Monday, September 26, 2011

Singapore. Fast turning into Lee family island company

Ladies and Gentlemen,

From the looks of it, Singapore island is fast becoming Lee Kuan Yew family's personal island company, fast transforming from a island city state into one where temporary workers from around the the rest of Asia come in at intervals to make a buck while the indigenous Singaporeans become a tiny minority in the island of their birth.

This transformation which steadily progresses day by day is inimical to Singapore's long term interests, destroying everything that stood for Singapore turning it into a free for all where all and sundry come in if accepted for short stints at a time, losing it's character it's history and everything that true Singaporeans ever fought for.

A look at the present goings on in the island will make this abundantly clear.

Singapore, we should not forget, is already a very small crowded island with a tiny population, made up of 3 million or so local born Singaporean and 2 million foreigners. In fact, as Singapore restricts the free flow of information, many believe that the figures are already in fact in the reverse, that is, there is 3 million foreigners and 2 million Singaporeans.

First we have an aging population coupled with the honor of having the world's lowest birth rate. This means the local population are literally dying off and not being replaced. Despite all attempts to persuade the people to have more children, Lee has failed miserably as the stress of financial burdens and uncertainty of whether they can find jobs, is making family life almost impossible.

Second, the dictatorial government policies which deny free speech and expression, denial of fundamental human rights such as the right to peaceful assembly and the repeated and constant use of defamation lawsuits to silence ordinarily law abiding citizens from criticizing the government means that the island's brain drain is the largest in the world.

Local lawyers, civil servants, teachers and engineers are packing up and leaving for settlement abroad in Australia, Canada and New Zealand. This greatly reduces the skilled and educated local population leaving behind only the unskilled incapable of emigrating or government connected cronies who are paid mind boggling salaries.

Third, the large populations of Singaporeans already living in Australian cities such as Sydney or Melbourne already serves as a magnet to friends and relatives remaining in Singapore to join them abroad.

It is an incontrovertible truth that once a Singaporean tastes life in the west such as those presently in Australia, they realize how good and rewarding life can be living in free and democratic societies and invariably they persuade those remaining relatives and friends to join them.

And as more and more Singaporeans join the flow to the West the word gets out to everyone remaining in Lee's island that life is not worth living that way. This flow leads obviously to an almost total decline in the native Singapore population which now has already become unstoppable.

Frankly there is not a single friend of mine remaining in Singapore who has any children still there. They are all either in Australia New Zealand or Canada.

Fourth we have the students who leave for study abroad. Almost to the last student, none of them want to return.

As for the men, they all stay away from national service in Singapore which turns them all into life long exiles and fugitives but they seem to have no problem over it, which further contributes to the decline of the native population even further.

Under Singapore law, refusing to do national service is a criminal offense even if you have given up Singapore citizenship and adopted a foreign one; which means anytime the person returns to Singapore, he is immediately arrested, charged and sent to prison.

Today Lee Kuan Yew successfully runs the island as his personal company which merely pretends to be something which it is not; it is not a real nation.

Every single Minister who serves his PAP political party is not a political leader in the real sense, but simply bureaucrats which he appoints at astronomically high salaries who help him run the country.

None of them truly aspires to be a political leader which they know they are not. They do it for the lavish salaries they receive and they know that it is entirely up to Lee Kuan yew as to how long they keep their jobs, which by the way, they don't mind at all, given the stratospheric salaries they earn.

As for the other junior workers in Lee Kuan Yew Singapore companies, as local Singaporeans go abroad for permanent settlement and the population shrinks, he brings in workers principally from Communist China to replace them, to some of whom he gives Singapore citizenship.

These recent immigrants who become instant Singaporeans know nothing about Singapore. Some of them remain while others go back to their countries of origin if they no longer find Singapore appealing; so to replace them, Lee will make a few other select individuals citizens.

Singapore citizenship to these people don't mean anything. They neither care or are interested in the island. They either work somewhere or set up a company to do business, to which I suppose they will remain as long as it is worthwhile.

Parallel to these recent immigrants turned instant citizens, Lee gives hundreds of thousands of semi skilled and unskilled workers temporary work passes. These men an women mostly from the neighbouring impoverished countries work at stints and go home when they have made enough when they themselves are replaced by others in similar circumstances to take their places.

Frankly in Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore of today, where almost every single business enterprise is either owned by him directly or indirectly as semi state owned companies, the whole point of living in Singapore is to work in one his companies. If there was ever a sense of loyalty or belonging to a country, that notion is long dead.

Lee Kuan Yew has already transformed or just about transforming Singapore island into his private island company. Singaporeans, or those still remaining, are merely there to serve him. And while there, the recent immigrants better behave and not criticize him or his policies or else their citizenships would be revoked and they are repatriated on the next flight home. As for the locals, better not complain or criticize either because there are his law courts which will fix you or bankrupt you with a defamation of character lawsuit.

A miserable life either way, don't you think, except of course if you are so helpless that anything is better than starving to death in your own native country.

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