Thursday, July 22, 2010

Singapore, a watery prospect.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is a lost cause. You cannot fight nature. Singapore is progressively sinking into a watery grave. And there is no running from it.

In this month alone you had 3 massive floods in a row, in what is worse, the prime shopping area, Orchard Road. It is the one location that Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore takes pride in, it is is there that the unprecedented flooding had occurred. PAP pride could not have been damaged more than this.

And if this was an isolated incident, they could come over it. No, it is not an isolated incident. It is something that is not only going to occur again and again, but with greater regularity and even deeper floods.

A cursory reading of geography should make this clear. The air temperature above Singapore progressively increases with global warming and the massive ongoing concrete building development. A higher air temperature means the atmosphere can hold a much greater quantity of moisture. Which means, with precipitation, a much greater deluge of water pouring from the skies. Simultaneously the sea water temperature continues to progressively rise and with ever increasing temperatures, it naturally continues to expand, which means encroaching sea water all around the island with ever increasing sea levels.

If the Marina Barrage keeps the Kallang river from backtracking at high tide and heavy rain, it does not stop other parts of Singapore beaches and canals from being flooded from encroaching sea water. Unless you circle Singapore with a continuous line of Marina Barrages all round the island in a cocoon, at other places water will continue to encroach. Remember the entire island is a very low lying place and Singapore Changi Airfield runway itself is only a few feet above sea level.

When I was a young, I lived at Exeter Road, at the very spot where the Somerset MRT is now standing. There was a wide visible open canal that ran parallel next to Orchard Road from where the Mandarin Hotel now stands all the way to Tanglin. From Mandarin Hotel going south, it travelled behind what was then Pavilion Theater heading towards Killiney Road and then disappearing underground, reappearing at Dhoby Ghaut. That canal used to flood on occasion but if it did, it was only very minor. I remember, as a young boy of 12 or so, I used to watch the swollen canal standing behind the PUB flats in Somerset Road across the canal where the back of Pavilion Theater stood on the other side.

Some boys used to tie a rope across the fast flowing swollen canal some distance down stream. They used to dive into the canal and be carried down stream by fast flowing flood waters and the idea was to grab the rope across the river when they reach it. Of course it was a very dangerous thing, since if you missed the rope, it was certain death since only a few more feet and the canal disappears underground at Killiney Road only to surface again some distance away near Dhoby Ghaut.

I never dared try it. I know of 2 boys who missed the rope and drowned, their bodies found much further downstream.

I have digressed but the point is this. The reason for the flooding at Orchard Road is simply bad engineering. It was a bad idea to cover the canal since today, the entire stretch where the canals runs is now a walkway, with the canal under it. With the massive quantities of rainy deluge from the sky, the engineers when they built it did not take into account global warming. Today far too much water is being forced into these hidden canals whose capacity is simply inadequate.

And with all the prime exclusive million dollar high rise skyscrapers built around them, you simply cannot expand them to take more water.

And this is not what Singapore is only facing. The bad news is this situation is going to become progressively worse, by the minute, by the hour, and by the day.

If Mother Nature was a fan of Winston Churchill, she would probably tell Singapore's tin pot tyrant Lee Kuan Yew this " I have nothing to offer but blood toil tears and sweat", or "Rain, rain and more rain".

I think if Lee Kuan Yew were eventually to become a God fearing man, it would be a good idea for him to repent his terrible sins, such as abusing the law to silence JB Jeyaretnam, bankrupting Dr. Chee Soon Juan and locking up Chia Thye Poh for 31 years. Repentance may help depending of course on whether Mother Nature will forgive a man like that.

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Anonymous said...

Nah flood is nothing.

Repentance? I'm hoping he'll become worse and worse and his son too.

I'm gambling my entire life that LKY and his arrogant son to receive what they deserve eventually.

They better enjoy living as much as they can. After all they invested everything on this life. All which will be taken away from them. Ha bloody idiot.

Repentance? Hell no don't. Look around there's no God and if it were He's not doing anything. Might as well do what you wish!


Anonymous said...

Home > Breaking News > Singapore > Story
'Not supposed to happen'
By Serene Luo

Long-time residents said it was the worst flood they have seen since the 1960s.

