Friday, January 4, 2013

Singapore, Lee's son, the very delicate Prime Minister threatens to sue blogger

Ladies and Gentlemen,

One thing must be certain. Lee Kuan Yew, the strongman of Singapore whose son he appointed Prime Minister of the island has once again engaged in his routine disgraceful activity of suing his Singaporeans for defamation of character to silence them.

This time it is the well known Singapore resident blogger Alex Au of Yawning Bread. Alex Au lives in Singapore which therefore brings him within the clutches of the Singapore strongman and his son.

The facts are not very important since whichever way one looks at it, this is not something which anyone, let alone the Prime Minister of a country would find actionable; but then Singapore is not any country and neither is Lee Kuan Yew's son, any Prime Minister.

It is Alice in Wonderland and both father and son are clowns with very delicate nerves.

It appears that the Peoples Action Party, the ruling government of the Lee's had sold some computers to an organization which is in fact owned by them, for their sale to housing associations, which therefore smacks of conflict of interest, nepotism, corruption or one or more of these unacceptable practices.

I am not really sure whether I have got the facts right here but really, whichever way one wants to scrutinize it, it really would fall within the realms of normal legitimate criticism, which one sees daily around the world.

Not so for the very delicate son of the Singapore strongman.

He unfortunately cannot tolerate even the slightest unfavorable comment.

If you did not know, the father and son here hold the world's record not only of the largest number of defamations actions against their political critics, they are also the proud holders of the dubious record of not having lost a single one.

If you were wondering why they behave like this, it appears once they said to reporters that if someone were to criticize them he has to sue, because if he did not, he would lose his authority to rule! He said this is how the Emperors of China were, as he is!

Of course I have not considered the record of Adolf Hitler in this litigation game, but I suppose Hitler just murders his opponents instead of wasting time suing them.

But then, how could they? I mean how could they ever lose any case in their Singapore Island before their Singapore courts and before their handpicked Singapore judges? Impossible.

Lee Kuan Yew’s son has not just engaged in nation wide conflict of interest; it is downright corruption and criminal beach of trust, which in any other jurisdiction would cause them to be jailed and the key thrown away.

Here is the story for you from their state controlled newspaper "PM Lee to take legal action against Alex Au for false allegations"

Since the poor victim in this case knows that he would lose even before he steps into a Singaporean courthouse when the Lee family sues, Alex Au is reported to have sensibly done the right thing by immediately apologizing, unconditionally confessing that he had no right to utter such nonsense about the great Lee Kuan Yew's son and I am sure if it was demanded of him, danced the foxtrot, sang the Man on the Moon and gone on all fours like a monkey if required.

You must understand that in Singapore if Lee Kuan Yew or his son or any of his family sues you, you have no chance at all in the world. You are as good as gone. What chance do you have when Lee owns the island's judges, the courts, the island and even you!

Do they or do they not know, I do not know one way or the other, that the world looks upon them as a bunch of clowns, simply clowns.

Only a clown and a coward would want to sue someone merely for criticism, rig the courts and predictably obtain a judgment award.

Only someone who is actually corrupt would want to force his people to say he is not.

I remember having read New York Times William Sapphire correctly describing the actions of Lee Kuan Yew and family as an "extortion racket", a very correct description I must add.

When you appoint corrupt judges to abuse the law to extract judgment awards against political opponents, it is indeed an "extortion racket".

Poor Alex Au has and will be sued again and again if he refuses to be silent.

But this blog by Gopalan Nair writing from Fremont California is also being read not only in Singapore but throughout the world.

But with one difference.

He will not sue Gopalan Nair in Fremont California because he is not certain of winning a lawsuit here.

He knows the outcome before a California Court is uncertain to say the least.

He could of course sue me in Singapore but the judgment he gets would be a worthless piece of paper, no more and no less.

There is a word for people like the Lee Kuan Yew family, father and son.

It is coward.

Only cowards beat up helpless citizens as Singaporeans are within Singapore faced by the Lees.

Outside the island, the Lees are no better than monkeys.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in exile
Fremont, California, USA
Tel: 510 491 4375


Anonymous said...

I fully agree with your post except one thing. Coward should be the adjective. The correct noun is Thug. Yes, they are just a bunch of coward thugs ruling over Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

All I lookk forward to is the demise of the snake's head. Lee Senior.

No sitting duck said...

The post is removed. Sad day for Singaporeans who thought that the politicians have matured.

With the laws in their hands, the politics there is stillborn.

But you can still find a reprint here.

Thanks to internet, Singaporeans are better informed.

Anonymous said...


Here is your chance to expose the Lee Family, even more!

Let's see if the Lee Family has the balls to seek redress in a US Court.

