Saturday, March 31, 2012

Singapore wants to teach the world how to live

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Incredible as it may seem, Singapore is so proud of it's philosophy, it wants the rest of the world to be like them. Singapore state controlled newspaper the Straits Times of April 1, 2012 has this story "S'poreans can offer the world 'uniquely S'pore' values: Lim Swee Say".

Lim a Lee Kuan Yew handpicked minion while addressing a brainwashed one track minded Singaporean student gathering in the island says "Singaporeans should offer a mindset and values which are 'uniquely Singapore', as that is 'our biggest strength'.
'We learn from the best of the West, we learn the best of the East, we put them together (using an) eclectic approach, and adapt it,'.

One should not hope ill on others but Lim, if he really meant what he said, is not a very nice human being for wishing others harm, unless of course, he himself is unaware of the extent to which his Singapore has degraded.

I understand Lim who is a either a Minister in the Labor Department or some other ministry, it does not matter which, seems to have no concern for the interests of the workers whom he should be protecting. Indeed it is pretty hard for his workers, and it has been so for decades. For one, workers are required to fend for themselves, as there is no minimum wage, and employers are allowed to hire and fire anytime they want and pay anything they want, a situation more akin to the darkest corners of Africa than a supposedly developed country.

Which is why I suppose those very workers are taking their own lives at record levels by jumping off the readily available high rise apartments without parachutes.

Singapore is one country governed through fear. An island where you can be arrested and sued for defamation even for peaceful protest or the slightest criticism and where everyone goes around like a zombie doing as they are told without question, because they are all afraid of the Lee ruling family. That is of course in the case of those still remaining in the island.

Those with any thinking ability or even the slightest self respect, have all fled it's shores and are now living in Australia and the West. You have an island where the courts are tools of the government to punish the opposition, a country where the newspapers are all state controlled, and day in and day out, you are dished out truckloads of propaganda. Until so much so that the people have got so fed up and left the island permanently or have completely shut themselves off from the drivel that this man and men like him spew.

Today there is an unbridgeable and permanent divide between men such as this and the people of Singapore. For one, this person, like his fellow opportunists at the top are all in power not because the people of Singapore voted him in but because in the most part there were no one else to stand against him either because they were all too scared of being sued by his master Lee or because they had all cleared out of Lee Kuan Yew's Stalinist island state.

Lim can continue saying whatever he wants which would be dutifully published in the island's state controlled press but the people too on their part can completely ignore this nonsense as well.

He says he wants to combine Chinese and Western style thinking which he claims is what Singapore is. I shudder to to thin what the Chinese style thinking is; Ming Dynasty water torture for detractors perhaps!

Well for anyone who loves being human and free, China has nothing to offer. It is like saying we should turn to the Nazis on how to treat Jews nicely! It is a place that sends Liu Xiabo, Nobel prize winner to jail for 11 years all because he wrote that freedom is a good thing for his country. Sorry but that is not I or any other free man wants to be. And neither does anyone want a Singapore style Lee Kuan Yew dictatorship either.

Lim can continue talking all the nonsense he wants which I am sure he will continue to do. After all he has the state controlled Straits Times to print anything he orders.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
Disbarred from practicing law in Lee's Singapore, imprisoned and refused entry to the island for criticizing Singapore's judiciary in this blog (see blogpost May 29, 2008 Singapore. Judge Belinda Ang's Kangaroo Court)
Actively practicing law in California and in good standing at the California Bar.
Member in good standing as a lawyer in England and Wales (Barrister).
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