Friday, October 19, 2012

Singapore Government's discrimination against Malay and Indian citizens

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The repression and denial of opportunity towards Singapore's ethnic Malay and Indian citizens is blatant widespread and disgraceful. It is very clear that the Singapore Government, also generally known as the Lee Ruling Family comprised of father (Lee Kuan Yew) and his son tag team, which has been ruling Singapore, a totalitarian one party police state, since 1959, for as long as the Castro brothers have ruled Cuba are determined to continue with this shameful policy.  

Singapore is a small island which has today 5 million people but if you counted only native born citizens, it would be no more than 2.5 million or less. It is also the most crowded land space in the world, next to Gaza Israeli occupied territory. Its land area is no more than 26 miles across and 16 miles on the north to south radial.

The Lee Ruling Family, father and son team, have no respect for any laws. Although the Constitution demands equal opportunity to all, they simply ignore it. The island has no race relations laws and the government departments and private companies are free to engage in racial discrimination at will.

20 years ago, the island had just 50% of the population of ethnic Chinese race. Today the island's ethnic Chinese component is about 77% and increasing. 20 years ago the ethnic Malays and Indians formed about 50% of the island population. Today Malays are no more than 13% and Indians a mere 8%, and decreasing.

This huge increase in Chinese numbers is not because they procreate more. In fact it is just the opposite. They have the lowest birth rate in the island and the lowest birth rate in the world, a mere 1% or so. If matters were left alone the ethnic Chinese would disappear from the island first.

Why then, you will ask has their population increased so much. Well, it is because Lee Kuan Yew and his son, who make up the tag team of the Lee Ruling Family, who are themselves of Chinese descent, prefer their own race.

They don't like Malays whom they consider inferior to them and they don't like Indians whom they consider troublemakers. In Singapore at least, the Chinese have the tendency of simply following the leader, as they do in Communist China.

Of course there are exceptions, and of course I will give credit to Chee Soon Juan, an ethnic Chinese who stands out from the rest as one man with more testosterone unlike others of his race, and the courage to stand up to the Lee Family at great cost to himself.

Therefore it is not surprising that, even though the Constitution demands equal treatment of the different ethnicities, they have over the last decade made a determined effort to increase the Chinese population in the island at the expense of the other ethnicities.

This they have done and continue to do to this day by bringing in plane loads of Chinese from the Peoples Republic of China to settle in Singapore and give them instant citizenship, which explains why there are now 77% Chinese extraction population in the island and Malays who by the way are the original inhabitants have been reduced to a mere 13% and the Indians to a mere 8%.

Of course what the Lee Ruling Family is doing is downright illegal and a violation of the Constitution which requires equal treatment. But it won't do you any good complaining to the Lees because they simply don't care for the Constitution, for you for anybody else. Why this is so, is because he has the Singapore law enforcement policemen or attack dogs to arrest you if you are troublesome and his obedient loyal judiciary and courts which will do anything he wants, including bending the law to breaking point.

But wait a minute, is there not the rule of law you may ask. No there isn't in this island. There is the rule of the Lees; that is what it is.

At this rate of massive importation of Chinese immigrants and the Malay and Indian population decreasing fast, very soon there will be only ethnic Chinese in Lee's Singapore interspersed with a few white people who would manage the offshore banks to cater for the money launderers and Indonesian millionaire thieves who have taken up residence there.

We should not forget the Russians, as they are becoming the largest group of millionaires who have become rich on bribes, theft and corruption under Putin who now call Lee’s Singapore home.

Today Malays and Indians are denied jobs because Lee's Chinese employers refuse to employ them. Every job vacancy listed in the island carry the notation "Only Chinese need apply" or "Knowledge of Mandarin required". There was one instance where a an Indian realizing the problem decided to learn Chinese but still did not get the job, the excuse being that the Chinese customers would not appreciate a non Chinese looking person. Of course it was not possible to change the color of his skin from brown to yellow even though plastic surgery to make his nose stub and his eyes squint and smaller like Fu Manchu was possible; but then what good would a brown looking man with squint eyes and a stub nose do, other than a comedy.

