Sunday, September 13, 2009

Singapore's state controlled press does not report Dr. Chee Soon Juan's conviction and imprisonment.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Singapore Democratic Party's online website Singapore Democrat,, of Sunday Sept 06, 2009 has this story, "Judge fines Chee Soon Juan $10,000 for speaking in public". The story is about the Singapore courts abusing the constitution once again by convicting and sentencing him to 10 weeks jail or $10,000.00 on Sept 04, 2009, merely for distributing copies of his newspaper the New Democrat during his election campaign in 2006.

What is unusual in this case is not that he was unjustly punished for an activity which was completely lawful under the Constitution of Singapore, which is freedom of speech and assembly. And it is not unusual once again in Singapore that the fundamental human rights of opposition sympathisers as in this case was being denied. And it is also not unusual in Singapore for this sort of illegality being carried out shamelessly by the fascist regime of the 86 year old octogenarian Lee Kuan Yew, his family and friends.

But what is unusual is this. For the first time, none of the Singapore's state controlled newspapers reported this story!

Lee Kuan Yew's style of repression against his people has always been for the last 50years, one of abusing the law to unjustly silence his political victims in his courts and at the same time give it full publicity and coverage in his newspapers on a daily basis, with full page pictures of his victims, so as to intimidate and terrorize all others into fear silence and submission. And it has all along worked very well to become the state of Singaporeans as it is today; an entire generation of people living in fear of Lee Kuan Yew and what he will do if you dared to criticize.

You see, it is the age old trick of killing a chicken to frighten the monkeys, the monkeys being timid Singaporeans and the chicken being Dr. Chee Soon Juan.

Not his time, however. Now for the first time, Lee Kuan Yew has ordered his newspapers not to print this story of punishing his favorite political victim. It is impossible to know exactly why he decided against publication in his state controlled newspapers but we can guess.

I think he has finally begun to realize that just as anything else, punishing a helpless political victim beyond a limit may turn out to be counter productive. Instead of the expected desired result of intimidating and silencing the population, it may in fact anger them, embolden them and turn them against you. I think he thinks that point has now been reached. And I think he reckons that publicizing his abuse of the law to punish innocent people may result in the people turning against him.

But being pushed in a corner, Lee Kuan Yew finds that he has no choice but to proceed with these illegal prosecutions of his victims since any attempt to leave them alone would make him look weak, which he cannot accept. At the same time, he cannot make it public either for fear of the people turning against him. So he tries to keep this unjust abuse of the law against his helpless victims secret.

So he continues to abuse the law as he always done using his corrupt judges. But at the same time, he hopes no one hears about it.

Lee Kuan Yew, the 86 year old octogenarian is in a bind, don't you think? Poor man.

And can we expect that all future prosecutions agaisnt Dr. Chee Soon Juan, of which there are many, will all no longer be reported in his newpspers? Will this now be the new trend? Has he finally got the jitters?

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Anonymous said...

Right on !
Election is coming soon as PAP increase their effort of the propaganda. And people are fedup of PAP mis-abuse power and authority.

Anonymous said...

Dr Chee Soon Juan should just leave Singapore and claim asylum abroad. I feel its a losing battle for any dissident in Singapore. Continue the fight from abroad.

Everyone knows, nothing will change until that vampire Lee Kuan Yew croaks.

Anonymous said...

LKY is very skillful in using all sort of dirty and unethical tactics to silence his opponents. As long as he is still alive, I doubt anyone can think a way to handle him.
He is now happily behave like an supreme emperor now.