Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Singapore today, an inept government ruling a weak people

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It was all right in the 1950s Singapore when it was little more than a fishing village, for a few men with Lee Kuan Yew at the top, calling the shots and formulating policies, when the people were so backward to start with, that any change even second rate is still better than nothing. After all decades ago, thinks were much simpler than they were now, when it was slow paced simple living.

But surely today, Singapore a modern city requires much more care and expertise than days bygone. It is obviously a far more complex society, advanced in science and technology with international trading and banking and other modern sophisticated industries. It requires more expertise and brains than before. But it appears Lee Kuan Yew and Son who run the country don't appear to understand this as they are going on the way it was 50 years ago. At least that is what it appears to me.

For one thing, the Singapore government appears to be nothing more than a handful of Lee Kuan yew cronies who have sworn loyalty to him running the island in every sphere of government. They do this by shutting off any contrary or divergent viewpoint in the assumption that they alone know best; and their ideas alone are enough. The state controlled press is effectively used for this purpose, in whose pages your read only what Lee Kuan Yew and his handful of loyal friends have decided for you.

But surely it must be understood by all that a complex modern society like Singapore requires all the minds they have. Since a handful of men cannot have all the answers for today's Singapore, every other opinion should be allowed to surface and debated thereby ensuring that mistakes which could have been avoided are not made.

For instance take the government's decision to bring in massive numbers of Chinese immigrants from Communist China for settlement into Singapore completely changing the racial boundaries and deliberately changing the island into a carbon copy of any city in China.

My question is this. When they decided on this massive importation of Chinese migrants from Communist China who have nothing in common with the locals, did they consider it's impact on Singapore's Indians or Malays? Did they not know that Mainland Communist Chinese have different behaviors than locals? Did they expect them to live in harmony with Singapore Indians and Malays? Have they not considered the possibility of racial conflict between these recent Chinese migrants if they insulted a Singapore Malay or Indian who took offense to their behaviours?

In fact although it is not reported in the state controlled Singapore press, racial violence has already started between the races in Singapore in several places which Lee Kuan Yew's state controlled press refuses to print.

Many possibilities are open for racial violence in the sardine packed island of several different races living shoulder to shoulder. Take this scenario. A Chinese national of Communist China goes to district of Geylang Serai which has large Malay population and insults a Malay in the midst of many other Malays. If the Malay took offense to this Chinese person, he might just give him a beating. And if the other Malays join in, you have in that instant a racial riot. This sort of thing is unlikely to happen among Singaporeans as they have lived together so long and have fine tuned their harmonious living in the midst of others, since they know how bad it will become if Chinese insulted Malays. But these recent Communist Chinese coming to Singapore are not cultivated to behave this way, since their China is not a multi racial country and they have no experience living among foreigners.

The same if an Singaporean Indian had he gone to Singapore Chinatown. Human beings being what they are, he might react violently to an abuse from some Chinese person there, which would result in the entire hordes of Peoples Republic of China people beating him up. Again you have a riot.

Remember the Chinese from China who are coming to Singapore are not the educated cultured lot. They are the illiterate impoverished bums from their impoverished regions. These people are not the sort one would invite to a crowded island such as Singapore comprised of many different races who have been living there in harmony for decades.

I would have had no objection if they brought in Englishmen or Germans, a sophisticated cultured and intelligent people, to settle in Singapore but they are not there for 2 reasons. First Lee Kuan Yew and Son don't want them there in any sizable number, because if they did come, they would unseat both father and son. Second Englishmen and Germans already know what Singapore is, nothing but a banana one party dictatorship which they have no desire to live in. Which leaves only these third rate uncouth ill mannered third world Chinese from the impoverished part of China to come, because no one else wants to.

And to make matters worse, the educated in Singapore who have any self respect are refusing to have anything to do with this one party state because it would mean towing the line which they will not.

Unless Lee Kuan Yew and Son team in Singapore wake up to the idea of opening up the island to divergent views, allowing all to express themselves freely without fear, you are going to continue making one mistake after another as you do now.

Simply put Singapore does not have enough ideas floating around to make it a viable nation, because Lee Kuan Yew supresses them. And these hordes of recent Chinese immigrants from China who cannot contribute even one bit to the nation does not help the problem either.

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Anonymous said...

Some dumb Chinese migrants from Communist China have been riding their bicycles against a traffic flow in Singapore. However, they defense themselves by saying that they have to do it so as to see cars coming and they can swift to a side to avoid a collision with them. Is this one of the exported cultures from them?