Occasionally the government would give some jobs to a few Indians or Malays but usually it is rare and uncommon.

As for the menial jobs, dishwashers, low ranking policemen, drivers and street sweepers, there are ample jobs for Malays and Indians, Lee's plan being to drive home the fact that they are losers in Lee's winning Chinese looking island.

Although these injustices and state sanctioned racial discrimination policies are illegal, complaining about it will do no good there. In Singapore it is legal to racially discriminate as there are no laws against it. It has no race relations laws, no minimum wage laws and the Constitution is totally ignored and non existent.

Without recourse to lawful redress for Malays and Indians, it is becoming increasingly common for them to vent their frustration through violence. You can see a disgruntled Malay citizen who has been refused government housing coming out and giving a good beating to the first Chinese looking person he sees. You can see an Indian who has just been fined the maximum of speeding, when Chinese are required to pay only a few dollars, coming out and beating up Chinese looking people.

This sort of racially motivated violence is going to increase and expectedly so. In countries which have laws in place to prevent this sort of injustice, citizens are content to avail themselves to the law which they can rely on and trust. In Singapore's Kangaroo courts, since there are no laws to protect against racial injustice and in a place where the government itself is engaged in an official policy of racial discrimination, what do you expect a man to do?

Gopalan Nair
A Singaporean by birth in exile
Attorney at Law
Fremont, California USA
Tel: 510 491 4375


Muthu Selvam said...

No 2 ways about it. The Chinese majority will always provide for their own first.
It is a known fact that when a fresh law graduate seeks employment the first choice will be given to a Chinese male, then a Chinese female, then to someone other than an Indian or Malay, then to an Indian male, next to an Indian female, follwed by a Malay male and lastly a Malay female. If possible the Indians and Malays may never be hired and the Chinese employers would wait for a Chinese male or Chinese female. And this applies even though the Indian or Malay has better qualifications than the Chinese.

Anonymous said...

Singapore....a North Korea with money.

007 said...

It is a fact that the policies of the sg govt are racist and that they are trying to make sh into a Chinese country with mandarin as the first and eventually, only language. However, the sg Malays and Indians only have themselves to blame for not standing up and resisting the state sponsored ethnic cleansing. In fact, many have supported the govt policies and are now actively supporting the Chinese and discriminating against their fellow Malays and Indians and have even gone as far as learning mandarin! These "uncle toms" have no ethnic/cultural self respect or pride. They have brought shame and ruination upon their own ethnic groups and assisted in their own self-sinicization, self-confucianization, and self-elimination. I condemn them.

Nate said...

I agree with all three comments. I remember a time when prospective employers published ads in newspapers seeking 'mandarin/chinese speaking only' prospective employees. This was promptly deemed undiplomatic after some civil grumblings and disallowed. Thereafter most job ads read 'bilingual only need apply'. One would be forgiven to understand 'bilingual' to mean general fluency in any two languages. Since most native Singas spoke 2 or 3 languages including English this should not have been a prohibitive policy as far as the natives were concerned...or was it?
Alas Singapore being uniquely Singapore, 'bilingual' meant English (optional) and Mandarin (must). I have friends of the minority races, fluent in mandarin refused interviews with prospective employers with no explanations given. It appears that the name on the resume must be in hanyu pinyin?
Now, you draw your own conclusions about Singapore, it's government, it's majority and the plight of the minorities. We can waste all our time and words spelling it out for the deaf, dumb and blind majority to no avail as in 53 years they have not roused from their drunken stupor.

Anonymous said...

M S Quote:'If possible the Indians and Malays may never be hired and the Chinese employers would wait for a Chinese male or Chinese female. And this applies even though the Indian or Malay has better qualifications than the Chinese'

Chinese Singaporean employers and Chinese Singaporean Human Resource staff preferred to recruit Chinese Malaysian applicants than Singaporean Minorities candidates. What a sad state...

Jamal Ibrahim said...

The funny thing now happening in Singapore is that the majority Chinese who discriminated against the Indian and the Malay minorities are now jumping mad and howling at the top of their voices because Singapore Chinese employers are employing thousands upon thousands of foreigners the so called FTs at lower wages at the expense of the local Chinese.
I feel pity for them but you see someday you have to repay the evil that you did.

