Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Singapore's fast disappearing Singaporean population

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Singapore state owned and controlled newspaper (the entire media is state owned and controlled like in the former Soviet Union) Straits Times of Sept 29, 2011 has the story "Singapore's population hits 5.18 million as at end of June". "Singapore's population has reached 5.18 million, up 2.1 per cent from 5.08 million last year" it says.

It says it's citizens have increased "there are now 3.26 million citizens, up 0.8 per cent from 3.23 million in 2010". The other 2 million plus people are either permanent residents or temporary workers.

But the figure of 3.26 million "citizens" is interesting. What is left unexplained either by design or by accident is this. We are not told the composition of this number, which is troubling if anyone understood the dire situation of it's population's composition.

We know that daily we have planeloads of Chinese immigrants arriving from Mainland China for settlement in Singapore under Lee Kuan Yew's immigration policy of boosting the island's population with them (he prefers immigrants from China over others).

We also know that today, Singapore faces a debilitating problem for having the world's lowest birth rate, a very low marriage rate, and an overwhelming aging population.

To make matters worse, Singapore's skilled and educated are leaving its shores in droves, the departing numbers boosted even further by increasing numbers of Singapore students leaving for foreign education opting not to return and national service deserters.

By any reckoning, Singapore's native population is in fact dying off, and if, according to this report, it's citizens have increased in number, we can only presume that a sizable and growing proportion of these citizens are in fact recent immigrants who are being given instant citizenship, mostly from Mainland China.

Since correct figures are not given, as can be expected of any one party state like Singapore, there is a strong possibility, in the light of the above alarming trends that perhaps of the 3.26 million citizens only 1.5 million are in fact native Singaporeans and the rest are in fact recent immigrants mainly from Mainland China who are given instant citizenship.

If that is the case, which I hope is not so, Singapore today is left with only 1.5 million or so native born Singaporeans and the rest 4 million or so, are in fact recent arrivals mainly from China made up either of citizens, permanent residents or temporary workers.

Since, like clockwork, the local population's decline continues unabated with fewer and fewer people left while the foreign population of Singapore, regardless of whether Lee Kuan Yew would call them citizens or otherwise, continues to increase unrelenting, similarly like clockwork, I am not sure how long it would take for the Singapore native population to shrink to 1 million, then to half million, then to quarter million, and then to zero, leaving behind only Lee Kuan Yew family and friends.

I expect this to happen either this year or by latest in 2 years. It is your country not mine. I am only the messenger , not the cause of it. The island is yours. If you chose to do nothing, the decision is yours, not mine.

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