Friday, January 13, 2012

Singapore state controlled newspaper's daily garbage

Ladies and Gentlemen,

One thing I have learned is this. Unless a dictatorship's state controlled newspapers can keep out outside information, like they do in North Korea, simply publishing propaganda daily is not going have any effect. People will know the moment you try any nonsense, they are simply going to laugh at you. You can't expect anyone to take you seriously because you are simply not going be believed. What is worse, you are going to bore them to death. And this is exactly what is happening to Singapore Lee Kuan Yew's state controlled newspapers.

The following is the sort of garbage you get.

Singapore state controlled newspaper Straits times online edition of Jan 13, 2012 has the story "Singapore Management University pays tribute to President Tony Tan". Of course you know who Tony Tan is. He is just another of Singapore Strongman Lee Kuan Yew's minions handpicked to run his errands in the past and now appointed by him as the president of Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore. Nothing impressive in the man one way or another.

The story talks about Tan beckoning another of Lee's bootlickers Ho Kwon Ping, some 20 years ago, to start a university, of course with tax payer's money, which shouldn't be too difficult since the money is not his, which he does calling it Singapore Management University, which has ever since then continued to churn out timid obedient and compliant Lee Kuan Yew bootlickers like him ever since. I am not sure how this bit of writing can be of any interest to anyone.

Take this nonsense. The same newspaper of Jan 14, 2012 has the story "CDAC to spend 15% more this year to help 60,000 beneficiarys". It says, the Chinese Development Assistance Council will spend 16% more this year to help 60,000 beneficiaries. There is, with the story a picture of Lim Swee Say, a Lee Kuan Yew Minister looking very serious and generous but other than that there is not much more. As is the case with all these propaganda stories, other than what you are told now, you will know nothing more. You will not know whether in fact 15% extra was spent and if so, who were these beneficiaries and even if that were the case, why should this story be of interest to anyone. Another classic exercise of making yourself look good I suppose. The only question is, will anyone be impressed?

Next is this. The same newspaper of Jan 14, 2012 again says "Elderly at Swami Home enjoys CNY festivities with Khaw Boon Wan". By the way, Khaw Boon Wan is a Lee Kuan Yew Minister.

There is a picture of him bowing very low in humility for the camera, before some very old wheelchair bound residents of an old folks home and distributing a couple of bucks each and some small oranges to them seated neatly in a row, I suppose carefully arranged for the Minister to come and the photo taking.

I am not sure how or why this story is newsworthy unless of course Lee Kuan Yew takes every one of his Singaporeans to be imbeciles without anything better to read. Of course we all know the hidden agenda behind this opera. It is none other than to show how kind and generous these Lee Kuan Yew bootlickers like Khaw are, and why we must continue under the rule of this self proclaimed Singapore superman, Lee Kuan Yew and his side kicks.

Then we have this nonsense, also in the same paper of the same day titled "Create your own web page to raise funds for charity". It has a picture of a very scantily dressed smiling ethnic Chinese woman, a Miss Chang, deliberately exposing her bare thighs and buttocks for the camera, admittedly the best looking parts of her body since her face does not do her much justice, claiming that she has set up a link to a Singapore charity in their web page to collect ang pows (charity) for the poor.

It all seems to me a rather elaborate convoluted unnecessary mystery, since if anyone wanted to give for charity, they can do so without having to have this ethnic Chinese woman exposing her body parts for the camera. Another bit of pure unadulterated nonsense, by Lee Kuan Yew's state controlled newspaper, wasting my time and everyone others who had even the slightest grey matter in their cerebrums.

Another bit of a total waste of time, not to mention newsprint from the same paper of the same day. It is the same nonsense of Lee Kuan Yew's sidekick Singapore President Tony Tan and his Singapore Management University this time with a picture of some ethnic Chinese students with their usual blank faces (I suppose they have nothing much in the line of ideas) grinning at this Lee's sidekick which I suppose they are supposed to do.

Below an avuncular picture of Tan, there are the words "I was always aware that he saw us as the catalyst for the radical changes he wanted to make in Singapore's university system" which Ho had said of Tan. Why this should be of interest to anyone baffles me, especially since we have not heard how and why, if at all such a phenomenon is possible in Singapore.

I can go on, but you see my point. If the intent of the government of Singapore is to insult our intelligence by this nonsense in their state controlled newspapers, I tell you, they are succeeding very well indeed.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
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Anonymous said...

Gopalan, once again , thank you for standing up for Singaporeans. Your writings may seem to be biased if one does not subject Singapore system to great scrutiny. A Singaporean is more likely to see that you are wrong and should be condemned - that is how we as Singaporeans are raised to be anyway , to accept what is told and to accept what we have learnt in our education. From childhood we were taught to take our pledge and sing our national anthem loud and clear but yet the very people in power make a mockery our of this , for e.g in the words of the Law minister not long ago - We are a city , not a country! Wow, this is a total 180 degree turn away from our Singapore pledge which says ; We the citizens of Singapore. Anyone with some formal knowledge of English would know that to be a citizen of a place implied that her / she belongs to a country. We also have our very own (your bosom buddy) saying that our national pledge is just an aspiration. Time and again Singaporeans are injected with propaganda , especially towards our national day and there are campaigns on defending Singapore well and what our soldiers are doing , blah blah. Just who are we really defending? Singapore men know that every time they are called up for reservist, they are putting themselves at a disadvantage as they will be away from work - in this aspect the foreign talent seems more attractive. Singapore men also know that they are 2 years behind in their career ladder compare to their foreign counterparts. Now the real problems are not the foreigners but the system itself which punished the Singaporean. A Singaporean is taught to obey and not question, and in the face of adversity , whine and complain and do nothing else , because thats how we are raised. Do not stop Gopalan, you have inspired many that you do not even know - like me. Times are changing in Singapore though. Many are beginning to wake up. Thank you Gopalan for not giving up to fight. You could have easily enjoyed yourself but you chose to fight. The attached URLs explains a journalist's view of why Singaporeans in general, do not have a mind of their own . we are no more than walking zombies.