Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew hospitalized and the entire island feels the jitters

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore's state controlled newspaper the Straits Times Online edition of Sept 30, 2010 carried the story "MM Lee hospitalized", meaning Singapore's Minister Mentor and dictator Lee Kuan Yew has been hospitalized.

The report refers to chest infection as the cause which prevented him from attending the funeral of one of his minions Dr. Balaji Sadasivan who had died of colon cancer.

Lee only 2 days ago had physiotherapy resulting from a fall in Kiev where he was giving an interview.

Readers would recall an island wide nervousness resulting from my blog post of Saturday, March 6, 2010(Update: March 07, 2010, this is a hoax) Singapore strongman 87 year old Lee Kuan Yew suffers massive heart attack in which I deliberately and falsely wrote he had a severe heart attack.

My writing then caused people not only in Singapore but worldwide extreme nervousness of the consequences.

My point in writing it then was to prove that very point, which is, Singapore despite it's proclamations of a democracy is in fact a delicate flimsy one party state dictatorship in which everything happens because of this one man, and that his death would have monumental and devastating consequences in the island making the Indonesian tsunami a mere hiccup.

I guess this nervousness and fear of the unknown among Singaporeans has now begun for real, with the dictator having been reported to have been treated for a fall 2 days ago in Eastern Europe and yesterday, a severe chest infection.

With these dire reports, the people can reasonably fear only one thing, the man is going to kick the bucket very soon, and the unthinkable happening.

And with that fear gripping the entire Singapore and the western capitals of the world, can I ask now the following very pertinent questions?

Is the stock market in Singapore falling or will it fall very soon?

Will the foreign investors who have put their money in the island because of the old dictator pull out of Singapore now?

Is his son whom he placed as Prime Minister whom no one respects let alone himself going to be re-visited with the cancer which had plagued him in the past and die himself?

Is Dr. Chee Soon Juan and his opposition Singapore Democratic Party doubling up their efforts to ready themselves for a multi cornered political fight with other aspirants?

Are even more Singaporeans now cashing out and leaving the island permanently rather than to wait until the Singapore dollar loses all value?

Is Judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean who so confidently abused the law to punish her master's opponent now having second thoughts about the whole thing and packing out of Singapore and herself entirely?

Yes many of the fears that I mentioned are about to happen regardless of whether the dictator dies today or tomorrow. You see, with these 2 incidents only a couple of days apart, anyone with normal caution will see the danger of waiting any longer.

I am sure that with his death, the Singapore dollar will take a dive. That means a loss for a great many people who hold that currency. Common sense dictates that waiting till the last minute, which is obviously fast approaching is suicidal.

Another thing which both local and foreign governments are aware is this, his son as Prime minister is really not up to it. And I am sure the son knows it too.

This means there is bound to be infighting for a new team which commands some respect. But the problem is that it cannot happen in Singapore because Lee Kuan Yew himself made it impossible.

Singapore's leaders today are not leaders in the real sense but purely handpicked bootlickers that he has placed in power with million dollar salaries. Take the example of K Shanmugam his recently appointed Tamil Minister of Law. Does anyone consider him a leader of anyone or anything, I don't think so. He knows that as well as we all do which is, he is there because he was prepared to be the master's errand boy. It is the same with every one of these Lee Kuan Yew ministers.

What is even more disgusting and dishonest is the fact that these Ministers were not appointed by a mistake. No, they were appointed by design, because Lee Kuan Yew knows that such nobodys picked out of thin air cannot ever be threats to his power, because if he allowed real leaders to develop, then his own position might be uncertain, especially because he may not be able to steal the millions which he does from Singaporeans now.

The best way to describe Lee Kuan Yew is a dishonest corrupt power hungry third world dictator who managed to create a political system that would ensure his own survival and that of his family. He deliberately ensures that the system would not outlast him. That is why either today or tomorrow when Lee Kuan Yew dies there is going to be utter confusion mayhem and disorder in the island.

