Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The most stupid Singapore story, a 4 year old philanthropist!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore's state controlled newspaper or propaganda sheet, the Straits Times of Sept 06, 2010 has this really stupid story, "Just 4 but helping needy. Boy donates savings to ST fund through OCBC's coin bank initiative".

This is not only a silliest story of the century, capable only of dictatorships out to propagandize their citizens, it is also a complete misuse of a 4 year old boy.

According to this stupidity, a Singaporean 4 year old boy, Kendric Chang (the name itself explains a lot about this boy's parents) "over the past 2 months, four year old Kendric Chang has been making effort to set aside some of the money his father gives him weekly for the Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund (SPMF).

Let me remind you of what this 4 year old boy is doing. He is giving away the money his father gives him to charity!

If in fact this boy is doing this by himself, the natural reaction of most people, including me, is he is mentally defective. No child aged 4 wants to give away money he has. Had I done this myself when I was 4, I am sure my parents would have worried. At 4, I wanted as much money as I could have, even if I could grab it from others. I was just like any other boy, just a boy. That's how 4 year olds behave all around the world. And that is why most parents of 4 year old boys have a such a hard time telling them they can't have any more money!

It is quite obvious to anyone that unless Kendric Chang has something wrong in his head, it is not the boy doing it at all, it is his mother Jane Tan who is orchestrating the poor boy, using him for her own benefit.

Singapore is a one party dictatorship where just as in Soviet Russia, the newspapers are used to demand a certain behaviour from it's citizens. In this case, it is also used by the boy's mother to obtain recognition as a strong government supporter who makes sure her 4 year old son donates to her caring and generous government. In this way, she is looking forward to promotion and more money in her career, and the hope for her son to admitted to the prized Young PAP, to serve Lee Kuan Yew and his son during his entire life, thereby ensuring a long and prosperous career to himself, thanks to good old Lee Kuan Yew.

If you see this woman, Jane Tan, please tell her this. Don't misuse the boy. Don't use him to advance your agenda. Let him be like any other normal 4 year old boy, who yearns for as much money as possible. Such philanthropy should come from himself, not by your telling him to do it. Teach him good things, honesty sincerity and honor. Don't teach him to give away money to others. Not at this age anyway. This is not the time.

Jan Tan, you should be ashamed. You are what they call in America, a gold digger. It is not a very nice thing. Had you been in America, I would have reported you to Child Services for misusing the baby. You have to have your head examined.

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Anonymous said...

What mah, trying to get better advantage for the kid and herself,nothing wrong with it, is it? Anyway can you really read her mind and intention. Some actions are just simply an action without agenda lah. Not everything has to be the way you want and say so lah just like lky. Why be like lky?

Go ahead and don't publish this like you had done before, so much for your love of US constitition. You may have stood up to lky(admirable) but then turn around do the same lah at your own blog, yes its your Blog. have fun.

Anonymous said...

The kid's naive intention might be good, albeit he might be encouraged by his parents. But for the Shit Times to publish and make it sound like the PAP has instilled good values in the people of Singapore, or that it wants to use this to "show" everybody what good values are in the citizens of Singapore - to get political mileage - is low and actually shows their desperation.

Gopalan, don't you care about the comment above. Please continue to do the good people of Singapore a service by exposing the lies and deception of the PAP.

And Gopalan, please don't go to Singapore for the trial. How can you continue to enlighten us if you are in prison, which will be a sure thing if you go back.

Anonymous said...

How much the boy donate? $10000? If few hundred better keep their mouth. His parents just want the good name only.

Anonymous said...

How can u generalise that all 4 year old kids want all the money for themselves. even though it can be said that this applies to the majority, there is still the minority and this kid falls into that group of minority. and yes, like what previous comments have said, how are u able to read the mum's mind. it seems like an exaggeration.

Anonymous said...

Looks like this is happening more often - using innocent and ignorant poor children as shield for media and publicity.

Singapore children love YOG, foreigners, charity, public transport etc

Read this


Anonymous said...

I think the boy is being kind and innocent. Come on, if you were told at such a young age that children less fortunate than you were suffering you would want to help them too. The parents are not wrong by encouraging the boy to donate either (or more like, not discouraging the boy from donating). But I don't like way the media just has to butter it up and serve it as a delicious story. In Singapore we just have to be given some plastic role model to follow.(or what beasts we will become? ;))