Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Singapore. Has it flooded this week?

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Just wondering. Has it flooded this week? The usual places I suppose, Orchard Road, Lucky Plaza, Liat Tower, Equatorial Plaza, Lee Kuan Yew Plaza, Vivian Balakrishan Water Minister Plaza, Tin Pei Ling Plaza?

Someone has suggested that they are going to build a 10 meter wall all around the island to keep the sea in. Over Singapore they will build a huge concrete umbrella to keep the rain out, with an opening at the top. The Water Minister Vivian Balakrishnan, dressed in raincoat, will have an office at the ceiling of the umbrella with a stairway leading outside.

He will periodically peep outside and report on whether it is raining and close the hatch immediately.

Lee Kuan Yew and his people will live in the bubble happily ever after. There will be air conditioning. And the state controlled Straits Times will splash the good news across it's pages. Another milestone earth shattering achievement. Singaporeans living in a bubble with the Water Minister beside them.

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Gopalan Nair said...

Next thing you see is water seeping into MRT subway stations. People will be drowned alive like in a submarine under water. When will that happen? In 6 months time. Remember the sea level continues to rise and the rainfall becomes even more torrential. What will Lee Kuan Yew do, build ponds? In Singapore? I really like to see that.

Gopalan Nair said...

You have read reports that Lee Kuan Yew is going to smoothen the sides of Singapore Stamford Canal to speed up the water flowing to help lessen floods. I now heard they are going to add grease as well to speed up water even faster. As to how this is possible is something you have to ask them.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the image Mr.Nair, it made me laugh immensely at the ludicrousness of the idea but knowing the PAP, it suddenly doesn't seem too far fetched.

Gopalan Nair said...

The Singapore Lee Kuan Yew government struggling with the almost daily flooding in the island now has another idea. The work of their million dollar Water Minister Vivian Balakrishnan. Remember the island is only 16 miles north to south 26 east to west plus a few miles from sea reclamation. Very small place.

This is the latest plan. The culprit is sea water coming in at high tides with corresponding rain. So they are going to block all canals to stop sea water intruding. Huge pipes will take the rain run off in Singapore to waiting supertakers at sea. They will then steam away to the middle of south china sea and discharge the water. The only hope is that water doesn't find it's way back to Singapore. They are going to spend 200 million dollars on this.

Anonymous said...

Orchhrd Road is bullshit. Recently we have thousands of sandbags lining the streets. What a joke!