Monday, October 24, 2011

Singapore. Is dirty money that pays Singapore's Rajah and Tann, Singapore's largest law firm

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore's state controlled newspaper Straits Times has the story "Rajah and Tann now largest law firm in Singapore".

"The firm has eclipsed Allen and Gledhill, the previous No. 1, as measured by the number of staff" the story says.

"It is one of the 50 top law firms in Asia" and "in the past 12 months it has set up offices in Ho Chih Minh city and Bangkok" the story says.

Well the question is, with a relatively small business market like Singapore, where does all that money come from? And second, is all that money legit?

Remember, you are dealing with a country like Singapore where the brutal military junta leaders of Burma are not only given red carpet welcomes when they visit Singapore, while they brutalize and torture their citizens, orchids in Singapore were even named after them!

And recently we had the recent official visits of North Korean leaders to Singapore, perhaps to negotiate legal contracts on their drug smuggling activities around the world, and the several visits of the Zimbabwean leader Robert Mugabe and his wife ostensibly for medical treatment but more likely to stash away illegal money in Singapore banks.

With all this rather dubious activity that the Singapore government under Lee Kuan Yew appears to specialize in, as far as legal firms such as this, raises some eyebrows as to what exactly do they do to get all this wealth.

One thing certainly comes to mind when you read about Singapore government connected law firms such as this.

Their attorneys usually don't appear to have much interest in defending the rights of the ordinary man as opposed to big business.

Recall my earlier post where I interviewed one of their lawyers Shamila Nathan who confessed that she had lived all her life in Singapore.

Yet she claims she has never heard of Chee Soon Juan, Lee Kuan Yew's foremost political critic who continues to be persecuted for his beliefs.

Shamila Nathan and every single one in this government law firm would be quite happy to protect drug lords stack their money in Singapore banks, but not someone who is punished for exercising his human rights.

If Rajah and Tann very probably has Burmese drug lord clients and possibly even connections in Burma, I suppose one can understand why.

There is a lot of dirty money to be made with Burmese drug money connections, something which they would not be too happy to admit.

Burmese drug lords need lawyers too.

Contracts for drug money transactions have to be drafted, banking agreements have to be entered into and complicated money laundering transactions have to be worked out.

For all these unsavory activities you need lawyers just as Al Capone the gangster had a large team of them.

And since these crooks have a great deal of dirty money, firms like Rajah and Tann with their large team of lawyers stand to make a very good living.

And very soon the word gets out to any crook anywhere in South East Asia that if you need lawyers to arrange money laundering contracts, you need not go any further, Rajah and Tann are the people you need.

It is a very serious thing for anyone to accuse a law firm of dishonesty, which I am doing here, since it is much more likely to attract a defamation lawsuit from a law firm than from someone else, since for lawyers integrity is their main commodity. Lose integrity and you lose business.

If Rajah and Tann believes that what I had said is wrong, the right thing for them to do would be to sue to clear their name, especially since they being a Singapore law firm where defamation laws are strictly enforced, a serious accusation such as this left unanswered is likely to be believed.

But I doubt very much they would sue because to win, they would have to show that I was wrong.

But you know I am not wrong.

Lee Kuan Yew does do business with Burma.

Many of them are drug lords.

Many of them are clients of Rajah and Tann.

In these circumstances proving themselves upright citizens and upright lawyers would be a difficult proposition, especially if the lawsuit was commenced in the USA.

I hope many read this blog and realise what sort of people populate Lee Kuan Yew's island of Singapore and their law firms.

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Anonymous said...

I did tell you that these millionnaire puppets are LEEyers, not Lawyers.

Please stop calling them lawyers, they are giving lawyers a bad name.

Have you heard of the latest lawyer joke. I have. It is called the Singapore Bar.

Yet Another Supporter said...

Mr Nair. Quite possibly, your best post to date. Bravo!!

Anonymous said...

US charges Singaporeans for selling Iran bomb parts

Are Singapore's lawyers next on the list?

Anonymous said...

Hi Gopalan,

It seems that Singapore politics is changing now that LKY has moved to the "backbench". In fact, I think he skipped the parliament opening because he cannot face the change of seating arrangement, corner of front row together on the Opposition side?

Look at the article below.

It means that the old fart has indeed overstayed his welcome.

LKY is a dodo bird that retard the growth of Singapore.

I guess Singapore will breathe even easier when the Lee family leaves politics totally.

Like Libya, Singapore needs to build proper democracy enshrines in its pledge.

Workers Party and the old timers knows how these are supposed to work, before LKY took everything away in his reign.

"Parliament:Hitting the high note

With MM Lee’s leadership exit, Singaporeans who didn’t care much in the past are suddenly sitting up. By Seah Chiang Nee
Oct 22, 2011

(Synopsis: The departure from the Cabinet of the man who has had a hand in almost everything in Singapore for 46 years seems to have jolted people and politics into action.)"

Anonymous said...

A joke of a country. Wait. It has already sold its soul to the highest bidders. Why do you think there are many rubbish billionaires on this country?

Poor Singaporeans still believing that all will be ok. Wait. It will be for the majority chinks. Don't you know yet minorities? It's an unwritten rule that foreigners may flood the island, but the chinks must always rule.

Let's give all an example. Before you intervene, proof is on my side. I'm the only token local Indian in my mnc of a global oil company.

Every month, the company hires but all chinks. No graduate indian, Malay or even Eurasian.

Tell me, what do you think? All bullshit the pledge. This place is sold to globalization.