Sunday, December 5, 2010

Singapore Judge Loh Sze On Quentin, a pariah among the world's legal fraternity

Ladies and Gentlemen,

If there is one man, who completely turned himself and his reputation (if he ever had one) into an instant worldwide disgrace, it has to Singapore Judge Loh Sze On Quentin who jailed the English author Alan Shadrake, last month, for writing a book critical of Singapore's legal system and it's judiciary.

Today more and more countries are realizing that democracy is the answer for success, not fascism or dictatorship, and democracy's principle tool is freedom of speech. The right to criticize one's leaders, one's legal system and one's judges is one of the most important rights that people have, and a right which the courts themselves around the world uphold.

Alan Shadrake's Book "Once a Jolly Hangman" did not contain obscenities or intemperate language against judges, it merely pointed out that Singapore's legal system is biased against the poor, the disadvantaged and the politically unconnected, a book which would be protected in any other legal system in the world, except North Korea, Burma or in this case Singapore.

Loh Sze On Quentin, this local Chinese Singaporean judge with an English name, is not fooling himself or anyone by his judgement, a judgement which is itself based on lies and half truths and sometimes complete falsities. The judgement he claims is based on English Common Law of Contempt of court which is part of the law of Singapore; yet he does not say that in England itself no one has been convicted of a case like this for nearly a century!

The truth is Loh Sze On Quentin, is under orders from his master Lee Kuan Yew who runs Singapore and everything in it, who is unfortunately finding it increasingly difficult to govern with an increasingly questioning electorate. Therefore the only thing he can think of is to continue the old Chinese trick of killing a monkey to frighten the Singaporean chickens.

This judge has now suddenly become internationally notorious as that shameless spineless opportunist who is in truth a fascist politician, who has just sent an English writer to jail, because he offended Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew. With a label like that, I don't think he is going get any international awards for jurisprudence any time soon!

Had I been him, I would be seriously regretting not only my legal decision but also my decision to accept a judgeship when Lee Kuan Yew the strongman upon whom everything depends in that island, is just about to die, being 88. He would have been much better off remaining as that small time lawyer which he was, in his former firm Cooma Low and Loh, licking Lee Kuan Yew's boots. Let this be a lesson to everyone not to succumb to greed and avarice, as it always turns out bad.

PS I have just sent this post to Loh Sze On Quentin's court. I don't think he is in a position to do anything about it. This is an example of a frog who thinks he is king in his well.

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Anonymous said...

Do you even know what the government is doing for the poor? Come on, I am well aware as my family witnessed the help that the government of Singapore is doing.

So, being far away, given up on ur citizenship, you dont actually know much do you accept that you keep finding fault with the country you betrayed.

I cant help wondering if you regretted your decision and nothing much can be done as your name is under so many sanctions world wide that you are now trying to turn the table around.

Have a good day!

Anonymous said...

By the way, you have something against local chinese singaporeans or for the matter any races to have english name?

Maybe you can consider residing in your mother land for the love of your people.