RESIDENTS in Opera Estate thought they were safe from floods.

For almost 10 years, since a $31-million drainage system was completed to shuttle away rainwater in the neighbourhood, the residents in the traditionally flood-prone area had been dry.

But they woke up on Saturday to find themselves in the soup - a muddy, teh tarik-coloured concoction of leaves, rubbish and sandy rainwater that gushed into their homes.

Neighbours screamed through partitions between houses at one another to alert them about the waters that went up to 38cm high at some spots, while trash bins, buckets and shoes went floating down the road.

Long-time residents said it was the worst flood they have seen since the 1960s.

Two rows of families, along Norma Terrace and Rienzi Street, were worst hit, with many saying their refrigerators, washing machines and other home appliances had short-circuited, and caused the whole house's power to go out.

Anonymous said...

When I was a little boy, the hill between Eunos and now Bedok Reservoir was high, but not anymore. I thought that I had grown taller, but this was not the reason.

The hill has eroded and receeded and this is happening throughout Singapore. Singapore is only a few inches above sea level now and its a matter of time before more frequent flooding occurs.

Singaporeans need to wise up and leave the island, sooner rather than later.

mycroft said...

In their 2009 Annual Report, our beloved PUB have very proudly produced for our delectation a map of Singapore's drainage system. It shows how all roads lead to Rome, so to speak. It would appear that they have spent the past 50 years beavering away to ensure that all the island's canals and waterways converge at a single point - Marina Bay!

Then they spent $226m building a movable dam across the mouth of the Bay in order to create a reservoir. A barrage like the Thames Barrage but unlike the London one, designed to keep water in and not out. I suppose it would sound like the logical thing to do. This was officially opened in October 2008 and a year later came the first of the once-in-50-year floods. Cause and effect? You be the judge.

Btw, is it me or does that drainage map look awfully like the female reproductive system complete with Fallopian Tubes?

Anonymous said...

good writing Gopal.indeed, what is happening is a very good lesson for the cocky island island & for Singaporeans too! i visit this tiny island recently and guess, all the showing off=big cars, high buildings,big shopping centers and more...loud mouth Singapore politicians, Singapore pple too and all the boasting around how good Singapore is, 15%GDP, rich boys coming in, Casinos that is bound to make BIG$,& HIGH TOURISTS ARRIVAL and still the world NO.1 in everything espeicially LKY!
God have his way and if this is the way to humble S'pore govt, then we are all wrong!guess what the stateman say,firstly the pinky son tell not to expect flood free Singapore & then fcking old man say no matter how much you engineer cannot help Singapore which means they know, Singapore is screwed up big time especially for the low lying areas, practically alomost everywhere here
and you were right, they are busy losing huge money on one hand, the other hand busy sucking more from the pple of Singapore as they losses, this is a fcking regime worst then Suharto bcus Suharto did bad things but can 'share', in Singapore they suck until you dry and die and yes, i await the day i see 'nature justice'to be done on this island and awaken all Singapore that they are not so great, just humans & nothing fcking to fear for throwing out all these bastard MIW...m lucky to have run like you but still they play many trick to fck and hold my CPF money; i cannot wait for LKY to die or Pinky lee to wear real skirt in public and i tell you, GOD HAVE EYES AND EARS AND KARMA shall knock on these men doors, all of them i hope but then, better not wait for God, first Singapore pple can do something and yes, let the nature take care of what is done to Singapore like huge deforestation of the Bt Timah forest and then boasting about self suffiecient with water by drinking their own urine and now, maybe they have free flood water to know the project in China to grow crops and rear animal for self sufficiency?now they are all flooded and yes, the coming is soon but still, is to easy and light for them just to go and die like this after so many pple have suffer in this island, let's see if their millions save their life this time and surely, money talks..that is why they are more tyrants then ever and fcking cocky brutal and robbing everyday from singapore!
finally, God have eyes and ears and for me, sure do and i await to see and hear too.

Anonymous said...

Th unintended situation in 'hub' happy Singapore, a WATER HUB.

Tang Li said...

One might be tempted to say that the floods in recent weeks is a sign of the God in Heaven showing the self-proclaimed God in the Istana who is the real God.......