Thursday, September 8, 2011

Singapore lost

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Can you imagine if England which has a population of 60 million has a dwindling population. Imagine it has a government which completely ignores what Englishmen want. Imagine if they brought in 30 million Romanians to settle in England, and one could not tell the difference since they are both European. Imagine if the English language use in the country continues to decline. Imagine if almost everyone in England today speaks Romanian instead of English. Imagine if Romanians in the country have no clue whatsoever of the long history, culture or democratic traditions of England. Do you think Englishmen would accept this lying down?

Imagine if Germany invited 40 million Cubans to populate Germany so that the proud native Germans with their long history and achievement is completely lost to the Cuban culture and Spanish language. Imagine if today you only see Cubans in every big German city and finding a native German is a rarity. Do you think the Germans would take this lying down? Imagine if unlike the cultured Germans, these recent Cuban imports go around spitting and gesticulating in public indiscriminately, destroying the image that Germans had as a cultured people.

Yet this is exactly what has already happened to Singapore. In 2 more years Singapore would have completely lost their native citizens, their unique character and way of life to recently arrived second rate foreigners who have no idea what Singapore was or even is. English language in the island is destroyed and in it's place there is Mandarin Chinese. The few local Singaporeans remaining have nothing in common with these Mandarin Chinese from China who do not mingle with the locals. The few local Singaporeans remaining seek solace in other local Singaporeans while the Mandarin Chinese imports socialize among themselves. Afterall these 2 have nothing in common.

Look at Singapore today. Every single grocery store employs foreigners, Mandarin Chinese and Filipinos. Same with 7/11 stores, Filipinos. Same with hospitals Filipinos. Government offices all have Mandarin Chinese from China and when they are at a loss for English with a customer, turn to the few remaining supervisors who has some English.

Any sense of identity as Singaporean is completely lost. The vast majority of people there are transient in the sense of being temporary. They are there to make a few bucks which they could not do back in their own countries. They come and go and like people through a revolving door at a hotel; people from the selected donor countries coming and going.

At the top of the pecking order Lee Kuan Yew and his family sit and rule and make money in the process using this imported UnSingaporean foreign labor. In time one wonders whether Singapore's leaders too would be from somewhere else. Would we have a Beijing born Prime Minister and Minister Mentor in the future.

Although local Singaporeans are aware of this irreparable and permanent damage being done to their island, they continue powerless and do nothing looking agape. They fear complaining as this may attract retribution from the Lee family. There are no protests remonstrations demonstrations against this attack upon their beloved Singapore. And to cap it all, while this total transformation of their island goes on unabated thanks to Lee Kuan Yew and son, inherent social conditions further damage the island. The birth rate is the lowest in the world and people are not marrying because of the tight economic stresses upon them. To add salt to the wound, in disgust every single Singapore student who goes to the West for an education never returns.

As if all this was not enough, to make matters worse, the best and the brightest are the ones who leave because they can, leaving behind second rate uneducated and unskilled Singaporeans to live among the recent immigrants from China.

And all this, believe it or not, is happening in a small island comprised of only about 3 million local Singaporeans which already has 2 million foreigners!

Unless concerned Singaporeans take the bull by the horns, stand up and say enough is enough, I don't see any hope. Do you?

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Anonymous said...

I think its much worse than what you have described. I have personally been bullied by those mainland chinese. It really upsets me to think that I have to bear with this kind of treatment when I am the citizen while they are the migrants. It is my forefathers who built Singapore into what it is today, not the fathers of these migrants.

Anonymous said...

The International Bar Association (IBA) has invited Dr Chee Soon Juan to speak at its conference in Dubai on 4 Nov 11. The event is the IBA Rule of Law Symposium and Dr Chee is scheduled to speak on Economic Sustainability and the Rule of Law.

However, Dr Chee needs to apply to the Official Assignee for permission to travel as he was made a bankrupt by Mr Lee Kuan Yew and Mr Goh Chok Tong in 2006 as a result of a lawsuit.

I don't think that the Official Assignee (aka LKY) will let Dr Chee travel to Dubai.

Sla said...

