Monday, March 5, 2012

French immigrants in Singapore? Are you kidding

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore state controlled newspaper the Straits Times has sunk to a new low here. It's March 4, 2012 online edition has this story "Bonjour Singapour! More French citizens settling here". But in this case, this French couple is not settling here at all. They are simply stopping for a bit while sailing around the world!


This is what it is. "Five days after their wedding Anais and Jean Baptise Jarry both set sail around the world". "For the next 18 months their 40 ft sailboat took them from France to South America around Cape Horn to the Pacific". "They finally docked at Raffles Marina (Singapore), Jarry soon found work as financial analyst and the couple" have settled down here! Really? They live in the boat.

As if this nonsense is not bad enough the report also says " More French nationals have arrived in (Singapore) search of a fresh start".

Please don't insult the French. No decent red blooded Frenchman with pride in his veins would ever call a tinpot puny Lee Kuan Yew dictatorship like Singapore home.

As for Mr. Jarry, please don't insult him. Singapore is the last place he would want to call home. If you did not know , Jarry comes from France and France is a proud democracy and the French fiercely defend their freedom and would even give their life for it. Frenchmen are not the cowardly docile sheep that you see walking along Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore streets.

He is sailing the world and happened to stop at Singapore to spend some time there. That is not the same as calling Singapore home. I expect him to be leaving soon and he may stop at Penang to spend some time there. But it does not mean that he is going to call Malaysia home now.

No French national would want to come and live in your Lee ruling family's Singapore. And stop lying that "more French nationals have arrived in search of a fresh start". No Frenchman has come and no one will. There may be a few million dollar Frenchmen who represent their banks in Singapore but every single one of them would be insulted to be called a Singaporean. And none of them would like it to be called a North Korean or a Cuban either.

We know that Lee ruling family's Singapore has a bad reputation the world over as a tin pot dictatorship. But trying to pretend that you are something else by such nonsense in your state controlled press is insulting our intelligence.

Gopalan Nair
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Anonymous said...

It's like saying the Eskimo is emigrating to Saudi Arabia and making it his home.

Anonymous said...

It's absolute bull shit!! Part of Propaganda perpetrated by the state media to once again insult ones intelligence. I am a Singaporean and I myself would refuse to return to this garden state prison and why would a French do that!!