Monday, December 26, 2011

Singapore, North Korea and China, birds of a feather

Ladies and Gentlemen,

North Korea, Peoples Republic of China and Singapore all have state controlled newspapers, except in Singapore's case, there is also the Internet. All three are also one party states with a supreme ruler each, the Kim family in former, Communist Party chief in China and the Lee family in Singapore.

If given the chance many will escape Korea and China, as well as Singapore. But in Singapore, in the case of emigration, it's people stand at a distinct advantage.

Not many who are aware of their rights would want to live in such an island, a place where Lee pays himself $3.7 million in corruption leaving you helpless to question him; a place where the entire media is nothing but a propaganda sheet and where the law is, with his judges like Belinda Ang Saw Ean, anything he decides it should be to destroy political opposition. The control on society is the same in these 3 countries the difference lying only in it's extent of severity.

But the people of Singapore have 2 real advantages over these others, if they really want to leave. Firstly, because Lee Kuan Yew does not want it to be seen as controlling the freedom of movement of his people, he is unable to place any restrictions on his citizens leaving the country if they wish.

And for the same reason he allows the Internet to exist, except that you are liable to be arrested if you criticize, as in my case in Singapore.

Second, Singaporeans know English, the international language of today, thereby enabling them to leave for countries that welcome immigration such as Canada and Australia.

For North Koreans and the Chinese, their lack of English becomes a serious obstacle. And third, Singaporeans can easily obtain visas for almost any country, whereas for the Chinese and the few North Koreans who are lucky enough to travel, they can only get visas for equally repressive countries like them, such as Singapore.

It is this ease with which Singaporean citizens can leave their country which continues to hurt Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew's plan to perpetuate his rule. If he could, I am sure he would prevent his best and brightest among his population, tiny as it already is, from leaving, but because of how he portrays his island as a free and international city, there is nothing he can do to stop massive migration and brain drain from his shores; why, because native Singaporeans know what the island really is.

I have not read any latest news about the state of native Singaporeans in Singapore but like global warming which continues to go up and will continue to do so, by the minute, and by the day, the numbers of educated and skilled Singaporeans still remaining in Singapore continues to decline steadily and progressively until there won't be any discerning self respecting native Singaporean left in the island.

And this decline is further helped by the increasingly aging population dying off by the day, and as a double or triple whammy, you have a fast disappearing birth rate which is already the lowest in the world.

I am not expecting Lee's state controlled newspapers to give us any bad news as is expectedly always the case in the few remaining one party state authoritarian countries of the world, but I would like to know what the present tally is.

At the rate of the planeloads of Chinese immigrants being brought in to Changi airport by the day, have the foreigners exceeded the native born population yet? What is the rate of emigration from it's shores? How many more native born Singaporean old people have died off lately? And how many children are born and whether are they all the children of foreigners?

Ladies and gentlemen, we are living in very exciting times in Singapore's case. Lee Kuan Yew is 89 years old and dying, if not today, tomorrow. You have almost a totally depleted local born population and almost every single one of them who have come in have done so for the ride.

When Lee dies there is going to be turmoil and upheaval, because he made sure that Singapore's politicians are all scholars and reluctant ones at that, just greenhorns with no other ability or experience other than to pass college exams, and who came in just for the money.

When Lee dies, I expect the investments to begin to flow outwards which would also mean the recent new immigrants would also begin a packing. You know, Singapore is so small a place, it would be impossible for Singapore to weather the storm.

I am dying (not literally, I am not 89, like Lee Kuan Yew) to see what would happen when Singapore's Big Brother goes, what calamity, what commotion, what upheaval? There is going to be some fireworks I can assure you that, both the harmless kind and the other nasty kind as well.

And by the way, where is Lee Kuan Yew anyway? I have not seen him for some time. Don't forget, it is the practice of these other one party state countries like North Korea not to announce their dictators have died, sometimes even for weeks and months. I am not suggesting anything, don't get me wrong. But then, where is Lee Kuan Yew anyway? I simply can't wait for the fun to begin. If all the leaders Lee has are men such Teo Chee Hean, Tin Pei Ling and that sort, we are truly in for some fun, that is, if you are only an observer from California, such as myself.

And to top it all, you have Mother Nature too on the side of freedom, making sure that the floods continue coming in on a daily basis, as if determined to make Orchard Road into Orchard Swimming pool without any further delay.

For one, I have just received information that Changi Beach has very little beach left, with the waterline at high water already up to the tree line near the road. Very soon Runway 02 would also be underwater requiring all pilots to receive certification in sea plane operations.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
Disbarred from practicing law in Lee's Singapore, imprisoned and refused entry to the island for criticizing Singapore's judiciary in this blog (see blogpost May 29, 2008 Singapore. Judge Belinda Ang's Kangaroo Court)
Actively practicing law in California and in good standing at the California Bar.
Member in good standing as a lawyer in England and Wales (Barrister).
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Anonymous said...

A few months ago, Singapore Airlines increased frequency on the Singapore - Guangzhou route from daily to twice daily.

This is merely the tip of the iceberg. SQ also flies 3 daily to Beijing, 5 daily to Shanghai and 7 daily to Hong Kong.

Silk Air, it's regional subsidary, also flies to other chinese destinations.

Many aviation enthusiasts say:" This is proof that SQ is popular among corporate travellers. Some compare it with airlines from neighbouring countries. I wonder of they really know what are they talking about.

Are these "corporate travellers" merely chinese peasants bought in by the old man to keep the PAP in power (via the votes)?