I feel bad for singaporeans but I an afraid this is what it's going to be. The papist leegime is aware of it but there is no other way.

ANiceGuy said...

The inconvenient truth is, the general public is contented with the status quo, they only complain and whine about PAP when it hurts their self-centred well-being. If the ruling party manages to overcome the effects of the next global recession and avert economic meltdown, the people won't bother to challenge them.

Sometimes truth isn't good enough...
Sometimes people deserve more...
Sometimes people deserve to have their faith rewarded...

So what are we, the voices of dissent, going to do about this? How are we going to reward the faith of the minority who believe in change? Is mere blogging and ranting sufficient? How do we cut through with clarity and connect effectively with a zombie society?

Robert Tay said...

To ANiceGuy Sep 10, 3.19am

What you said is sooo true. How do you connect to a people who are self centered, pathetic and basically cows with nose rings?

Their Kaisu mentality only mobilizes them when an incentive is dangled , e.g. Hello Kitty. Then you would see people jumping queues and getting into fights. Such a materialistic lot Singaporeans are!

I'm glad I WAS Singaporean. How do we in this blog, encourage the able to leave Singapore? The majority uneducated cows from Singapore are so contented that they would not know if they were led to the slaughter house!

With all the PAP facade of encouraging Singaporeans to improve their education and training, they also practice discrimination, suppress creativity and the make rule of law meaningless.

They have actually created the 'zombie' population in Singapore. Try telling LKY this...its exactly what he wants so that he can rule a stupid population occupied with eeking out a living and materialism, without opposition.

Life on the treadmill island said...


It takes 2 hands to clap. In Singapore's case, the locals are not adding economic value as cheap hardworking foreigners, so foreigners win.

The govt also think that with foreigners, they are better off (poor singles get to marry foreigners, working parents have foreign maids, e,ployers have higher profits from cheap foreigners)

Everyone is busy - the poor etch out a living, the rich busy getting richer. Read and butter worries, keep harmony, keep the money flowing. No need to care the rest.

Anonymous said...

Its a matter of times before change hits in.

Gopalan Nair said...

To Life on a treadmill island,

"It takes 2 hands to clap. In Singapore's case, the locals are not adding economic value as cheap hardworking foreigners, so foreigners win".

Not true. If you provide the skills, wages go up for blue collar workers, which will attract Singaporeans too. Why do you think there are Australian carpenters in Austraila? Because they get paid very well. And one carpenter can do the work of 10 Singapore (or rather Communist chinese human imports) under-skilled ones.

That is why Germany has German carpenters, mechanics and welders. They don't have to bring in Bangladesis or Communist Chinese for the jobs. And German mechanics get paid as German mechanics should, which is, you guessed it; WELL.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gopalan,

Referring to your reply to "To Life on a treadmill island". The problem with Singapore is:-

1. The lack of independent trade unions to protect the workers.

2. Pride in blue-collar work. In Australia, the Italian migrants set a high benchmark for quality work.

3. Lowering labour cost. A country must retain trades skills and manufacturing to innovate. That is why expensive countries like Germany have mid-sized companies that are making products the world want. Unlike Singapore where it has become a race to the bottom for a lot of things they do.

Anonymous said...

Australia once effectively ran an immigration campaign known as yellow fever in the 80's which reduced and prevented mainland chinese from over populating their country and they were very effective to a point. They only allowed highly educated chinese from Singapore, Malaysia or other countries who were willing to invest into the Australian economy. Singapore MUST and should do the SAME!!

I am a Singapore (fortunately) living overseas and i DO NOT intend to return to this kangaroo run court country anytime soon.

No Loser said...


My message for Singaporeans is very blunt and cruel.

Singaporeans who want change - Too slow and too late to do anything.

New President Dr Tony Tan know who did not vote for him.

Tg Pagar voters, you are in the list.

Meanwhile, Singaporeans continue to dream Swiss, for the majority unlucky ones, your money is tied to how you treat Lee family.

Anonymous said...

Former PM Nair had the following thoughts on Singapore after he was exiled:

"To him, Singapore today is a soulless place whose only ideology is materialism."