If you are wise, get out now. Get out with your money, your families and the hope which you still have.

In 1933 when Hitler came to power in the Reichstag, there were those who saw the writing on the wall and left. I need not say what happened to those who were left behind especially the Jews in Hitler's Third Reich. What is going to happen in Singapore is complete disorder and collapse.

By the way, I wonder what the recently appointed judge Quentin Loh Sze Onn is thinking now. Only a month ago, he entered the Singapore judiciary, hand picked by Lee Kuan Yew and his minions, all prepared to spend his remaining long career pleasing his master and his master's son. I hope he is reading this blog now.

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Anonymous said...

"I will make him crawl on his bended knees, and beg for mercy."

Joshua Benjamin Jeyaretnam has a welcome party for him, by virtue of the Karmic forces of the universe. :)

Anonymous said...


What makes you think that LKY will go to the same place as JBJ? Somehow, after all the hideous, monstrous, evil acts that LKY had and continues to unleash on his opponents, hell is too good for him. I wish him well for now as he has all eternity to regret the things that he has done and not a day will pass when he will not be reminded of them.

mycroft said...

Describing the actions of the kangaroo T-shirt trio as the worst form of insult possible against the court system, Supreme Court justice Judith Prakash said it merited a harsher punishment than that imposed previously. 'The imputation that the Singapore courts are 'kangaroo courts' was a serious and scurrilous insult that struck at the foundation, the body and the spirit of the justice system in Singapore,' she said (with a straight face) in explaining her decision and sentencing.

She must have had a real bad feeling that these words might return to bite her since she bailed out for Australia a few months back. Canny move, as Harry won't be around too much longer to protect his protégés from the looks of it. The rest of the 'poor prostitutes and running dogs' and the department store dummies have probably made their plans to flee the scene of their crime as soon as the cracks start to appear. Good riddance.

JamesTan said...

Now, LKY has a lot time to think about his mortality. He may have Singapore under his control, but not his body. He is not as invincible as he thinks he is.

Post-LKY should be an interesting time for Singapore. The people who comes after LKY will be a lot more ruthless and greedy because they do not have the legitimate authority LKY weld.

Anonymous said...

We predict that LKY will join his Hakka peasant ancestors before the year is out.

Would they welcome this ruffian back into the clan?

Anonymous said...

I support you Goplan

Claire C

Gopalan Nair said...

To James Tan,
I am not sure that he had the "legitimate authority" to rule as you mention. I agree with the rest of it. I think there will be complete and utter disorder. I also believe that the capital and people drain out of the island because of this has already begun. It is just that the state controlled press is silent.

By the way, if Mycroft is right about Judith Prakash running away, then the escape by Lee Kuan Yew henchmen has already started.

Keep a sharp lookout.

Anonymous said...

damn. so exciting.. i cant wait for the celebrationss (2 s because one is just not enough) to begin.

PS. i just completed once a jolly hangman. it just confirms what i already suspected. some rich fella should buy all of these books and start distributing them for free. anonymously of course.

PPS. in one of your prev post about this girl in mass com (SIM), you stated her ignorance to our constitution.. recently my friend and i had a debate and he said, and i quote, 'grass always seem greener on the other side. anyway why are you so concern with what LKY is doing? it doesnt affect me the least bit. maybe you should complain less then you wont be so unhappy with the country. besides, singapore is doing very well what..'

i realize a lot of highly educated kids are like that now. and it's very sad to see someone with high qualifications ignoring basic rights to life.


mycroft said...

Oops, sorry, scratch that. Wrong Judge, wrong lady. Not Judith Prakash. It's (former) nominated Member of the Singapore Parliament, Dr Kanwaljit Soin, wife of former judicial commissioner Amarjeet Singh that's done a runner to Oz I think.

He was the judge in the Michael Fay caning case and their son is Dinesh Singh Bhatia, who was sentenced to eight months in jail for cocaine consumption after his arrest in a high-society drug raid.

