Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Singapore model

Ladies and Gentlemen,

World over governments wanting to stay in power through repression now have a new model to follow, "The Singapore model" which roughly goes as follows:

"Claim you have a free press but control the newspapers completely; claim you have the rule of law while making sure judges comply with government orders; claim you have human rights but deny your citizens any; claim you have freedom of speech but sue, bankrupt and imprison anyone who dares to criticize; claim you have freedom of protest and assembly but arrest and jail anyone who publicly assembles or protests; claim you have equality before the law but give special privileges to some but not others; claim all races are equal but Chinese are more equal than others" Singapore strongman Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore Model

Gopalan Nair
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Anonymous said...

Fear is what made Singaporeans a zombie.

In all honesty the average Singaporean doesn't have any or little courage to stand for anything. Check out their television, even the reporter looks intimidated and looking down all the time while interviewing Harry Lee.

Harry Lee is a myth that needs dispelling but unfortunately the insecure low self esteem Lee Kuan Yew has succeeded in making the people even more insecure and with even lower self esteem. That's how the dynasty to survive, by demolishing any confident people, by destroying any shred of courage and cause.


Anonymous said...

A lot of Singaporeans are hoping for someone to take up the fight to change the country. And they are a fussy lot, expecting a knight driving a truck full of goodies for the people.

Singaporeans are also hoping that after LKY "kick the bucket", there will be changes.

But Singaporeans will be disappointed.

from an ex-OccupySydney participant, came these words.

We all should fear excessive inequality: If too much power and money flow to a few, they will become invested in keeping power and sustaining their lifestyle.

mycroft said...

All that...and not forgetting to lie back and spread your country's legs wide apart for every passing foreigner to rape and pillage because it keeps the GDP numbers growing like a malignant tumour. Then pass a rule that ties your civil service wages to GDP growth, make the actual formula a state secret known only to cabinet, refuse point blank to declare the true amounts paid to bootlicking courtiers and yourself and voila! there you have it - your licence to print money till the sun comes down on Orchard Road Boulevard.

If the natives cannot possibly withstand the staggering foreign onslaught and begin to show signs of severe malnutrition why, then, let them eat durian cake!