Thursday, September 6, 2012

Singapore. Laws that every true Singaporean should break

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore strongman Lee Kuan Yew and his family have managed to rule for the last 52 years thorough illegal laws and the ignorance of its people. Today with more and more Singaporeans with tertiary education with overseas travel, they are slowly becoming aware of their plight and this is now causing Lee's government intolerable levels of emigration to the West where they can live free, and their refusal to have babies, bringing Singapore’s fertility rate to the lowest in the world.

But as long as some Singaporeans remain with increasing numbers of third rate immigrants from China seeking a better life than the coolie lives that they lead, Lee's government can trudge along for a while longer.

But if any true Singaporean wants to restore freedom to his country which they are rightfully entitled to, they have to break some of these laws that prevent them from exercising their rights.

Firstly the newspapers. Remember, Singapore does not have a free press with every single newspaper and broadcast media controlled by the government. The Newspapers and Printing Act makes it illegal to print and publish anything unless you are licensed. So  Singaporeans should openly break this law which is deliberately intended to continue feeding with you state propaganda and nothing else.

Second, any peaceful protest requires a permit, which will be denied if you applied. This law is illegal. As long as you are denied the right to peacefully protest, you will continue a slave. If you want to be free, break this law. Protest without a permit and see what they will do.

Political parties require a permit before they can function. The idea is for the government to know who you are and to watch and monitor your activities, harass you and victimize you if you are opposition. This law is illegal. You should break it and be free.

Malays and Indians are prevented from living in any part of the island they wish and are required to live only in designated areas which the government will allow. This law is no different from apartheid in the South Africa's earlier days. Malays and Indians should stand up to this and live where ever they want by renting through their friends and relatives. If Lee's thugs from the Housing authority try to throw you out, stand and resist. This is what you should do to deny apartheid in Singapore.

Lee abuses the law to deny human rights to all and discriminates against those he does not like in the courts. Singaporeans should defy these unjust law judgments passed down by his Kangaroo courts and obstruct and thwart every possible attempt to enforce them.

Singaporeans both in Singapore and abroad should continue to write about Lee's one party totalitarian police state so that the world would increasingly become aware of what the island really is, an Island of Dr. Moreau.

Today, you see the world laughing at Lee Kuan Yew's island, the first thing they mention being his bizarre decision to ban chewing gum. By laws which cane and hang people, they look upon him as a thug who clings to power by brute force.

I urge local Singaporeans to deliberately and openly break these unjust laws. Every single act of civil disobedience which is both just and noble, should be done if you can for the sake of delivering your island from the clutches of the Lee Ruling Family.

You should openly proclaim no more Kangaroo Courts, no more laws to deny freedom and democracy and that you shall not rest until you can live free. That is what you Singaporeans should do, if you can, for your own sakes.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
Fremont, California
Tel: 510 657 6107 or 510 491 4375


Anonymous said...

Good blog. A problem with standing up to the unjust laws though, is that you run a risk of being caned or hanged there!

Yea right! said...

Sitting in the comfort of California, you can say all these things can't you? Your family, income and livelihood is not at stake, unlike the poor Singaporean saps you are encouraging to engage in civil disobedience.

Will you promise to take care of their familes if they are arrested, imprisoned, bankrupted or earmarked for career destruction? Will you?

When you were thrown in jail in 2008, your law practice and life suffered, but you were able to come back to the US and rebuild it. Those in Singapore have no such option. Think carefully before you speak Gopalan.

Gopalan Nair said...

To anonymous above,
Your connecting my presence in California and my urging Singaporeans to stand up to the regime is silly. Defiance to all one party police states like Singapore of course has it's dangers. And in all societies, those who are afraid like you would do nothing, but those with some courage would act. Remember not everyone is like you.

Second, merely because someone is in Europe or the USA, does not mean he cannot suggest possible action to those in Egypt who stood up to Mubarak.

What you are saying is that he should either come down personally from London to Tahrir Square and protest or else shut up.

It is quite obvious that you both are working for the cyber department of Singapore state security in anonimity but you know you are looking very silly and the readers can see that.