Friday, September 23, 2011

Singapore. Rich Caucasian bully will receive special treatment

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore's state controlled newspaper the Straits Times of Sept 24, 2011 has the story "Man in road rage incident is high ranking RBS exec". It tells the case of a European working in a high ranking position for Singapore Branch of Royal Bank of Scotland, Mr. Stefan Masuhr, a middle aged man, who got out of his luxury Bentley in a crowded Singapore street (they are all crowded in Singapore) and smashed the windscreen of a car driven by a woman because he did not like the way she drove.

At the time of this unprovoked violence in public, the woman was still inside her car with the windows closed, presumably trembling with fear of him.

An examination of the sentencing practice in Singapore for their ordinary mortals, by which I mean the average Singaporean who goes to the coffee shop and has his regular roti prata (the Singapore equivalent of the English egg and bacon), is usually jail time no less than a week. Especially so as he would have caused extreme fear to the local Singapore woman who was in her car with all her windows closed, hysterical with fear.

But you know what, I can bet my every penny that in this case, this wealthy Caucasian will not go to jail at all. It will just be a fine in his case after all, since Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew has a long standing policy in his "rule of law" country that some should be treated better than others.

You have heard about 2 years ago the case of the editor of a state controlled Chinese language newspaper in Singapore who was talking on her cell phone while driving, ran a red light in a busy traffic intersection, crashed into a motorcyclist, killing his pillion and paralysing him from waist down.

Yes you guessed it, there was no jail term in her case. Don't forget, she is after all special. As expected in Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore kangaroo courts, she was asked to pay a small fine and walked off Scot free.

I do not know if since then she has killed anymore people using her car as a lethal weapon. I wouldn't be surprised if she did. After all she has special treatment being the editor of Lee Kuan Yew's Chinese language propaganda Sheet. It is like expecting Adolf Hitler to send Joseph Goebbels, his propaganda man to jail. Anyone else on the other hand would have gone to jail for at least 2 years.

We may not know exactly how much the fine will be in this well connected Caucasians case but that is only a case of details. But one thing I can bet with anyone who reads this blog which is this. Rich Caucasian is not going to jail. If he does I will eat my head.

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Anonymous said...

Each day we hear of native Singaporeans being abused by foreigners.

1) A Caucasian drives his car and harasses a lady and her family.

2) Another Caucasian kills a person and escapes to Romania.

3) Countless stores of PRC Chinese abusing the locals.

4) The arrogance of the India Indians towards the locals.

Can you imagine a foreigner abusing locals so openly in Australia or the USA or China?

Why do these people do this. Because they can get away abusing Lstop@2KY's digits

F*ck "Lee stop@2 Kuan Yew" and his son.

Anonymous said...

If Stefan Masuhr is not going to jail, he should be thrown to IMH for being a lunatic and cane like Michael Fay for vandalism. The cane must crack his buttock like what he has done to the windscreen.

Anonymous said...

L.K.Y and his P.A.P Govt. has achieved what they had set out to do and that is to transform us Singaporeans into timid, obedient, and terrified rabbits and sheep.
Well done!

Anonymous said...


There are 2 parameters - whether they know of the PAP crap, and whether they are affected by the PAP crap.

DON'T KNOW, NOT AFFECTED - nearly all dead.

KNOW, NOT AFFECTED - a lot of them. People who are politically involved with the PAP winners, and the workers in govt bodies which make up 60% of the economy.

DON'T KNOW, AFFECTED - increasing rapidly and joining the last category.

KNOW, AFFECTED - the 40% who voted against PAP and increasing.

Since we still have elections, and change is happening, there is no need to demonstrate yet.

If election results unfavourable to PAP are nullified, there will be protests.

Not everybody can vote with their feet so easily.

Not everybody who stays behind are cowards.

Gopalan Nair said...

Referring to the above comments, as for Stephen Mashur, the rich Caucasian car windscreen smasher, the comment is right that he should have his head examined first and thereafter brutalized in his buttocks (Singapore caning). Don't get me wrong, I am not some sort of a sadist. But countless ordinalry Singaporeans in the past have been beaten for even lesser offenses. What is source for the goose should be for the gander. But I have a distinct suspicion that with Lee Kuan Yew's one law for the rich and another for the poor rule of law(after all Mashur is some sort of a big shot), he is probably laughing at the poor woman and her smashed windscreen right now, knowing nothing whatsoever is going to happen to him. Lee Kuan Yew's rule of law exhibited here.

Second as for the comment on not doing anything about Lee Kuan Yew's dictatorship since we have elections, true Lee's Singapore is broken anway and it will fall with or without any help from any of us. But surely if you are citizens of the island, and taxpayers, you have a right to demand what is just, right now, not having to wait till 2016. Democracy is meant to be excercised every day, not once every 5 years.

Anonymous said...

This animal should be punish.... Singaporean WAKE UP

Anonymous said...

As far as bentley car lovers GO, I am sure eduardo p. luiz saverin would, like his compatriot egmar gonçalves, be proud of stefan masuhr, considering where he is NOW.

Now that I mentioned FOOTBALL through egmar gonçalves, I had better state itimi dickson edherefe and agu casmir as well.