Sunday, October 28, 2012

Singapore ethnic Chinese names, Kevin Wong and Platinum Chong reveals insight into their mindlessness

Update 10/28/2012: The words "effeminate looking" in para 11 is removed

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Remember, the Singapore ethnic Chinese woman High Court judge Belinda Ang , who dishes out court awards in Lee Kuan Yew's favor to keep her job? I had written about her disgrace in this blog earlier which landed me in a Singapore court and a Singapore jail. 

This post is to examine her name, Belinda Ang Saw Ean, an ethnic Chinese woman, yellow skin and slit eyes, and the usual Mongloloid features. In her ancestry country of China, there is no such name as Belinda, a Western name. Even though she has no connection whatsoever with the West, she never lived there, and has no roots there whatsoever, yet she prefers to call herself Belinda Ang. In fact her determination to sound American or English is so strong, nowhere is she ever referred to as Ang Saw Ean, which is who she really is. 

It is so with almost every single ethnic Chinese person in Singapore, the island’s majority racial group. There is no more Chinese Tan Ah Kow, a common Chinese name in Singapore anymore. You may still find one in a thousand if you look hard but real Chinese names are fading completely.

In Singapore, with Lee Kuan Yew turning it into a completely Chinese island with plane loads of Communist Chinese coolies being brought in each day to populate and Sinoese (if there is such a word) the island has today only Chinese faces everywhere you turn. Yet they all seem to be American, British or Australian by their first names, even though most of them have never step foot in the United States.

Every where you look these Chinese faces are all Kevins, Allans, Adams, and even Platinums. They appear to like American names that rhyme like a Chinese sing song, like Kevin, which can be split up into Ke-Veeen, Chinese style.

And they usually add a “har” or a “hor”, Chinese expressions at the end, like “Ke-Veen ha”. Quite often they can’t even pronounce the Western names they have chosen but yet want them anyway; for instance you see them saying “Lawlen” for Lawrence, because they have a hard time pronouncing the syllable “R”. It is truly disgusting for a Chinese looking person in Singapore to call himself “Lawlen” for “Lawrence”, truly.  

I wonder why they appear so determined to hide their own ethnicity and are so eager to want to be American although one look at them and there is no similarity whatsoever. Why are they so desperately trying to emulate Westerners?

To me it can only mean one thing. Singapore Chinese are by and large a people without any pride in themselves. They admire the Westerners and are ashamed not to have had the luck to have white parents. So they do the next best thing. They give themselves Western sounding names.

Any Englishman or Australian would have scant respect for an entire society of people, the Singapore Chinese, who are trying so hard to be like them.

But I can tell you this much. No matter how much they try, calling themselves Platinum Wong, they really can never be like an Englishman. You see, no Englishman would want to go out and call himself a Tan Ah Kow because he is proud of being English. An English John Smith is very much proud of being an English John Smith and would have refused to be Tan Ah Kow even if you paid a million.

He has no desire to have yellow skin, stub nose, split eyes and no facial hair as ethnic Singapore Chinese do. And neither is he prepared to live in submission of Lee Kuan Yew or his son in a dictatorship.

Also an Englishman is proud of his rights, his freedom and the principles that he cherishes the right to live as a free man. Whereas the Singapore Chinese who is calling himself Tony Tan has no pride, no principles, no convictions and quite willing to live happily under any dictatorship any time including that of Lee Kuan Yew.

That is where the difference lies. And by the way, I am Gopalan Nair, of Indian descent. And I refuse to be called John, Frank or even Tony even if you paid me a million. This is what differentiates me and the Englishman John Smith from the Singaporean Belinda Ang, Walter Woon, Quentin Loh, and Platinum Chong. Mind you every one of these persons has a Chinese name in full. It is only that they don't want to say it. They are ashamed of their Chineseness and are desperately trying to be someone else.

Gopalan Nair
A Singaporean in Exile
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Fremont, California, USA
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Anonymous said...