Bhatia only served 5 months in jail instead of the expected 10 years. The book Once A Jolly Hangman goes into the murky circumstances of his lenient sentencing.

Anonymous said...

Remember Gopalan, I told you not to stop blogging and see the 2 major events? ;)

Anonymous said...

So Singapore is hospitalized . . . .

Don't have fancy dreams of change happening when this man die.

I share James Tan view that the people left in power who have been brought and picked by LKY are even more ruthless and greedy . . .

[Most] Singaporeans don't get it, you have to fight for your rights! The government is not your king but your representative. In a republic the power belongs with the people who HAVE A CHOICE whom they want to represent them.

I can't imagine Singaporeans becoming exciting people. When I get rich I'd want a Singaporean butler and maid....and jackal too maybe.


Gopalan Nair said...

To Renaldi,

I hope what you say is true, becasue with ruthlessness, there won't be anymore Singapore Dollar or PAP. As it is, even without that raw ruthlessness that you mention, almost every Singaporean who can is leaving anyway.

Anonymous said...

To Gopalan Sep 30th 10:34 PM PDT

Even now more people especially civil organization activists in my country are already mentioning Singapore as being undemocratic....this wouldn't even get mentioned just 2 years ago! People are starting to get a grip of what Singapore is really is.

Lee Kuan Yew family controls everything and can buy anyone they want with their multi billion dollar wealth and command even bigger influence from the sovereign fund which they control.

Nobody has the power to wrest power from them unless it's the people who want change themselves but what people again as Singaporeans are now just a fraction of the numbers and percentage they used to be.

It's disconcerting when tyranny and mob run city is falsely thought as a haven of prosperity and success.

Singapore small size is actually beneficial to maintain and control the population under tyranny that otherwise couldn't in bigger ones.
Singapore is a police state or perhaps a better term is a spy city. The government who spies on the people for fear of its existence. A control freak in full action wielding absolute power. To live under that condition is just unacceptable and simply insane.

People will die(be killed) and already killed for trivial things in Singapore.


Anonymous said...

Almost forgot to add this to my previous reply to you Mr. Gopalan.

Yes you're fundamentally right though Singapore will be and already is reduced to existential thing.

But it will take some time before even the foreigners realize what kind of condition imposed upon them and get upset.

The trap of dictatorship is that it is so addicting that even though they knew they were ruining the country they were always under the illusion that that time will never come anytime soon.


Anonymous said...

So, the Grim Reaper came demanding his wife today and he was powerless to stop him. How does the rich and powerful die? In the same way as the pauper and the downtrodden. Like a flickering candle, life is snuffed out in an instant. Is this the beginning of the end for LKY?

JamesTan said...

My response to "To James Tan,
I am not sure that he had the "legitimate authority" to rule as you mention."

I am referring to the so-called "legitimate authority" stuck into Singaporean brains due to the myths of the economic contributions of LKY.

I used it to illustrate a point, as you will see later.

The Singapore economic miracle did not began with LKY (It begun when the Brits decided to turn Singapore into a trading port).

The economic miracle is the result of the circumstance of the period of time we lived in. Taiwan, HK and Korea also joined us as the 4 Asia tigers.

Also, at Singapore independence, our GDP was already the 4th highest in Asia behind Japan, Hong Kong and Brunei.

Get the facts right, Singapore!

Perhaps we are lucky that Singapore did not suffer as much corruption because Singaporeans "respect" LKY and he does not need to use other powers as much - except to silence the truth-sayers.

But unlike the "legitimate authority" formed by the myths of LKY cult, future leaders of Singapore have no such luck! They will need to prove themselves, and that includes untested LHL. And for the PAP who see power as God-given, they will have a difficult period adjusting to having to "earn" that power.

It is easier to be corrupt, ruthless and greedy to hang on to power, complemented by the stroking the passion of a nation under seige by evil neighours.