Sunday, September 2, 2012

Fascist states always self destruct and Singapore is no exception

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The elements of a Fascist state is the control of all organs of power by a dictator or by an oligarchy leaving the citizens no choice but to obey or be destroyed.

In Singapore, the Lee Ruling Family, consisting of the father Lee Kuan Yew, who then places his son as the Prime Minister with himself a self styled title of Minister Mentor, controls everything and everybody in the island, not to mention the fact that that he is openly corrupt, with a salary each of 5 times the salary of the US President!

First is the control of the law.

Judges are appointed not on legal ability but their willingness to toe the line, where the law is routinely misused to destroy the Lee Ruling Family's political opponents. Examples are Dr. Chee Soon Juan, the late JB Jeyaretnam and I, as a result of which the citizenry loses all respect for the courts.

Second, every single government department is run, not on a set of laws but on policies which are arbitrarily set at any point of time and enforced on the person seeking redress.

Always you find that decisions are made favorably in the case of known supporters of the government whereas those who are known critics are deliberately denied redress.

Moreover ethnic Chinese Singapore citizens always receive preferential treatment over Malays and Indians as the Lee Ruling Family government has openly made known their racial preference as is seen by the overwhelming numbers of Chinese brought to Singapore and given citizenship whereas there is not single Malay given this benefit.

Increasing numbers of residents who have to live in close proximity with the recently arrived Chinese immigrants have had violent clashes with them because they do not appear to know how to live among people of other races and origins.

I have heard last week that some Malays in Teban Gardens Housing estate ended up having heated confrontation with their recently arrived Chinese neighbors who had insulted them on the way they look and the food they eat.

Last week I had received information about a similar incident in Queensway Housing Complex also involving recently arrived Chinese immigrants insulting local Indians resulting in a fracas which nearly turned violent.

I have been told that incidents like this happen nearly every day all over the island, some of them even turning violent and bloody. Since the entire news media is controlled by the Lee Ruling Family government, as expected in any Fascist state, the bulk of such instances are not reported so as to play down the seriousness of the issue and its likelihood to turn into island wide racial riots.

The only indication of this is the almost daily refrain you see in the local state controlled media of Lee's ministers urging people to be tolerant.

In the state controlled newspaper Straits Times of Aug 31, 2012, titled "Issue of foreigners dominates National Day Rally Forum", Lee Kuan Yew's Hen (his name is Ng Eng Hen, Lee's Minister) tries to urge Singaporeans to be kind to foreigners.

On Sept 3, 2012 issue of the same state controlled newspaper, there is the story "Public Feedback on population issues pouring in".

The Lee government after having decided to bring in unlimited planeloads of Chinese from Communist China to settle among Singapore locals and finding that violent clashes are becoming commonplace among these close proximity neighbors, have suddenly realized they have no answers to the problem they created, and have turned to Singaporeans, I must add in desperation, to provide the answers, not something unusual for the Lee government to do in such instance.  Frankly I don’t think they will find the answers they are seeking.

Also on Sept 03, 2012 in the same newspaper we have the story "Be big hearted, Lawrence Wong urges Singaporeans".

Again another desperate plea on the part of the government which appears to have run out of ideas for calm.

But the problem with Singapore and other fascist regimes in commonplace situations like this one is this. They simply cannot solve the problem, as fascism simply does not have the tools for civilized conflict resolution. The people in such regimes have no respect for their government or their ability to dispense justice. Therefore the government can only continue under the threat of force and subjugation, not through fair and just dispute resolution.

The Malay or Indian Singaporean who has been discriminated by the Housing administration in favor of an ethnic Chinese is going to harbor his hatred for the regime and its administration, and having no other recourse for justice, will naturally at some point turn violent to vent his anger. He is going to beat up the first ethnic Chinese from Communist China that he sees.

This is not a sentiment felt only by ethnic Malays or Indians but also Singapore Chinese. How would they feel if another recently arrived Chinese immigrant accepts a job at half the pay he needs to survive, leaving him and his family unemployed and impoverished? It is only natural for him to beat up the first Chinese from China that he sees along Toa Payoh Lorong 1, Singapore. Can anyone blame him for that?

In democracies, you have organs of state based on the rule of law. The courts are respected and justice is dispensed not based on who you are but on the merits of your case. Housing departments have a set of rules and laws that govern disputes which is public. An aggrieved party in entitled to appeal. At the end of the day, the loser goes away, knowing that justice has nevertheless been served.

This is not the case in Singapore. There are no open hearings. You are not given the reasons for any decision, and having practiced law in Singapore for 10 years before I came to California, I know the disgraceful sentence they always write : "Having carefully considered your case, we regret to inform you that you are unsuccessful".

Nothing is said as to why wherefore or whatever. They might as well have said "Having considered your nose to be too long, instead of the Chinese stubbed nose, we regret to inform you that you have failed"

In fascist regimes, where discontent does not have an outlet, it always ends in violence, or people getting out for settlement abroad, or their refusal to co-operate in work or anything else. Productivity falls, public anger increases and the island slowly grinds to a halt. This is exactly what is happening in the Lee Ruling Family's Singapore.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
Fremont, California USA
Tel: 510 657 6107 or 510 491 4375


Anonymous said...

Yes the writing is on the wall and violence against the immigrants is coming to Singapore for sure, but I am beginning to notice that the foreigners are humbler these days too and are trying to keep a low profile, but for sure there will be violence as kids and cyclists are being mowed down by foreign worker truckers and so on.

Anonymous said...

This is not a sentiment felt only by ethnic Malays or Indians but also Singapore Chinese. How would they feel if another recently arrived Chinese immigrant accepts a job at half the pay he needs to survive, leaving him and his family unemployed and impoverished? It is only natural for him to beat up the first Chinese from China that he sees along Toa Payoh Lorong 1, Singapore. Can anyone blame him for that?

Well that depends if he is a rational being or a racist thug. You seem to want to excuse violent actions because it fits your narrow view of Singapore. The view you have from thousands of miles away.

'You have been told that....' well thats good then as I live in Singapore and see nothing of the land you like to describe to outsiders. Your example is of a fracas that 'nearly turned violent' which is complete nonsense and based on your long range interpretation.

Of course - when it comes to controlling the opoposition you seem very good at this yourself.

Perhaps better to blog on things you can evidence - rather than the made up shit you seem to specialise in almost daily.


Gopalan Nair said...

To Anonymous of Sept 03, 1101,

For one thing, you seem to have a lot to say but hide under the cloak of anonimity. Why? Are you afraid to be identified?

Second, you seem to think that a Singaporean who has just lost his livelihood because some recent immigrant from Communist China had taken it for half the pay, should act rationally or else he is either a thug or racist or both. I am not sure many readers would agree with that.

Then you say it is a view from thousands of miles away. Apparently you don't know who I am. For one thing I probably know Singapore a downright lot more than you would ever know.

I am Gopalan Nair, that should be enough for most Singaporeans. But I will continue. I was born in Singapore, educated in Singapore, contested 2 elections in Singapore, was persecuted for that. Left for the US. Was arrested again and jailed when I visited Singapore in 2008. I can tell you I know Singapore at least as much as you do.

And your accusation that I had made a long range interpretation about a fracas, let me tell you, a fracas is a fracas, and there is no long or short range about it.

As for the obsenity, I will leave it for you.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I think taht physican punishment should be abolished in the 21st century and it does not fit to such a state like Singapore with the ambition to be a modern and avanced place for business and a growing economy. Physical punishment is inhuman and against human rights.