Anonymous said...

Many of the local Chinese are every bit as oppressed as the local Malays and Indians. And most feel closer to the local Malays and Indians than to the foreign Chinese.

I've spoken and heard from my friends across the different races, and I can tell you the locals (Malays, Indians and Chinese too) are all feeling that the government are more into making money from getting foreigners on board than taking care of the locals.

I noticed in your posts that you've didn't mention the huge amount of Philippinos that have come to Singapore. They're all over Singapore, taking over healthcare positions, sales positions and every spot behind a fastfood counter. There is also a huge influx of Indians from India, taking up jobs in IT and accounting industries. And I haven't even mentioned the foreign Chinese..

My point is that the situation doesn't look promising to any locals in Singapore, no matter what race we are. I work at a Singapore research institute, most of the researchers are foreigners. The Singaporeans are all stuck at the lower administrative level, Chinese or non-Chinese.

Aryan- Dravidian said...

Interesting post. My point is on the most blatantly rascist policy, that of the SAP school system, deviously engineered to breed Chinese elitism. When we have Tharman, Vivian,Ishwaran, Shanmugam, Indranee, as ridiculous and redundant as they are, making up more than 40% of Cabinet Ministers from a pool of 4% by race, arent we not entitled to an elitist Indian school? Where would Foreign Affairs be without Jeyakumar? Where would DBS be without "slap-me-silly" Dhanabalan? Where would civil service and SIA be without J.Y Pillai? Where would human rights and citizenship be without J.B Jeyaratnam and Gopalan Nair? Where would SDP be without the eloquent Vincent Wijeyasingha to elucidate Chee Soon Juan's principles.Heck, it took an Indian cleaner backed by M Ravi to sue the PM for Sporeans to wake up to injustice ( and an Indian Justice to rightfully absolve her of the need to pay any costs). The indian culture is steeped in History, arguably even longer than the Chinese,
we were doing business with the Romans when white men were in caves. Without the Hindu-Arabic system and the place holder, "0", Id love to see how anyone studies Mathematics. In fact, a South Indian, Bodhidharma ,taught Kung Fu and Medicine to Shaolin and in China, he is revered in temples, second only to Buddha, of course, Sporean Chinese gladly gloss over this fact or do not want to acknowledge it. We want , deserve and have earned our own version of Hwa Chong Instituition, SCGS, Nanyang and Nanhua. Giving us Umar Pulavar Tamil Language Centre is just not enough and a travesty of Justice.

Gopalan Nair said...

To Aryan Dravidian,
Except for your claim that Lee Kuan Yew bootlickers like Thamrman, vivian, etc have acheived good for Singapore, I agree with your post.

Suggesting that characters such as these have done any good for Singapore is like suggesting that Rudolf Hess, Adolf Eichmann, Herman Goering and other senior Nazis have contributed greatly to Nazi Germany which was the most economically and industially advanced European country from 1933to 1945, far more advanced than Great Britain.

With the powers that these thugs have under the Lee dictatorship, it is a demerit to them for not achieving more.

Look at Communist China today. Fast trains, scyscrapers, great techonogy all for what purpose? To keep their subjects under the heel? I am not sure if you are suggesting that these are characters we should admire?

Aryan- Dravidian said...

No Sir, , never in my post have i mentioned or would even countenance the notion that those clowns did any good for Spore. Who can forget Indranee's idiotic "wayang" in front of UK royalty? Or Vivian's demotion to "Minister Jagah Longkang" after the YOG debacle and the numerous other gaffes. My point is within such a skewed and unfair system, Indians have flourished and over- performed against all odds. In a regular top class in Spore schools, Indians definitely form more than 4% of the class, Why do we have to bear with the notion of SAP schools.?Many of these graduates will become leaders of SG without any contact with the minorities, let alone being able to empathize with them? It just exacerbates the problem. I cannot think of any policy more overtly racist than this. Next, many Chinese , especially from Beijing and Shanghai look down on Spore Chinese as coolies from the south, they wldnt entertain the notion of coming here. The ones coming here are really scraped from the bottom of the barrel. The ones in China value culture n history and revere Bodhidharma, a Tamil monk, for what he did to Shaolin. That would NEVER happen among small-minded Sporean Chinese, no matter what the Indians achieved in Spore,thats my point.

