Friday, January 27, 2012

Singapore. A dehumanized depoliticized silenced robotic people

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In every country in the world, you find people passionate about different things. People who study cars, people who collect stamps, people who follow football, and all sorts of other interests even for an entire lifetime. You have such people in Singapore too. But in other countries you also have people who are passionate about their country, who join political clubs and societies and spend a lifetime furthering what they believe in what their country should be; except in Singapore. This is the one area where there is no one, perhaps just a handful of people, in Singapore.

It is almost as if the entire population is suffering from some sort of schizophrenia.

In Singapore you have very strong organizations that further gay interests, holding meetings and protests and even petitioning their leaders for change; organizations to legalize sodomy; animal rights groups that go around rescuing stray cats and a slew of passionate people for all other causes, except one. Even though the state denies them free speech, freedom of expression, the right of peaceful protest, the right to have a free press, rights which are so important but yet, there is almost noone interested in it. A very strange sort of situation indeed, something which you can never find anywhere else in the world!

I am not sure if this is an Asian Confucian trait or are they downright confused. Why is it that people in Singapore can be so passionate about legalizing sodomy but are completely happy to live under a dictatorship.

You see this strange sort of behavioural patterns in the island. For instance, people who would be celebrated as heroes in any other country, men like Chee Soon Juan and the late JB Jeyaretnam, nothing less than freedom fighters are hardly spoken about. Nothing is written about them, no one is fighting for them and the government has in fact managed to turn them into criminals.

But yet, even though the world is now a very small place, and Singaporeans who live under such circumstances can in fact leave, and admittedly many do leave; yet you find some, in fact far too many, who willingly permit themselves to be imprisoned under this authoritarianism; why, one will never understand.

And that is why only idiots and fools would ever want to willingly live in such conditions and educate their children in such a weird socio political system.

And the good thing since I left Singapore, first for England for my education and later to America to live, is coming to realize how stupid the entire island was. Frankly I too was brainwashed to a large extent and it took some time out of the island of Singapore to realize that there is something which is terribly wrong in Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore. I guess I was one of the lucky ones to get out of Singapore. Truly, the most important thing in the world is to be able to think straight and that is the crime that Lee Kuan Yew and his bully boys perpetrate on his people.

And as for writing this, which is something no Singapore can ever dare to do. They live their lives walking around like zombies in Lee Kuan Yew's island.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
Disbarred from practicing law in Lee's Singapore, imprisoned and refused entry to the island for criticizing Singapore's judiciary in this blog (see blogpost May 29, 2008 Singapore. Judge Belinda Ang's Kangaroo Court)
Actively practicing law in California and in good standing at the California Bar.
Member in good standing as a lawyer in England and Wales (Barrister).
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Anonymous said...

Confucius was most disappointed with politicians that in his last years he gave up on them. Politicians have no prinicples. Actually they have one for themselves and one for the others. Eg. LKY does not believe in doing charity(although he claims to give to charity the money he made from his infamous libel suits), but he encourages singaporeans to do charity. This actually saves the government money. Singaporens are not influenced by Confucius - they are totally encased in a mental straight jacket of LKYism. That is the sad story of Singapore.

Anonymous said...

It is not surprising that Singaporeans' lives revolves around a paternalistic interfering government.

The only thing different with N Korea is that the later has a 24h radio station in each home that cannot be switched off.