Monday, December 20, 2010

Singapore's weird model children

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore's state controlled propaganda sheet, Straits Times, which they call a newspaper has a story in it's online edition of Dec 19, 2010 titled "Leaving no child behind". Believe it or not, it praises a 7 year old child who decided that his recess time in school should be spent at the library, instead of playing as other normal children do! And what is more, he is set out as an example for other children to follow, which is, at recess don't play; instead go to the library and do more reading, at the age of 7!

Not too long ago in this blog, I wrote of another example of Singapore's weird best children, in that case a 7 year old child who decided to give all his money to charity, instead of keeping it for his own toys or candy!

In this Dec 19, 2010 story, a Malay child whose father is an odd job worker and a mother who is a housewife, suddenly it appears decided to change completely and become a bookworm at the age of 7, instead of being a normal child like any other and playing.

Any person from the rest of the world who is normal and sane, would rather send both of these children to the mental hospital because any 7 year old child who prefers doing research in the library or someone who would rather give up all his money to charity at that age would have thought these children are aberrations and mental cases who need treatment rather being held out as model children for others to follow.

When I was a 7 year old child my parents had a hard time keeping me indoors as all I had in my mind was play. And as for money, I never had enough of it for toys and whatever else. The Singapore authorities do not appear to realize that these are not traits that one would want in 7 year old children. God intended children to play and by forcing them to keep reading, which I think is what these parents are in fact doing, is actually torturing them and destroying their minds instead of developing it. In fact they are destroying their very childhoods. These tortured children do not grow up normal and end up with long term personal problems. Instead of brilliance they are producing misfits. Nut cases. The sooner the parents realize this the better.

Learning is a life long process. Cramming them with knowledge at an early age did not achieve anything. They have their entire lives to learn. At 7 they should be playing football, fighting and whatever else 7 year olds do. In my case, except for primary school when I did well, I was a total failure in Secondary school even though I finally caught up.

And that did not prevent me from becoming a lawyer, coming to America and being a lifelong thorn on the side of the Singaporean dictator Lee Kuan Yew of whom almost every other Singaporean is terrified out of his wits. Not bad for someone who spent most of his childhood daydreaming and playing, eh?

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Anonymous said...


These "products" of the PAP social and "educational" systems (in the past and current) has already started appearing in the past and current...

You can go to Temasek Review to find many recent stories this year...

1) YPAP leader/chairman using a pen camera to captured pics of underwears of the opposite sex.

2) The Ministry of education scholar who watches child porn and stored the "stuff" in the intranet of his university in england.

3) Another government scholar walking "naked" in public.

4) So many others...

This sickness are not the fault of the above...but were bequeated to them by others in the system who were already "mental/basket" cases in the first place a long time ago...and these are the ones who are responsible and still cannot see the sickness already residing in them.


Anonymous said...

ji bai boh lan jiao Lee Kuan Yew asking 7 year olds to prostitute away their future mental capacity.

Anonymous said...

Academically, but still a bunch of dumbkoffs, just the way the Emperor likes.

Advice to parents of sons in Singapore:

1) If you son is academically bright, but not good at anything else, e.g. sports, arts - he is a geek, and should stay (or return to) in Singapore, where his talent (geekism) will be handsomely rewarded.

2) If your son is academically bright, but is a well-rounded person, emigrate to a western coutnry, where his talents can flourish.

3) If your son is average, he will be condemned to a life of servitude to the geeks and scholars of Singapore. You must migrate to a western country where he can explore many creative areas in business, arts, government, etc.

And, make this decision, before the burden of NS falls on his shoulders.

How many Singporean geeks and scholars have become leaders of companies outside Singapore?

How many Singaporean geeks and scholars have created a successful start-up company? (Creative Labs was founded by a Poly graduate, who must be commended).

In Singapore, Bill Gates, who dropped out of university, would have been considered a failure.

Steve Ballmer, who dropped out of business school, would have been considered a failure.

Brin and Page, who dropped out of university who have been considered failures.

In Singapore, Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba would be seen as a failure.
Ma attended Hangzhou Teachers College and graduated in 1988 with a bachelor's degree in English. Ma initially failed the entrance exam twice.

And the list goes on...

Anonymous said...

Any A level Zoology textbook will have a chapter on animal "play". Play is an essential part of animals' (humans included) development from young not only for the physical body but also their mentality and character.
Don't tell me our 1st World educators are unaware of the vital importance of 'play' for children?
WEIRD is the right word to describe such children and the adults who subscribe to doing away with "play".

