Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Singapore's Lee Ruling Family crush independent spirits

Ladies and Gentlemen,

An investigation into Singapore government employees, businessmen, civil servants, military officers and anyone who has achieved any success in the island would reveal one common denominator; they are all supporters and cronies of the Singapore government and the Lee Ruling Family. No one, not a single person has ever succeeded in Singapore without evidence of their collaboration. 

It is clearly impossible to achieve any success in any field without first proving that you are in sync with the Lee Ruling Family's thinking and policies. 

There is no room whatsoever in Singapore for anyone to rise to any prominence in any field, whether government or private, without first establishing this fact. 

It was no different in Nazi Germany, Mussolini’s Italy, and Franco’s Spain or in today's Communist China. Every single person in any position of authority in any of these countries has to establish beyond question this fact. 

And what is Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore anyway. It is an island which is literally run as his own private property. It is an island which does not have a single independent newspaper, they are all government controlled. It is an island in which criticizing the government may result in your arrest and imprisonment or your being sued for libel and bankrupted. It is an island where there is no rule of law and government sympathizers are treated better than others. It is an island where Malays and Indians, although full citizens are treated second to ethnic Chinese. It is an island where the government is systematically and deliberately destroying non Chinese population by bringing in plane loads of Chinese from China to boost their populations. It is an island where you need government support for any attempt at starting a business or succeeding in it. It is an island where you should be willing to accept that Lee Kuan Yew is entitled to pay himself several millions of dollars a year of your tax payer's money.

It is an island which requires you to shut your mind and your spirit to comply with government thinking. It crushes your independent spirit. 

Anyone can see that these government policies are simply illegal, outrageous, even criminal. Anyone with even half a brain can see that these things are all wrong. But any attempt by you to question, criticize and oppose these unjust laws and policies would mean a loss of employment, and other punishments.

The result of this is a choice which many simply cannot accept. The result of this is that the best and brightest of Singaporeans, those who are able and capable of advancing the interests of Singapore are simply leaving the island for good; because they are not prepared to compromise their principles. As a result, hundreds of thousands of highly educated capable thinking Singaporeans have left Singapore for settlement in the West and many continue to leave as we speak.

And the ones who stay behind are simply unscrupulous opportunists; people without any real ideals, personal convictions or principles, who toe the Lee Kuan Yew line because it benefits them. Such disgraceful men are men like K Shanmugam, Lee's Minister for Law. He knows that every single law which he puts through Parliament are there only to protect his masters, not the good of Singapore; laws that deny even one man peaceful protests, laws that punish any criticism of the government, laws that deny Singaporeans  the right to be free from arbitrary arrest and illegal searches and seizures; laws that deny a criminal defendant the right to silence or even to a lawyer. Laws that allow indefinite imprisonment without trial.

Every single one of Lee's cabinet ministers and members of parliament are there merely to parrot the government line and enjoy the kickbacks that come from their dirty work. They all do it for personal profit, because collaborating with Lee is profitable. There is no desire in any of them to advance Singapore.

And because these people achieve great financial success this way, many Singaporeans who can see the profit in such a shameful life, follow suit. More and more Singaporeans from all walks of life are lining up and waiting to join Lee's satellite organizations, such as Residents Committees, Peoples Association, and several other government linked organizations, overtly claiming to work for the people but covertly hoping that they will be recognized by Lee and the goodies to follow.

And the loss to the island by this destructive policy of carrot and stick is unimaginable. Take Chee Soon Juan, a highly qualified and loyal academic and a Lee critic who was kicked out of his professorship and bankrupted and denied any possibility of contributing to Singapore for the last 2 decades. Had he not been persecuted in this disgraceful way by this dictatorship, he would have been able to contribute very considerably to the advancement of Singapore for the last 20 years.

Not only Chee but thousands of others like him, able and capable continue to leave the island for the West because they are not prepared to be another sycophant and bootlicker like Lee's K Shanmugam or any of the others around the Lee Ruling Family that hang around like dogs waiting for crumbs. They prefer to have their minds intact and cherish their right to independent thinking. For them it is not worth any amount of money in the world if it means that success requires their giving up their independent spirit or thinking.

Imagine the loss to Singapore by such a selfish and dishonest policy of the Lee Ruling Family. On a daily basis Singapore’s state controlled newspapers may continue to claim that they have managed one great success after another. But those who know Singapore also know that this is the sort of propaganda put out by every single country that denies a free press. It is not good enough to merely say you have achieved this success or that. It has to be really true.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
Fremont, California USA
Tel: 510 491 4375


Anonymous said...

Population exceeded 5.3 million, anyone can tell you productivity, creativity and civility goes down when it gets way too crowded.
So many marginalised by their educational, social and populational policies in the past (who are doctors, scientists, politicians) have left...
Those PRC they fastracked will likely be a 5th column in times of conflict. Some of them are probably spying on Changi Naval Base right now, since the Americans will be basing at least 2 of their Littoral Combat Ships there. A skirmish between Philippines or US with China in the South China Sea could turn CNB into a potential PLA target.

Supar Yop said...

Hi Mr Gopalan, I'm a Malaysian of malay ethnic. I've been reading your blog for years and I see there are growing Singaporeans who have seen the dark side of Lee Kuan Yew and his dynasty. Unfortunately, there are idiots in Msia who keep praising PAP on whatever they are doing is holier than thou..They are none other than their by products the DAPigs.To make matter worse the other idiots in the Pakatan Rakyat - DAP and PKR are following suit.What I cant understand is the malays in the opposition side stand dumb to whatever the senile bastard Lee has done to the malays and other minorities. Wish you can knock some sense into their brains.Enjoy reading your posting and always use your points as arguments aginst the pro LKY.

MIB said...

The tragedy here is that Changi Airport will be renamed LKY Airport upon the thug's death, in line with La Guardia, Kennedy, heathrow etc.

Gopalan Nair said...

Correction. Heathrow is not named after anyone. Second, I don't think it would be named after him once he is dead. In fact there would be so much turmoil and disorder in the island that his son and family may even have to flee. They won't be in power anymore. That is certain. And the island will collapse.