Friday, September 2, 2011

A thoroughly UnSingaporean Gopalan Nair

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Sometimes I ask myself, why am I so different, if indeed I am, from other Singaporeans in a country that I was born in.

Here I am criticizing the Singaporean system non stop, criticizing their judges whom I see as thoroughly disgraceful human beings shamelessly prostituting their judicial offices to please Lee Kuan Yew and to advance their own careers.

I have criticized Lee's government for denying a free press.

I have criticized them for denying human rights by criminalizing free speech and expression by jailing and bankrupting political opponents.

And Gopalan Nair himself has proudly gone to jail in Singapore in 2008 for exposing the shame of the grovelling and permanently prostrated judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean for mercilessly punishing an upright citizen Dr. Chee, while she sat in judgement in Singapore High Court when her master Lee Kuan Yew sued him for speaking up for Singaporeans.

Sometimes I ask myself, why is it that only Gopalan Nair is aware of these injustices, but not any other Singaporean.

Why is every other Singaporean unaware of these blatant injustices, which I can see but they do not.

Why does Gopalan Nair, who is perfectly happy in his new home of California, USA see the need to come to Singapore and tell Lee Kuan Yew and his lackeys in their faces that they are nothing but a bunch of disgraceful bootlickers and crawlers, invite arrest, go to jail, and afterwards, when he is finally safely in California United States, resume the criticism which eventually leads to his disbarment in Lee's Singapore courts.

Why does Gopalan Nair do it? Is he mad?

Perhaps in the Singaporean sense Gopalan Nair is mad but he will safely say that among almost all the normal human beings around the world, among Australians, Englishmen, Dutchmen, and I dare say even Eskimos, they would all have not even batted an eyelid to everything that he did, because for everyone of them, his actions would have been the very normal thing to do under these circumstances.

In fact everyone of them faced with these completely outrageous situation in Lee Kuan Yew's one party state would have done exactly what I did and in fact would have been very surprised if anyone did not.

Which leaves me to ask the question, is there something wrong with Gopalan Nair, or is there something wrong with the entire Singapore population? Or you could ask the question whether Gopalan Nair is an extraordinarily brave man or are the entire population of Singapore a bunch of cowards.

I am not sure if you really appreciate the gravity of the situation under which you live but let me remind you of it once again.

Once again may I remind Singaporeans that you live in an island where Lee Kuan Yew pays himself $3.7 million a year, which is nothing less than daylight robbery.

You live in a country where the entire media is state controlled which leaves you at any point of time not knowing whether it is news or double talk.

You live in a country where despite your rights under the Constitution, even a single peaceful protester runs the risk of being arrested and tortured in Lee Kuan Yew's prisons.

You live in a country where any assembly of citizens in public renders you to liable to imprisonment even though you have been thoroughly peaceful.

You live in a country where if Lee Kuan Yew sues you, even before he steps into the courtroom, he not only knows he won but also how many hundreds of thousands of dollars you will pay!

Now tell me this. When things like this happen, it makes my blood boil. Why does it not makes yours boil too? It makes me want to fight any tyrant who does this from within Singapore or from afar. That is why I do what I do, because it makes my blood boil.

I have always been this way, even while I used to live in Singapore. Throughout the 1980s after I returned to Singapore from England a lawyer, I joined JB Jeyaretnam in his Workers Party and fought 2 elections. Of course everyone I knew thought I was mad to work for opposition politics, Singaporeans being the cowardly lot they are.

Now let me ask you this. Why is it, that except for a handful of normal minded Singaporeans, not a single other person takes umbrage to this nonsense?

Unfortunately I can only come to the following conclusions. Firstly a great many Singaporeans are so dumb that they are not aware that they have any rights, let alone the knowledge of what those rights might be.

I think people like these have been called not very politely as "department store dummies", you know the sort who have nothing in their heads except the ability to read elementary English and are quite happy that they have a job and can go back to their teles in the evening.

For them being smart is just being quiet and live their happy blissful lives.

Second you have the disgraceful Singaporeans.

These are characters who would do anything as long as there is a buck.

