Thursday, September 22, 2011

Singapore. Without justice there is no hope.

Edited Sept 22, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Actually anyone could have said it, but yesterday I heard Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Prime Minister of Turkey who is now in New York for the UN Meetings say to Charlie Rose, the American TV host that without justice there is nothing. How very true.

He was referring to the storming of a Turkish vessel in alleged international waters carrying humanatrian supplies to Gaza refugees by Isreali naval forces and killing several Turks on board, which Erdogan claims was a criminal act.

Isreal he said loses it's credibility by these allegedly criminal actions. This is not justice he says and without justice Turkey should speak up against it.

Immediately it reminded me of Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore where the state misuses the law for their benefit, when it reminded me once again, that all Singapore's problems stem from this single source.

It is an incontrovertible truth that the abuse of the law and the lack of justice in the island, as is the case anywhere else in the world, is the sole reason for all of Singapore's problems. This is something which Lee Kuan Yew, the Singapore strongman appears to have ignored.

Singapore's difficulty today are many, with the most prominent being, the continuing mass brain drain of their skilled and educated; the calamitous drop in the island's birth rate; the languishing lawyer numbers in the profession; the large income gap between the mighty rich and the miserable poor; the continuing increase in the crime rate; the discontent among the Malays and the Indians in predominately Chinese island caused by the huge influx of Chinese immigrants brought in by Lee Kuan Yew government; the antagonism between the recent Chinese immigrants and local Singaporeans and etc etc.

Every single one of these problems can be traced to one single source, the lack of justice in Singapore. When Lee Kuan Yew's judge, Belinda Ang Saw Ean can so shamelessly tell the world in open court that she is willing to deliberately abuse the law to please her boss Lee Kuan Yew, as in the 2008 case of Lee Kuan Yew vs Chee Soon Juan, all respect was completely lost for it's legal system.

When time and time again you read in their state controlled newspapers that a certain so and so person in Lee's elite circle was given a very light sentence for a crime while another citizen who commits the same offense but is not connected with the government is treated harshly, all respect is lost in their legal system.

I can go on in case after case where the law is used one way for some lucky people but another harsh way for ordinary people, you lose all respect for their legal system.

And the law directly affects every single aspect of a person's life. In a situation like this where there is no justice, a man no longer feels secure in his daily life.

He no longer has any confidence that he will treated fairly. He no longer feels confident that the HDB government housing agency will be fair to him in allocating apartments. He no longer feels secure that his contracts would be honored by Lee's judges.

This unreliability of the legal system causes people to fear for their daily lives. It causes people to be more circumspect and cautious about every thing instead of spontaneity and confidence. People fear for their children's future. They fear for their own futures which is compelelty at the mercy of the vagaries of Lee's point of view at any point of time.

Dr. Chee Soon Juan who is Singapore's foremost political enemy of strongman Lee Kuan Yew knows he will never get jusitce ever in his life as long as he remains in the island.

And as long as Dr. Chee cannot get justice in the island, every single human being in that island is doomed to a life of uncertainly and insecurity. Insecurity in trade, business and every aspect of a person's life. Justice denied even to one single man, is justice denied to all. A country cannot hope to achieve any success because every single aspect of life is inextricably connected to one source alone, which is the law and justice.

This is why it is no surprise that the island of Singapore, no matter how much they try, continues to sink deeper and deeper into the abyss of failure and uncertainty.

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Anonymous said...

As long as justice seem to be done, it is good enough for departmental store dummies.

The trouble is that Singaporeans go all out to avoid trouble, even to the extent of denying themselves their own rights (as if Singaporeans know their rights)

It sort of tell us too that Singaporeans are a confused lot. Education system gone wrong?

Low class people, not some expat. Even NUS and NTU ranking down.

Anonymous said...

Dear Gopalan,
The PAP govt is prepared. They are learning from the UK and installing CCTV to catch future rioters and troublemakers.
According to my source, the excuse for installing these CCTVs, is that they are used to catch illegal parking (or some other excuse)
Watch this interesting development ... By the way, there are already public cameras installed in some rather interesting places.