We saw what happened when that slanty-eyed mongoloid tried to sue Devan Nair in a Canadian court. He lost!!

Anonymous said...

In 1999, former Singaporean President Devan Nair, who was living in exile in Canada, remarked in an interview with the Toronto The Globe and Mail that Lee's technique of suing his opponents into bankruptcy or oblivion was an abrogation of political rights. He also remarked that Lee is "an increasingly self-righteous know-all", surrounded by "department store dummies".

In response to these remarks, Lee sued Nair in a Canadian court and Nair countersued. Lee then brought a motion to have Nair's counterclaim thrown out of court. Lee argued that Nair's counterclaim disclosed no reasonable cause of action and constituted an inflammatory attack on the integrity of the Singapore government.

However, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice refused to throw out Nair's counterclaim, holding that Lee had abused the litigating process and therefore Nair has a reasonable cause of action.[

Anonymous said...


Financial Times was sued for an article for which they finally admitted was "meant or was understood to mean:
- that Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew secured, or was instrumental in securing, the appointment of his son, Mr Lee Hsien Loong, as Prime Minister, for nepotistic motives;
- that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong secured, or was instrumental in securing, the appointment of his wife, Ms Ho Ching, as the Chief Executive Officer of Temasek Holdings (Private) Limited for nepotistic motives;
- and, that Ms Ho Ching is promoting her brother-in-law Lee Hsien Yang’s interests by securing or helping to secure his appointment as Mr Jackson Tai’s replacement at DBS Bank for nepotistic motives."

Anonymous said...


Steady income stream for the towel-head lawyer. Money to build a mansion back in Punjab, eh!

God Save Singapore said...

It is very obvious by now that if the Opposition win the General Election, they will have no computer system to run the government.

OK This is just a beginning of what we know about a $2 startup PAP-owned company with no track record.

I suspect the PAP will also cut of access to public service buildings, funding and important personals.

The Opposition will be left with an empty shell to run a government, which will of course fail.

Anonymous said...

Why is this Alex Au blogger being sued for defamation?

It is because of what he said about the Lee Dynasty #2 - the current PM of Singapore.

But another issue is even more frightening.

Noticed that the PAP made no apology about transferring of public service infrastructure into its own $2 startup company.

Can you imagine what this PAP Singapore is trying to do?

The first thing PAP will do is to transfer the profit (wealth) they have created into Singapore, Inc account and leave nothing for the Opposition.

Lee Kuan Yew has said. Why should he leave what he has built for the opposition.

Singaporeans better take out their CPF and run. This is becoming a dangerous political game.

The General Election is a sham. PAP is Singapore and its ACTIONs are evident of a sickening way of running a country.

people's ACTION Party
ACTION information management

All ACTIONS point to Lee Dynasty absolute control of the island nation.

Anonymous said...

January 7, 2013 at 4:07 pm (Quote)

My FT colleague uprooted the whole family when the son completed O level. Now, my son, same age as his son, is running around like mad dog in Tekong while his son is doing second year U.
We remain in contact. He told me his son will be back in Sg as a FT, and definitely more years of working experience than any of the Sg sons.

Anonymous said...

We hope to see a double funeral soon. Singaporeans are all praying for it to come. From there on, they will burn in hell for eternity with that bitch who left earlier.

Unknown said...

Great post Gopalan. Perhaps you want to change "beach" in the text, to breach?

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm from Singapore.. What you blog here is nothing but the truth.. And the truth is most singaporean will loves to migrate out of this country. Me too!!

We seems like a dog here, they just create whatever rules and we had to bear with it.. and we had to watch our words specially now facebook is getting so popular.

I will get out of here one day!

Anonymous said...

LHL said during the General Election 2011 that they, the government, are the servants of the people. So if they are the servants, naturally the citizens, including Alex Au, are the masters. Wouldn't it any criticism made by the master taken as fair comment instead of defamation. If my voss criticizes me on my work, so I take up a law siut against my boss for defamation?

Anonymous said...

Hi, I' m currently doing a research on Singapore's first prime minister, Lee Kuan Yew and all I found in books and mostly on the internet is Lee Kuan Yew's achievements and how great he is. But according to your blog, you mentioned that Lee Kuan Yew is not actually as great and good as he is mostly said. My teacher also said things about there being some potential negatives about him, but I couldn't find any accurate source I can use as reference on the internet. So can you, someone who is completely familiar with Lee Kuan Yew as a politician, tell me where you find evidence showing Lee Kuan Yew's bad deeds or can you explain to be what are some bad things that he really had done? (does appointing his own son as prime minister has something to do with it) Please tell me everything you know about Lee Kuan Yew. Thank You~!!!!!