Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Singapore is now a foreign country

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore state controlled newspaper's the Straits Times online edition of Oct 03, 2011 has the story "More Singapore employers to hire fewer foreigners for rest of 2011".

It talks about a survey done in Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore showing a partial decline in hiring of foreign workers for the second half of 2011, as some say they will hire and some say no.

But either way, it is no consolation for those who are following Singapore's precipitous decline in their native population in recent years.

Truly, if anyone had any hope of keeping Singapore Singaporean, a normal desire of people from all over the world, like keeping Britain British or keeping France, French, I am sorry to say, it is a bit too late.

In fact calling the island of Singapore by it's name of Singapore would today actually be a misnomer.

It may be more accurate to call it a Communist Chinese City, which has pockets of Indian nationals, Burmese nationals, Philippine nationals who have all, by the way, become instant Singapore citizens, while one could also say there are some native born Singaporeans remaining thinly scattered among the recent foreign arrivals.

It is a curious place where these recent arrivals congregate in their own large communities, Communist Chinese enclaves, Indian enclaves and so on.

While the few remaining Singaporeans seek out their own still remaining in the island to try to keep their Singaporean way of life alive, but it is getting more and more difficult because of the rapid decline in their numbers.

Among all the different races or ethnic origins mentioned which make up the Singaporean polyglot, the Singapore native citizens are the ones rapidly declining in numbers, while the foreign population, which continue to arrive in mounting numbers under the Lee's generous and harebrained immigration policies, and who are given almost instant citizenship continue to increase.

This leaves Singapore in the unique position, nowhere to be seen in the world, where like total blood transfusion, the local native born Singaporeans in their own country become extinct while foreigners take their places and call themselves Singaporean.

This transformation of the very character of Singapore is now unstoppable.

It is simply too late to do anything about it.

We all know the reasons for this phenomenon, which is today nothing short of a calamity.

For one, Singaporeans are not procreating sufficiently to the extent that it has the lowest birth rate in the world, despite the fact that the government has gone out on a limb offering all sorts of carrots to induce reproduction.

Imagine, taking a stud horse to a mare, which simply refuses.

I am not sure the reason for this but we can guess.

Singapore is a dictatorship under the iron grip of one man Lee Kuan Yew and his family.

Singaporeans live in daily fear of criticizing their rulers, and the atmosphere is almost one of abandonment of any control over their destinies, all popwer being tightly held over them by the Lee family.

I suppose this is one reason why many people do not wish to raise families there. I didn't.

Other than the childless phenomenon, you have a large brain drain of the educated leaving the island for settlement abroad.

To an outsider this must be inexplicable, since after all, there are many jobs for those who wish to work.

Again the answer can only be in the island's disadvantaged political situation, as a dictatorship.

English speaking (or you could say a form of English) Singaporeans find it easy to emigrate to the West, a place where they can live free and bring up their children in a free and democratic society which they cannot in Lee's Singapore.

This is another big reason for the virtual extinction of Singaporeans in Singapore. It sounds an oxymoron, but sadly true.

The other contributing factor is Singapore's aging population.

The biggest population increase in the island was in the 1940s and 1950s and it is these who are the bulk of Singaporeans.

With their demise and the contributing factor of having the lowest birth rate in the world, not to mention the highest brain drain numbers, Singaporeans by birth are fast racing into extinction, having already become an endangered species in their own country.

Of course Lee Kuan Yew's state controlled press refuses to print any of this because if it did, it would finally and conclusively bring the native Singapore population into extinction once and for all, by the alarm it would cause on those remaining in the island and the consequences therefore.

I am not sure how much Gopalan Nair and this blog Singapore Dissident has been a thorn on the side of Lee Kuan Yew's plans to hoodwink the world into thinking Singapore was something else, but I am sure it has contributed some way at least in worsening the insurmountable problems of brain drain and fewer childbirth.

One thing I do know is this. All dictators stay in power only as long as they can subdue their subjects, which they do by fear, as Lee Kuan Yew does.

What causes him unbearable anger and fury is when someone like me, tells him openly that he is a fraud, which he is, because if more than one person dares to call his bluff, he can longer rule.

