Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Singapore's opposition should buy that lottery ticket

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let me start by telling you a joke which explains what I am about to say.

A Jew prayed everyday without fail at the Wailing Wall for years, asking God to help him win the Lottery. An Angel felt sorry for him, and asked God if he could help him. God's reply was that he was well aware of this man, and would have loved to help him, if only he would buy a Lottery ticket!

And this is exactly the situation the opposition is in Singapore.

Here you have a situation where the PAP rigs the elections, controls the press, uses the judiciary to punish dissidents, discriminates against you if you are not a supporter, denies you the right to speech or protest and in every other way prevents you from ever winning the elections. It should have been clear to them by now that contesting the elections is not going to achieve anything. It can be a corollary to other actions, but doing it alone is not going to get you anywhere.

And as was the case with the Jew and the Lottery ticket, surely the Singapore opposition should by now realise that they have to buy that ticket, which is, they have to do something. They have to break the law unjustly imposed by the dictatorship and go out and peacefully protest the injustices. This would of course be breaking the law, but in Singapore this has to be done. Now, sad to say, they are in the same position as the Jew who simply refuses to buy that Lottery ticket.

So to Singapore's opposition I say this, buy that Lottery ticket. Break the law. Conduct peaceful protests, speeches, parades and walks all over Singapore, not just in Hock Lim Park but throughout the island.

Otherwise like that Jew, you would be praying for a change of government all your lives, but it simply will not happen.

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Anonymous said...

All Sinkies need to do is to vote out LKY in his GRC ward. Even if they (oppo) doesn't win (and unlikely to lose their deposit) and if there is a significant votes swing for LKY, it is warning and signal to LKY his time is up and his popularity is down. Like what voters did to John Howard in Australia to kick out the boot licking US Johnnie.

In actual fact, LKY is hiding behind his GRC team, not vice versa which he claimed he is a strongman for his GRC team. He is not worried to be voted out but worry he scored badly in vote counts and it is loss of face value to him. Given if were he take up the challenge and stand for single ward election, he might win but if his vote count drops, and not landslide wining, is a loss to him.

Given that he paid his sons and himself millions $$$ he will not be 'that' popular leader voters will want to consider.

Anonymous said...

lky lhl are running scared. thats why they implemented the permit to protest law.

Anonymous said...

Excellent analogy.
Well done

Anonymous said...

The time has come when voters must decide truthfully without fear or favor to demolish the Lee Dynasty. The system can cope without the Lees, they are not indispensable. Let not the frailties of LKY (his speech is almost slurring) as he is now tarnish the clarity of speech of Sinkies.

Gopalan Nair said...

To Anonymous of Dec 08, 0550,

I wish Singaporeans could vote out the PAP but I think it is impossible. Those like you in the Internet are the small insignificant minority. The HDB flat occupants and those ordinary afraid souls decide, not you. And in any case, even in the remotest even of that happening, Lee would stuff the ballot boxes with fictiious votes. The sooner you forget the elections as a means to change the government the better. You will still have Lee's son and the entire load of bootlickers for another 20 years.

Forget anything to come out of Singapore elections.

Lee is determined to rule over you.

Unknown said...

How about a revolution like the one in Nepal? Do you thing that an insurgency is practical (and feasible) in Singapore's political context? Or is change only possible through electoral means and a shift in leadership, especially when LKY goes kaput?

I though about Nepal, and how the Maoists seized power through a people's war, and gained majority of the seats in parliament during elections. However, I do not know if this is possible in Singapore, given that it is a tiny island and an autocratic capitalist state.

Nepal is considered a semi-feudal and semi-colonial nation, with a population of about 30 million. The terrain is suitable for an insurgency, especially since the least developed areas (mountains, jungles) can be used by rebels to establish their guerrilla fronts.

Your thoughts Gopalan?

Anonymous said...

Gopalan Nair,
Thanks for being so frank. The truth hurts, especially when you are a Singaporean reading Gopalan's blog. May God grant you good health.

Anonymous said...

Revolution Singapore!! We need revolution!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The China's Nobel boycott shows how weak and vulnerable the CCP is.

One must wonder how are they going to lead China to be the best country in the world when they are scared of only one man's opinons?

From the Wall Street Journal.

Anonymous said...

At least on the internet we have a more level playing field. We are free to make anonymous comments. We cry revolution and LKY can do nothing to Gopalan.

On internet "we recognize the long American tradition of anonymous speech and the very real benefits of permitting people to express themselves without revealing their identity.

Anonymous speech is not new or unique to the Internet. To the contrary, it has played an important role in our history. Even the Federalist Papers were written under a pseudonym (Publius).

As the Supreme Court has explained, anonymity provides “a shield from the tyranny of the majority.” People have long relied on this protection to criticize popular ideas or oppressive practices without fear of retaliation."....New York Times, 5 December 2010.