Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Law Society of Singapore vs Gopalan Nair, looking sillier by the day

Ladies and Gentlemen,

You must know that as I write this blog in California, it is Thursday September 23, 2010, morning, in Singapore, which is the time of the scheduled Singapore Law Society Disciplinary hearing against me for among other things criticizing Singapore Judge Belinda Ang in this blog in 2008.

Even though they have fixed this matter for hearing from Sept 20, 2010 to Sept 24, 2010 at Court 2A in the Singapore High Court, I wonder whether the hearings are going on anyway, or are they having a party in there!

If they are not doing the hearings, then what exactly is happening? If they are, is the police officers and the witnesses formally giving testimony and the President dutifully taking them down undisputed (since I am not there) or have they all gone instead to the coffee shop for a drink and a bite, which seems the more appropriate thing to do in the circumstances.

You know these scholars whom Lee Kuan Yew has placed in authority in that island appear to have their brains in their backsides. Had they really thought the matter through, they would never have brought these proceedings, that is if they had any brains. Having done it, and with my describing every silly step they take in this blog, their whole purpose is not only defeated, they are made to look like clowns. Look at this:

1. Eventually when they disbar me, it would be perhaps another year, which would have made it, 3 years from the time I called Judge Belinda Ang a crook, which by the way she deserves.

2. All 5 charges would not hold water in any other jurisdiction. In the Confusion philosophy of not losing face, Lee Kuan Yew would have no other choice but to disbar me. And when he does that, which I hope he will, I will go to town with it.

3. The entire proceedings are unfair and not in compliance with natural justice. First the mysterious Audrey Lim Choon Yeng, Deputy Registrar, speaking for the Tribunal, refuses copies of the transcripts necessary for my defense, refuses to arrange any permission for me to enter Singapore as I am banned, and most importantly refuses to guarantee my safety while in Singapore. The fear of arrest if I entered Singapore is real, because of my similar criticism of Judge Judith Paraksh, commonly known as the Kangaroo Judge for her judgement in the Kangaroo Tshirt case, and not to mention my retraction of apologies given in Singapore court since my returning to the US.

Of course they have refused to pay for the court transcripts of my cases in Singapore which are necessary for my defense, or my transport to Singapore since it is they who have commenced these proceedings. Remember these proceedings are intended to take my livelihood as a lawyer in Singapore, a serious matter where every possible assistance should be provided to the Defendant to ensure judicial impartiality.

Audrey Lim Choon Yeng's actions were clearly prejudicial and a violation of natural justice. I intend to write about it again when the verdict arrives.

As for the guarantee which is crucial, even though I wrote to the Attorney General Singapore and every other Singapore government agency, I received none, which would make my presence in Singapore simply suicide.

4. And this is exactly what I wanted them to do, disbar me, which is the whole purpose of Singapore Dissident. It is intended to expose the injustice of the regime in which Lee Kuan Yew and these handpicked scholars are giving me the ammunition that I exactly need.

I tried calling on the telephone, Peter Cuthbert Low (he is a local Chinese, despite the name) of Colin Ng and Partners using a false name yesterday and just now for some fun. Yesterday his secretary first claimed that he was not in and asked me for my number which I refused, then she asked me to hold the line claiming that he was downstairs. Today, I did the same and received the same answer first. When I said I will call later, she asked me to hold the line. Not wanting to waste time and money on a long distance line for a little fun, I hanged up.

It appears to me that the man is in the office at 10.30 am. If that is the case, have Lee Kuan Yew's men decided to call off the Tribunal and just make it a guilty verdict as in Alice in Wonderland?

Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore, does provide entertainment, you cannot deny that. And what is more, I have managed to make them spend a great deal of money and time over me on all this, in circumstances where, instead of being saddened, as they expected, I am enjoying every minute.

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Gopalan Nair said...

I just received word from a reader that the mysterious Deputy Registrar who is so eagerly pleasing her masters is Lim Yoon Cheng, not the other way round. You might add the name Audrey to it, if that pleases her. Mind you she is just a local Chinese woman, just like any other, despite the name Audrey.

Her contact particulars are correct. You might want to contact her on her oppurtunist eagerness to please her masters.

Thanks to the writer.

Lyn said...

it is mind boggling why they spend so much time and energy going against a lawyer who cannot even step foot in Singapore.


Anonymous said...

"it is mind boggling why they spend so much time and energy going against a lawyer who cannot even step foot in Singapore. "

That's what make Singapore clowns unique in the world !

You can judge for yourself how much the pathetic clowns will do to turn black into white and deny the fact of nepotism and cronyism at expense of state money.

Anonymous said...

Long live LKY and LHL, our glorious leaders, without whom, we will be nothing.

Anonymous said...

If you go to the Subordinate courts on any working day, you should see the big crowd there being charged for very petty crime - drunk driving, unlicensed hawking, fishing etc, missed urine tests etc etc The legal clowns are creating a busy industry here to justify their existence and fat pay packets. Every morning, bus loads of remanded detainees are brought to these courts from Changi to attend charges. At the end of the day, more truck loads of people will be transported back to the Remand prisons for detention and free meals. This is how work is created for the whole industry to keep them busy and collect fat pay at the end of the month.

JamesTan said...

This Anonymous writer said...
"Long live LKY and LHL, our glorious leaders, without whom, we will be nothing."
on Sat Sep 25, 12:53:00 PM PDT

I am ashamed of identifying myself as a Singaporean. Are all Singaporeans helpless people who obey a nanny and a babysitter son to tell them on how to live their lives?