Friday, July 2, 2010

Singapore's Orchard Road businesses emptying out.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

With prime businesses in the Orchard Road Scotts Road submerged daily under water through flooding, after torrential thunderstorms discharging more than 100mm of rain each time, can anyone fault them if they are shoring up the their businesses and going home.

And can anyone blame them if they did, if they had, like you and I, a head and a brain within it?

Tell me how can anyone do any sort of business if their shop is flooded and their merchandise destroyed and their customers kept out, every day on a daily basis. And what is worse, rain and flooding does not necessarily fall during office hours, sometimes coming at the middle of the night, when no one is there to keep an eye!

The uncertainly is simply too much, the losses just too heavy for anyone to bear.

Hermes of Paris, a luxury clothier and haberdasher, one of the recent floods worst victims, just by themselves, is reported to have suffered several millions in loss. Granted, the Singapore outlet maybe just a franchise, but still, what about the loss of reputation for the French Hermes, for having located their store at a flood prone location like that, looking very silly.

Wendy's at Wheelock, another worst affected victim at the basement of Wheelock lost everything, their hamburgers and their entire equipment. It is unlikely they will remain at that location because it is simply going to be flooded again tomorrow.

I have heard the entire basement of Luck Plaza, which is being turned into a swimming pool on a daily basis, thanks to Mother Nature, is completely shored up and gone. They have naturally decided that it is impossible to do business under water, and customers will have no access unless they have Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus (SCUBA).

But of course, the Singapore state controlled press belonging to the duo, Lee Kuan Yew and his son, have decided not to print any of this; having to leave us guessing what in Heavens is happening to these submerged businessmen.

Never in the history of Singapore has 100mm of deluges of rainfall become a daily phenomenon as it is today. The writing is clearly on the wall. You are going to have these deluges of downpour on a daily basis. The entire island is only a few inches above sea level. Global warming appears to have taken over with a vengeance. Very soon you are not going to have any tourists unless they are prepared to get wet or stay indoors which no one wants. With its already small size, there is no where else to turn.

I would have given Lee Kuan Yew and his son, who among them decide everything in the island, some advice but unfortunately I have none. Perhaps discontinue Orchard Road Shopping and move them elsewhere but where, I do not know, since everywhere is the same, except perhaps to the duo's residence, Istana.

I am at a loss. Perhaps this is the wrath of God.

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Anonymous said...

Lee Kuan Yew will survive this, unfortunately for Singapore.

Already, analysts are predicting that the coming second recession this year is going to be good for Singapore.

BUY Singapore because banks will move there from Europe to take advantage of her lax banking regulations.

Already, Singapore is a major private banker for the neighboring corrupt rich. Money laundering is still a big concern and the low tax regime is helping. Not to mention the casinos.

Singapore future lies in dealing with making friends with other dictators, allowing suspicious characters to populate the country, doing shady business transactions and possibly supporting illegitimate businesses.

Will an annual flood washes away its SINs?

Has Lee Kuan Yew enraged the real Gods by playing god for too long?

Perhaps it is his actions that bad things happened and are continue to strike his dysfunctional family.

Gopalan Nair said...

To Anonymous July 03,
Others may diasagree. The cumulative effect of all this dirty business may have the result the hurting of father and son duo, rather than helping them. The greater local and public revelation of this dirty business may result in preventing legitimate businesses from coming, the European Union putting pressure, and even greater emigration of the discerning; resulting in far greater pressures on Lee and son, more damaging than beneficial. Remember it is a small place with a small population and a progressively declining reputation.