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Singapore police go after opposition poitician Chee Soon Juan for talking to Francis Seow

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore's state controlled newspaper the Straits Times online edition of Oct 10, 2011 has the story "Police investigating Singapore Democratic Party forum".

What is happening is this. Francis Seow was a former Solicitor General of Lee Kuan Yew's Peoples Action Party government for many years during which time he willingly did Lee's dirty work for him, arresting Lee's political opponents, and jailing them to please his then master.

Somewhere along the line, he fell from Lee's grace and was thrown out to the streets by his erstwhile master. Upset at Lee for his betryal, or perhaps also because he turned into a Thomas Beckett of sorts with pangs of conscience, we do not which is which, he announced that he was joining the then Workers Party headed by the late JB Jeyaretnam to contest elections against his former master.

This announcement sealed his fate. Singapore's Machiavelli, Lee Kuan Yew, as expected, came down on him like a ton of bricks, arrested him under the Internal Security Act, gave him a real beating and with a wink and a nod from the CIA, permitted him to leave Singapore for good, for the USA.

The other person in this drama is Tang Fong Har. She and other 22 civic minded citizens, mainly lawyers had got together to do some good for Singapore in the democracy arena. Since Lee considers democracy as anathema which should be excoriated at any cost, she and her fellow travellers were all arrested and detained for extended periods and repeatedly beaten up. During an interregnum at which she was released from the torture, she managed to make her way to Hong Kong and to freedom.

Both she and Francis Seow are treated as fugitives and in the case of Seow, there is also a warrant of arrest against him.

Except for Francis Seow and his rather unsavory past as the hatchet man that he was for Lee Kuan Yew for decades, perhaps we can forgive him as the repentant sinner or the reformed Beckett that he claims he is. I am not sure whether Lee Kuan Yew had mentioned the famous words, "Will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest" that Henry II had said when ordering Seow's arrest but whether he did or not is really immaterial to what we are seeing in this stupidity being drawn out here.

As for Tang Fong Har, no one can have anything derogatory to say about her, other than praise for having the courage to speak up for the down trodden in Lee Kuan Yew's dictatorship. Seow has been living in exile in the US since 1988 and Tang has been similarly living in Hong Kong for same period.

A few days ago, Chee Soon Juan, the head of the Singapore Democratic Party had organized a teleconference session at a local Singapore hotel where Seow and Tang spoke to members of the public who attended, numbering perhaps 100 or so, answering their questions on Singaporean politics and giving their advice and views of how to get rid of Lee and his dictatorship.

Mind you, there was nothing incendiary about the whole thing. Neither of the guests advocated violence, terrorism or murder but only on lawful means for the purpose. Looking at this, it is impossible to see anything illegal about it, unless of course you happened to be Lee Kuan Yew and the subject country was Singapore.

The newspaper report states "The police are investigating whether organizers of last Sunday's forum featuring former Internal Security Act (ISA) detainees Francis Seow and Tang Fong Har breached the law".

It goes on to say "the organizers of the forum arranged for a fugitive from justice, Mr. Francis Seow and a foreign national Ms Tang Fong Har to participate in a discussion on Singapore's domestic politics".

It then says "the organizers had arranged for them to do so from outside Singapore's jurisdiction allowing them therefore to be involved in our domestic politics at a public assembly in Singapore without being physically present and accountable".

In other words, it appears incredible as it seems, Chee is being prosecuted for speaking to someone outside Singapore, who holds rather unflattering views about Lee Kuan Yew and his Singapore island! If anyone can tell me why Chee has broken the law for doing this, I would be forever grateful. Frankly I cannot see anything wrong that Chee or any of the others did for speaking to them nor for seeking their advice and opinion.

If any of these people are guilty of some crime or other, then I should have been guilty a thousand times over for writing all this stuff in Singapore Dissident. And all those people who have contributed comments, holding overwhelmingly negative opinion of Lee and his island, should all be guilty of crimes too.

And so should the International Bar Association who were in Singapore and the participants at their conference for condemning Lee and his government as nothing more than a petty tyrant and a gangster's den respectively. Should not all of them be guilty and be investigated for crimes against Singapore?

This is another example of an embattled Lee Kuan Yew dictatorship desperately trying to cling on to power in the wake of of the worst showing in decades at the polls where their share of the votes at the recent elections was the worst in history, a mere 60% with all indications showing the trend to continue unabated.

Lee as you can see is behaving as any other petty tyrant would do anywhere in the world when he sees his grip on his people slipping. What else to do than to tighten the grip and threaten his people to cow and submit or else the whip.

I don't think Chee or the people of Singapore are afraid of this sort of intimidation any longer. Frankly it has the opposite effect.

I am sure Lee Kuan Yew must have heard the theory in physics of an action resulting in a reaction. This sort of petty harassment and intimidation is the main cause of educated people leaving the island permanently for settlement abroad, because we no longer need to live in dictatorial societies where people are treated no better than dogs.