Which is why he resorts to innumerable countless defamation lawsuits and arrests against every single critic because he knows the danger of being challenged.

He knows that as long as a single Singaporean reads this blog, and forms a bad opinion of him and loses respect, it is becoming, as Churchill had said, the beginning of the end for the Lee Kuan Yew regime.

That is why every one of us should continue to do what we can, by writing, by agitating or by standing on a soap box at Raffles place and saying a loud NO.

Don't forget Singapore is already a tiny island with a tiny population.

It doesn't take much for Singaporeans to become extinct.

So watch it, it might be gone in a blink.

And quite frankly, this is what I am aiming for, because a mix of all sorts of people in a tiny island from all the impoverished parts of Asia who form tiny enclaves of their own for comfort, without any real Singaporeans cannot really last.

And when the country fails, Lee and his government fail too. And when that happens, the Singaporean diaspora in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, Germany and South West Namibia would return to Singapore with their experience and their wisdom and turn it into a real Singapore, not the fraud that Lee and his friends have created today.

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Zajnat said...

You're kidding right? About the Singaporean diaspora returning ...
Thanks, but no thanks. Not me and my family.
One thing you are about right, it is too late.
Every action has its logical consequence...

Anonymous said...

You are debarred by a Communist Chinese City? Good for you.

I have no intention of returning to that Communist Chinese City.

Even if I am poorer now because I pay more tax, I prefer to live in a country with a true higher Human Development index than one that is dumbing its own index to create one Country 2 Systems - One for the elitist class, another for the commoners.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Mr. Nair, what Zajnat says is indeed true. Look around, Singapore is quickly becoming South East Asia's cloaca and many of those who have left will not be willing to return to the orifice that was once their country.

Inbreeding of talent, unquenchable greed and immeasurable hubris has created a generation of artificially elevated "elites" who, in their minds are in the highest positions thanks to their Social Darwinist tendencies rather than being a by product of a system that happened to favour their talents.

The disenfranchised Singaporean who has left for better opportunities cannot relate to such people; like the new migrants that flood the island, they are all operating on completely different psychological levels.

The damage has been done, if the country sinks into oblivion, then let it serve as a reminder of the damage unchecked power can cause to any society.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gopalan;

I will never return to Singapore to live. I will visit - yes, live - no.

I love it here in Canada. Here I live with dignity and I truly love Canada, because she gave me a second chance at life.

Unlike in my own country Singapore. There, I was discriminated with impunity, the Chinese total lack of courtesy even with 3 decades of campaigns, people's obsession with materialism even when they actually have nothing to crow about, etc....

Now its a satellite Chinese city similar to any city in mainland China.

Who in their right mind would want to live in that humid, crowded and mentally shallow place after tasting truly free democratic countries?

I truly hope the remaining Singaporeans emigrate out. The Chinese then will learn to be more courteous and realize their discriminating ways. The Malays with realize their potential and come out of oppression and the Indians will show their true talent.

No Gopalan, I will never live in Singapore again.

Anonymous said...

What, Return to live in Singapore? Are you kidding me? Living with overcrowded 5.5 million people and Lee Kuan Yew's immigrants from China? What bugs me are the immigrants from China coming to S'pore that Lee Kuan Yew brings to the table. No way, I will never live in Singapore ever again.

There is no liberty and freedom in Singapore. I live in United States, United States is the greatest country in the world, the land of the free and the home of the Brave in which Singapore can NEVER claim to ever be.

BTW, I have 3 boys all born in United States, I will NEVER have them grow up in S'pore and be S'pore citizens and do NS, what a crappy country S'pore is, no way!

Jonathan Tan

Anonymous said...

BTW, I have 3 boys all born in United States, I will NEVER have them grow up in S'pore and be S'pore citizens and do NS, what a crappy country S'pore is, no way!

Jonathan Tan


And deny them the opportunity to become a Brigadier General at 32.

Opps I forgot. That privilege is reserved for Lee Kuan Yew's sons.

Jonathan, can you tell me how many solders in the USA become Brigadier Generals at 32?