Anonymous said...

gn can you write an article regarding our useless president

Anonymous said...

A Malaysian telling LKY to f*ck off!

You have and know of no other way to deal with public grievances and opposition than to arrest them, harass them with defamation suits and utilise your executive might and power. Your country would think of nothing about utilising your pliant judiciary to mask your purely political actions against your opposition in order to lend a semblance of judicial justification for their extermination.

Anonymous said...

Malaysian takes another shot across the bow of the soon to sink, SS LKY.

"You cringed at the thought of intellectual discourse in cyber space. Because really, you are not equipped to deal with it. That is because your society has been shaped and moulded to comply and follow, and not to question and demand."

I think there will be a big party in Malaysia when LKY croaks. It will take a brave Malaysian politician to come to the scoundrel's defence.

Q: How many enemies can one man make in a lifetime?
A: Ask LKY.

Anonymous said...

The Indonesian Anti-Monopoly Agency said it is set to seize assets of Temasek Holdings in Indonesia

Yet another brilliant investment by Ho Ching - scholar, wife of LHL, daughter-in-law of LKY, ...

We will have to start calling the Queen Midas - everything she touches turns to shit.

More CPF money being frittered away.

Anonymous said...

Read this and laugh. Merry Xmas everyone.

"Mr Lee: “The whole of our system is founded on the basic concept of meritocracy.

You are where you are because you are the best man for the job and not because of your connections or your parents or your relatives.

If anybody doubts that I as Prime Minister am here not because I am the best man for the job but because my father fixed it or my wife runs Temasek because I put her there, not because she is the best woman for the job, then my entire credibility and moral authority is destroyed.

I am not fit to be where I am and it is a fundamental issue of fitness to govern.

First you must have the moral right, then you can make the right decisions.

It is a basic Confucian precept."

Gopalan Nair said...

Reference Anonymous Dec 21, 0930,
If you had missed from what he was quoting, it was from Lee's son in intervew with American Television Talk host Charlie Rose not too long ago, who had asked him why he and his father had to sue anyone who criticized them.
Charlie Rose had a good laugh at him after he heard these astonishing remarks.

JT said...

Any Singaporeans who migrate to Australia and follow Aussie politics long enough, should be shocked by the way Singapore ministers talk about their policies.

Everytime, the PAP ministers open their mouth, they left me with more doubts about the competency of the Singapore govt.

Eg. Are those policies created on-the run by out-of-depth ministers? I have wised up to what is known here as Singapore PAP govt scare-mongering tactics and half-baked solutions to issues.

With no effective opposition to scrutinise and finetune policies, it is no wonder that Lee Kuan Yew and his Yes-ministers are make fools of themselves overseas and afford to be so bo-chap in governing Singapore.

Anonymous said...

It is proven yet again that Lee Kuan Yew is the Mafia chief of Singapore.

He does what he likes and his disrespect for the Indonesian authorities that impose fines on his Temasek Holdings sunsidiaries in Indonesia is a display of his aheer arrogance of "I am holier than thou" to the Indonesian authorities. A shame really as an offence by Temasek Holdings and its subsidiaries is an offence by Lee Kuan Yew, the Mafia chief.

He now does not have to sack his daughter-in-law Ho Ching because he has layered 3 Presidents to shield her. Lee Kuan Yew is a real fucker and really boh lan jiao.

Now he wants to acquire ASX and make it his plaything. I hope the Australian government sees the truth in this son of a gun liar of the first order.

His wife is dead so he does not have anyone to confide in and he shuns God. His body will be splattered on the highways of Singapore and vultures will devour this mother fucker, son of the devil.

He is even more vicious now than ever, ji bai boh lan jiao Lee Kuan Yew. I wish he is dead by now.

Anonymous said...

I am sick and tired of all of Lee Kuan Yew's bullshit.

One day the media headlines say must learn Mandarin, the next day is big boost for English. Another day says he will double our assets in 5 years, 7 years later come up with property anti-speculative measures just because the Lee family was caught in an embarrassing situation of receiving huge favouarable discounts from developer Ong Beng Seng. The baby boomers who were then the majority of property investors were unjustifiably stripped of their wealth to make housing cheaper for the next generation. this is pure market intervention at the beck and call of Lee Kuan Yew depending upon which side of the bed he got up that morning.

Now where is the big boost for English seen in Singapore when the service industry people they all speak Mandarin and Outer Mongolian. Lee Kuan Yew is a Mongoloid in the true sense of the word.

Anonymous said...

Mr Nair,

For once I agree with u entirely.