Saturday, March 24, 2012

More junk news in Singapore's junk newspapers

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Yesterday I had written about the nonsense that is dished out by Singapore state controlled newspaper, the Straits Times. Here is today's dose of junk, Sunday Times March 25, 2012

"Restaurant ban to ease traffic at Serangoon Garden"
It says no more restaurants will be allowed in Serangoon Gardens because there are too many already. It seems to me rather trivial to make it into Singapore's leading newspaper. Aren't there anything else more important?

"WWII Japanese soldier bursts in... to teach history"
In this case a history school teacher had decided to dress as a WW2 Japanese soldier to give added effect in class. Good for him. But why should this be headline news in Straits Times?

"Stop and stare: Quirky sculptures in neighbourhoods here"
The paper reports of some housing estates putting up sculptures of Roman soldier on a horse! It doesn't interest me at all.

"Shortage of confinement nannies in Year of the Dragon"
It appears someone named Yong Bai Ying who is 56 is making a lot of money as a midwife/nurse! Perhaps she has the Lee ruling family connections!

"Time for Singapore to work together: George Yeo"
George Yeo, the defeated Lee ruling family's politician of choice for Aljunied says that Singaporeans are divided because only 60% voted for his master's political party. This he says is bad. Therefore he says Singapore should no longer be divided but united. I suppose what he means is that if 90% voted for the PAP, this would be a good thing because they would now be united! I don't see the reasoning, do you?

"Singapore's top chefs crowned"
A certain chef Andre Chiang of a posh Bukit Timah Restaurant and another foreigner at Swisshotel have been awarded medals for cooking. Most Singaporeans of modest means would have never even entered either of these places for a meal which may cost their entire month's earnings. In any case why should this be important to an ordinary Singaporean anyway, something which doesn't concern him in the least? Another example of the elite writing for the elite, never mind the man in the 2 room rented Toa Payoh HDB flat.

The Straits Times, Singapore's premium main newspaper only carries this sort of nonsense day in and day out. There is nothing of any importance of national affairs, expected of a sophisticated society, which we know it is not.

There is no discussion on the issue of millions of taxpayers money paid to the Lee ruling family members and their friends at the top. Nothing about the question of ever increasing numbers leaving for settlement abroad. No discussion about the issue of the blatant violation of a free press, free speech and expression and the lack of the rule of law. No discussion whatsoever on the corruption of Singapore judges such as Belinda Ang Saw Ean who shamelessly abuses the law to please the Lee ruling family.

Has foreign investment declined lately? We would never know would we.

In fact compared to any newspaper in England, Australia or the US, even a provincial one, Singapore's is totally backward. In fact it is nothing more than a company's newsletter.

Frankly Singaporeans should realise that the Lee ruling family is simply keeping them in the dark. Since there has been no complaint whatsoever from the island's inhabitants, it would appear that they are not concerned one way or another what goes on in Lee Kuan Yew's island. To use Singapore jargon, they have switched off, and I suppose left the island entirely.

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Anonymous said...

It's true the Straits Times is a pile of bullshit, and its quality is getting worse every day (if that is at all possible)