Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Singapore Dissident's only concern is Lee Kuan Yew

Ladies and Gentlemen,

There is a saying, the Nile is Egypt and Egypt is the Nile. Without the Nile, Egypt is dead, because it is nothing but a desert; except for the water from the Nile. Similarly in Singapore one could also say, Singapore is Lee Kuan Yew, and Lee Kuan Yew is Singapore.

In his eagerness and greed to remain in control for the last 52 years, Lee made sure that no one else could even remotely establish a power base. Which is why this blog Singapore Dissident only writes, intentionally and deliberately, about Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew alone, because no one else matters.

I don't think I am wrong in my prediction that with the demise of the 89 year old Singapore leader, Singapore too will collapse, at least for a moment, and out of the chaos, we will hopefully see a new better freer Singapore.

There is of course others such as Tony Tan, Lee's recently handpicked President, Goh Chock Tong, similarly handpicked Senior Minister as are every single one of his sidekicks, who were plucked out of thin air, given important positions overnight to rule over Singaporeans.

None of these characters such as the Singapore President has any power base, or any support from anyone. If they were ever elected into power, it was because Lee wanted them in power. The moment Lee is dead, no one would even take a second glance at minions and opportunists such as these. Tony Tan is a Lee Kuan Yew creation, nothing more and nothing less, and so are every single one of these million dollar opportunists going around holding Lee's tail and crawling at his feet. Simply disgusting.

And once he is dead, it will be chaos. Lee as well as they will just be history.

As for myself, I am living in exciting times. I know any moment now, the old man with all the power will die, and at that instant the fun will begin. When that happens, I would like to see the face of K Shanmugam, his Tamil Minister of Law who obediently says 2 and 2 is 10 anytime his master orders it. What he will do after that, is any one's guess.

I hope I would be amply rewarded when this change happens, which I believe will happen; my reward will be the realization that in some small way, I have contributed to the change and betterment of Singapore. All the provoking and challenging this dictatorship from 1984 up till now which I did, including going to Lee Kuan Yew's prison for calling his judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean a rat which she was, would have been all worthwhile.

At that moment, Gopalan Nair and his adventures in Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore will hopefully be remembered once again. All these blog posts in Singapore Dissident will be read and re-read. And hopefully my travails and adventures in Lee Kuan Yew's prison for criticizing his Judge Belinda Ang Saw Ean, would be remembered too.

And perhaps one day, that illegal conviction and sentence of 3 months jail against me for writing a blog in Singapore would be reversed, my unjust disbarment would be reversed and I will once again visit Singapore, the land of my birth.

If anyone was wondering why I continue harping on this man Lee Kuan Yew, you know the reason why.

Yes, this is an exiting time. Perhaps I will set foot in Singapore again after all, and it may not even be too long away (the reader would know that Singapore has prohibited me from entering the country). If and when that happens, the wise adage that the pen is mightier than the sword would be proven once again.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
Disbarred from practicing law in Lee's Singapore, imprisoned and refused entry to the island for criticizing Singapore's judiciary in this blog (see blogpost May 29, 2008 Singapore. Judge Belinda Ang's Kangaroo Court)
Actively practicing law in California and in good standing at the California Bar.
Member in good standing as a lawyer in England and Wales (Barrister).
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Anonymous said...

"There is a saying, the Nile is Egypt and Egypt is the Nile. Without the Nile, Egypt is dead, because it is nothing but a desert; except for the water from the Nile.

Similarly in Singapore one could also say, Singapore is Lee Kuan Yew, and Lee Kuan Yew is Singapore."

This paragraph sums up the tragedy that is Singapore.

The Singapore stock market will plummet when LKY dies.

The PAP will only announce LKY's death after the stockmarket closes on Friday afternoon. This will give them the whole weekend to spin their story, instruct bankers, and to mobilise troops.

And, for the select few to escape from Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Foreigner accused of violence allowed to leave S'pore but Chee cannot


Sorry Dr.Chee.
In LKY's Singapore, only HE is the judge and jury.