In this lot you can lump together characters such as Davinder Singh of Drew and Napier, Lee Kuan Yew's lawyer who sues his client's critics for defamation and manages to extract mind boggling monetary awards leaving his fellow Singaporeans both penniless and bankrupt.

Third you have the foreign drug lords from Burma, and bank frauds from Indonesia who launder dirty money in Singapore and drive around in their Lamborghinis.

They don't care one way or other about anything as long as their money is safe.

If anything goes wrong in Singapore, I suppose they would take their money to the Pacific Island of Vanuatu, another money laundering hub like Singapore, and drive around in their Lamborghinis there.

And while all this goes on, if there is any Singaporean left in the island who thinks like me, he is probably either packing his bags and getting out of Lee Kuan Yew's one party Leninist island, or he may be picking up the courage to finally do something to rid the island of this nonsense of a government, through peaceful political agitation.

And while we speak, as Singaporeans have been squeezed out of their money by a government which wants every penny of it, they are not having enough children, they are not marrying and foreign Mandarin speaking Chinese who care 2 hoots about Singapore are slowly becoming the majority in the island.

And since 2006 this blog Singapore Dissident continues to expose the real Singapore which I can only imagine is making Lee Kuan Yew and his millionaire friends in the island very very angry at the troublesome Gopalan Nair who simply refuses to stop no matter what.

I must say, I am a very happy man.

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ANiceGuy said...

We must remember that damn Chinese saying "Kill the monkey to frighten the chickens.". Singapore is not fit to call itself Lion City, a name like Chicken City would be fitting, given the current situation. Imagine, Ayampura! Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

Man, I think there are enough critical blogs out there... SG needs a critical yet entertaining satire to awaken the dull majority.

Anonymous said...

I do not need to write much. This is taken from

A stunning Wikileaks document released three days ago highlighted what appear to be the private views of a few Straits Times journalists, all of whom expressed frustration at the control of the press exerted by the Singapore government in the media.

The diplomatic cable appears to have originated from the Singapore Embassy and was transmitted to the American Secretary of State. The cable was created in January 2009, expressing the state of affairs around that time.

Three people were named. Two were Straits Times reporters and one was a student. First was the paper’s US correspondent Chua Chin Hon, who lamented that editors in the paper are groomed to be pro-government and ensure that the story in the papers generally fall in line with what the ruling party wants.

“None of them has the courage to publish any stories critical of the government,” said the report.

Government ministers frequently apply pressure on the newsroom to ensure that the stories come out favorably. This is because the new crop of government ministers want to “burnish their credentials” and show that they can be “tough with the media”.

The cable added: “Several current ministers and second ministers (Chua did not say which ones) routinely call ST editors to ensure that media coverage of an issue comes out the way they want it.”
Chin Hon further stated that the media could open up once Lee Kuan Yew passes away, and only if the majority of Singaporeans oppose the government.

Faced with this restriction at home, he noted that overseas reporting has become a coveted job among Straits Times journalists because they are given a wide latitude to report as they like.

Lynn Lee, then a Indonesian correspondent at the Straits Times, agreed with Chin Hon’s views. In addition, she expressed frustration at life as a Singapore journalist, noting that her stint in Indonesia would be a gauge of whether she would stay on as a reporter at the paper.

She has since left the paper (Lynn has also recently written a note refuting the cable’s assertions).

Zajnat said...

Hi Mr Nair,
I salute you.
"........ Such things make my blood boil ..."

If nothing is worth fighting for, nothing is worth living for.

Anonymous said...


A senior MOE official told US diplomats that there were no plans to encourage more Singaporeans to pursue higher education

But, we will continue giving scholarships to our favourite children from the PRC.

Anonymous said...


- Long seen as arrogant and preordained to take over the reins of government,

- LKY takes center stage, seemingly relegating his son to the sidelines

- his meteoric rise in the Singapore Armed Forces (he made Brigadier General at age 32)

- dogged by perceptions that his rise to power had as much to do with his family connections.

- On a regular basis, LKY's
pronouncements are treated as front page news in the local
press, on topics as varied as learning a second language to
how Singaporeans are enjoying a "golden age." Even his
musings on property prices and homosexuality are covered
prominently in the press.