Gopalan Nair said...

To Aryan Dravidian,
Again you miss my point. What these characters such as Tharman, Vivian etc who have literally sold their conscience to the dictatorship for personal gain under circumstances where the citizens are not allowed to criticize with a free reign to do anything they want, is not achievement by any means. Any idoit, in similar circumstances could have done the same.

These people who have collaborated with the dictatorship have done so for personal gain, not for any advantage for their country. They and their parents fully knew when they got their government scholarships that they have to serve the dictatorship in return for comfortable lives. These are not achievers, they are scums.

Every single German who collaborated with Hitler to make Germany the greatest economy of theie time have not acheived anything. They are simply oppurtunists.

The decent people with an edcuation and any sense of morality left Germany for Switzerland and to America or England. They are the Einsteins. Not thosee who stayed behind to collaborate.

And the great people of Singpaore are not these whom you mention. They are the Chee Soon Juans who simply refuses to collaborate. And then there are the thousands who have left Singapore for the West.

Anonymous said...

the fact is singapore was malay home soil.

then how malay could be minority?

there must be a "political move" by
the majority who have created such a condition.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Malays are incompetent, and unable to govern their so called native territory thats why the chinese people are able to seize singapore. Chinese in malaysia are better educated although the malaysian government tried their best to oppress the chinese there, but generally, these oppressed people are able to afford to go overseas for education. Chinese in malaysia controls 70 percent of malaysian economy eventhough they are the minorities, without the Chinese in malaysia, the country would be in deep trouble and no one to supply the government with money to fuel their welfare to their malay people. Its even worst in Indonesia, chinese are even most oppressed but still controls the majority of Indonesians economy. In singapore, the malay minorities are the trouble makers starting 2 racial riots and are most dependent on government welfare, not to mension, most malays who are under the lee government welfare are under aged smokers. Malays (most except for the few 1 or 2 percent) are a burden to many countries they live in. They should be thankful that singapore is sort of communist and tax the chinese who earn more with higher tax while taxing the low income malays less, also giving them chinese tax money.

Anonymous said...

I see that his description states that he were persecuted and harassed by LKY for POLITICAL beliefs. And now he starts criticizing LKY for LKY's take on race and religion. Seems that it's nothing more than a grudge he bears.

Anonymous said...

I am disgusted to find out that you are from Raffles Institution, where I am studying now.

Anonymous said...

Why are you disgusted?
Instead of showing off the fact that you are from RI, give something constructive.

I wonder if the intention of flooding Singapore with Chinese immigrants is really to tip the racial scale.

We all know the huge wave of foreigners is meant to boost the economy at the cost of the locals' welfare.

Perhaps bringing more Chinese and Caucasian immigrants was favoured because it was perceived that the tended to vote PAP after becoming citizens.

This is surely the case, as I can tell from the sentiments of my PRC colleagues. They are extremely Pro PAP and do not even know the opposition.

little red dot said...

BTW,you went to a good school,studied law,had a comfortable middle class or upper middle class live of cushynesss........its possible that the 'seed money ' you had was in SGD......funny
,it would not have been possible if Singapore was governed by idiots.Any way,Cheers!

Gopalan Nair said...

To Little Red Dot,

You got it wrong. I went to a good school, Raffles Institution, because I passed my exams. At the time there was no racial discrimination as you have now. The fact that I was Indian and not a ethnic Chinese supporter of the PAP did not matter.

I studied law in England because I got a grant from the Local Education Authority of Bradford, W Yorks England. They paid for my tuition and gave me an allowance each term for my living expenses. This was 4 years including the Bar Finals in London. I survived entirely on this.

I never had a cushy life. When I first went to Europe, I had just $500.00 in my pocket. That's all.

No seed money or anything. Now you know.

My entire existence in England was due to hard work, hope and a large portion of luck.

Anonymous said...