In a way this sort of stupidity serves the cause of freedom more than we think. For example, a large section of the already small legal profession continue to emigrate not wanting to practice law in a fascist regime such as this.

Families are not having children and the local Singapore population continues to shrink, being replaced by second rate immigrants from Communist China.

And most importantly, with cases such as this, Singapore continues to be the butt of jokes in every bar and saloon all over the world over a pint of beer.

As long as Lee continues with this sort of stupidity, his problems that he faces will increase, not decrease.

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Anonymous said...

After all your relentless assault on the terror Lee Kuan Yew, I am worried for your safety. And I wonder why he has not come for you yet.

John Wan Li

Anonymous said...

LKY is an old man now. I think he trembled at the thought that Francis Seow is still around and talking.

And he worries more that a Singaporean Chee whom he cripples financially is still annoying him by using modern technology to bring other victims of LKY to a conference and bypassing the restrictions he imposed.

LKY's world is falling apart.

He said losing a GRC at an election is nothing. But I think it is a big deal to him (His doctor must have tranquilized him and saved his life that night.)

Well, it had caused him his job as Mini-stir Mental and his senior position in the PAP.

His Singapore has no Steve Jobs talents,

the people he cannot afford to lose have left Singapore (even after they were secretly offered dual citizenships)

those that remains are the very ones he hope to export.

and it is laughable to remember that one of his A*Star homegrown talents returned from overseas with a Swedish boyfriend and walked around Holland V naked. That must have started a new bare-all movement.

That is his legacy.

Gopalan Nair said...

To Anonymous above,

"those that remains are the very ones he hope to export"
Very funny, but sadly very true!

Anonymous said...

Filmmaker Mr Martyn See read out a passage that Ms Tang described about an incident when she was hit across the face by a male ISD officer by the name of S K Tan. "Do you still have a grudge against people like S K tan?" asked Mr See.

"Yes, I still have a grudge against S K Tan. (His full name is Tan Seck Kang)

Works at the SPH.

Tell the US Dept of State and put this animal on a wanted list.

Anonymous said...

I shall not rest until they are our entrenched rights and not mere privileges, removable at the arbitrary whims and fancies of the powers that be.

An ISA detainee remebers

Anonymous said...

It was like something out of the film Midnight Express.

Anonymous said...

Mr Chia Thye Poh was arrested under the Internal Security Act (ISA) in 1966 and imprisoned for the next 23 years without given a trial.

Anonymous said...

What a dirty bunch of crooks those police and ISD were.
They really behaved like mobs and mafias. Can't believe such darkness existed in Singapore.

So sad to know that the Singapore govt is such unscrupulous.
Jessie Tan

Anonymous said...

North Korea's leader`s medical teams got training in Singapore: Kyodo

OCTOBER 11, 2011 03:35
A medical team believed to be in charge of treating North Korean leader Kim Jong Il secretly received training on rehabilitation treatment for brain disease in Singapore last year, a Japanese media outlet said Monday.

Kyodo News said the doctors were mostly women aged around 30. Singapore’s medical service is among the most advanced in Southeast Asia.

Two North Korean medical teams comprising several medics each stayed at a Singaporean medical institution for about a month and received training in fields such as internal medicine and surgery. Quoting sources, Kyodo said the Singaporean government received the teams per the North`s request.

After Kim, 69, suffered a stroke in August 2008, medical teams from China and France secretly visited North Korea and treated him.

Anonymous said...

Lee Kuan Yew bought the Lincoln Medal!

"If once you forfeit the confidence of your fellow-citizens, you can never regain their respect and esteem."

"You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time."

"You cannot build character and courage by taking away a man's initiative and independence."

Abraham Lincoln

bbate said...

i am suprised that csj not arrested on the spot.

Anonymous said...

LKY's police continue their fine traditions.

By Agence France-Presse

Businessman accuses Singapore police of torture

Ong Su Ping, 32, said police officers
"forced him to drink their urine, put a toilet brush into his mouth, covered his head with used underwear,
pulled his hair and
assaulted his private parts,"

Ong, who is facing charges of receiving 3,400 stolen iPads and iPhones worth Sg$1.4 million ($1.10 million) in September, added in a court hearing on Monday that the ordeal lasted four hours and he later had nightmares about it.

Ong's father told the newspaper that family members "have not been allowed to see him or talk to him for the past nine days".

Anonymous said...

The ISA was put in place to stop Communists and Marxists from taking over Singapore.

Guess what Lee Kuan Yew and son have been doing?

Importing Communists from Red China.

And today there are more than a ONE MILLION of these Marxists in Singapore.

It is time to apply to ISA to LKY and have the ISD arrest him and his son for treason.

There is a Facebook page called Time to Arrest LKY for Treason and Consorting with Communists.
Check it out.