I like the Chinese from Malaysia - they know what it takes to live in a multicultural society. And they have kept Chinese dialects alive

I like the Chinese from from HK. They fight hard to keep their Cantonese language alive and know how to navigate life with the Communist party next door.

I like the Chinese from the PRC - driven, practical, ruthless but no pretensions about who they are.

Singapore's Chinese are a craven and feckless bunch. And they are a bunch of racists having taken these cues from the chief racists, LKY and son.

They (the Singapore Chinese) thought that the PRC Chinese would embrace them. Instead, they have discovered that the PRC Chinese look down on these southern Chinese coolies, their culture, their language and their lack of drive.

Now, they are trying to team up with the the non-Chinese in Singapore and oppose LKY's importation of people from the PRC.

My advice to Singapore's non-Chinese:
Don't fall for this trick.

You are going to suffer no matter what. Increase the number of PRC in Singapore, and let the local racist Singapore Chinese get their comeuppance.

Let's rename Singapore to Sinapore.

John Lee said...

I agree.
We Chinese hate our ancestry, our looks, our skin and in fact ourselves. Why did God give us a flat nose, high cheekbones and of course those disgusting slit eyes. Well as a consolation we can try to hide all these inadequacies behind a name, a Western name that is. You see if these Westerners were black instead of white we would never have used these so called Christian names. For that matter is Jesus was black instead of white as he is now made out to be instead of brown which he actually was do you think we would have kept such names?
Of course not.

Gopalan Nair said...

To John Lee,

But why? The Chinese have had a great civilization in the past, surely. There is a lot to be proud about. For instance I am Gopalan Nair, and every bit proud of it. In fact I would be insulted if someone called me a James. Did you realize that when the Moor city of Cordoba had lighting in the streets, Londoners were living in caves. And have you not thought of what an Englishman would think of you when you, a Chinese man claims to be James? Not very much surely.

Anonymous said...

It is a good thing Chinese Singaporeans adopt non-Chinese names. They are a disgrace to the Chinese race.

There are a lot more China dissidents than Singapore dissidents.

Good thing Belinda does not call herself Saw Ean too often. She is an embarrassment to all judges by practicing Harry's Laws.

Gopalan Nair said...

To Anonymous Oct 31, 0932,

Now that you mention Saw Ean. It doesn't sound bad at all, to think of it. I wonder what it means. Perhaps blue flower or something like that in ancient Chinese. Had I been a Chinese woman, I would have very proudly proclaimed myself, Ang Saw Ean, pig tails and all, take it or leave it.

Gopalan Nair
Fremont, California

Aryan- Dravidian said...

With the arrival of the PRCs, its PAY-BACK time! Now you will FEEL how it is to be a minority in your own country and not spout nonsense like One People, One Nation, I'd love to see ANYONE stop me from cooking curry though!!

Gopalan Nair said...

For those who may not know the background to Aryan Dravidian threatening to cook curry tonight, here it is. Remember Singaporeans live packed like sardines in close quaters in high rise apartments in land scarse tiny island. With Lee, Singapore dictator, bringing in unprecedented huge numbers of Chinese nationals from Communist China to replenish it's fast diminishing tiny population of just 2.5 million native born through emigration, an almost zero birth rate and ageing population, there was a conflict between 2 neighbours, one recently arrived Chinese from Communist China and an local Signapore Indian. The Indian cooked his curry and the Chinese could not take the aroma. He complained to the local Lee Kuan Yew's government officer who ordered the Indian not to cook any curry while the Chinese were at home. The Indian naturally complied. What else could he do in Lee Kuan yew's Singapore.

X said...

To john lee:

You may be assured that there are people of Indian descent who give themselves tacky, tawdry
"Western-sounding names" too.

You may like to find out more about train driver eugene (nirvan) anthony ("nirvan44") who lives in Applecross, Perth Western Australia (WA) 6153 who writes as "nirvan44" in "The Economist" who enjoys talking up Singapore but rubbishing a (MALE) Singaporean CITIZEN.