too many over decades. JB Jeyaretnam was disbarred and kept from practicing law. So was Tang Liang Hong. So was Francis Seow. So was I, suspended from practicing for 2 years all for writing a letter to the Attorney General questioning his claims. And so was countless other lawyers in that island imprisoned and disbarred for no other offense other than criticism.

2 weeks ago, my picture was prominently displayed, as it was on numerous occassions in the past, in Singapore's state controlled press with the news that Singapore's Law Society has decided to empanel a disciplinary tribunal to look into my possible misconduct, which included my writing a blog post in this blog on May 29, 2008 about Judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean's abuse of the law.

I think Lee Kuan Yew and other Singapore strongmen have been angered beyond control to what I am doing. It must be extraordinary for any lawyer in any other country in the world to not only be completely unconcerned by any discipline, but what is worse, actually mock whatever action they are taking!

For instance, an escaped North Korean lawyer would similary not be concerned at all if the People's Law Society of Pyonyang had decided to disbar him for not bowing low enough when facing the supreme leader Kim Jong Il.

Of course Singapore lawyers and Singaporeans would know what I am about to say, but let me say it for the benefit of those who are not so privy. Despite their attempts to deny it, the Singapore Law Society is not an independent body at all. It is an extension of the Singapore government. At present the Law Society is not looking into my case independently at all. I expect Lee Kuan Yew's handpicked Minister for Law and his Attorney General and even perhaps the Singapore Commissioner of Police have had numerous meetings about my case. They are all looking into how best to stage manage this difficult exercise, especially with the difficult factor thrown in of my remaining unrepentant!

But since I don't care 2 hoots as to what they do, it remains a mystery as to what possible advantage they will get out it. I am sure when I am disbarred, publicity will be generated around the world as to my case. And as to the charges, I will of course be blogging about each of their accusations. And in the end, I would predictably be disbarred. And after my disbarment from the Bar in that island, I would continue blogging even more, since I would have that much more to talk about.

And I will continue to be a critic of the Singapore Establishment's abuse of the rights of it's citizens, so as people not only in Singapore but all over the world can benefit from my inside knowledge of that country.

And mind you, Lee Kuan Yew's recently handpicked Minister for Law, Singapore's K Shanmugam, Singapore's Attorney General Walter Woon, Singapore's Law Society President Sydney Michael Hwang (like the city in Australia, fancy name for a Chinese gentleman)and others among them are reading every word that I write on every page in this blog and, I suppose, fuming at the mouth with anger! As all fascists are prone to do.

It is a wonderful life, is it not?

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Anonymous said...

Keep it up.
These dastardly crooks who call themselves Ministers, lawyers or the AG are a disgrace to the legal profession.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Singapore lawyers are imposing their own disbarment as well.

It should be put on record of how is it possible that such injustice be uttered in rule-by-LEE (X) correction: rule-by-law (X) FIRST WORLD heehee Singapore.

Hey, this is only a blog.

Look. The Lawyer Eminent (Old Man) of Singapore is imminently expiring due to old age.

After he is retuned to the ashes, Judgement Day will be upon those with blood on their hands.

Those who ignore the law books and follow the orders of the Crock Eminent (refer to the Old Man as well) should be professionally disbarred from practicing law.