Thursday, January 17, 2013

Singapore Punggol East By Elections. Kenneth Jeyaretnam should get out

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Kenneth Jeyaretnam, of the Reform Party should get out of the Punggol By Elections race right now. He is doing the cause of democracy in Singapore Island a grave injustice. He is either being deliberately obstructionist or he is downright ignorant about politics I don't know which.

Today with the PAP's strong grip over the island with their authoritarian rule, the opposition already has to face an almost impossible task of winning any elections. With a small population and electorate, and the overwhelming advantage that Lee Kuan Yew and his PAP has, every Singaporean wanting any reasonable change should be throwing everything they have behind any opposition party that has a chance of winning. It does not matter now which party.

The only party that has such a chance in this By Election is the Workers Party. Even though it may not be the best choice of everyone, still the Workers Party is better than no opposition at all.

Kenneth Jeyaretanm is being deliberately difficult when he justifies his reason for contesting for giving the people a choice. He says there may be some in the island that may prefer him and therefore he is determined to contest. Surely any responsible honest candidate not only takes into consideration the choice of the voters but also the likelihood of the opposition being defeated because of his contest.

There is a real danger with a small electorate such as this of the few votes going to Kenneth Jeyaretnam resulting in the PAP succeeding in winning the majority by a slim margin.

Jeyaretanm knows that if he has any support in the island today, it is minuscule. He also knows that he has no chance at all of defeating the PAP while the Workers Party because of their experience and track record is a far superior party than his and has widespread support on the ground.

Jeyaretnam is not only being obstructionist, he is also outright irresponsible and down right dishonest.

Although I would not go to the extent of threatening him or his family with death, I would urge every single Singaporean who cares for freedom to bombard him with Emails, telephone calls and personal remarks to tell him in no uncertain terms that he is irresponsible and he should get out right now. If he persists, I don't think he will have any credibility left in Singapore’s politics ever in the future.

See a video of his:

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Anonymous said...

How about Desmond? Isn't he another clown of the same kind?

Anonymous said...

Agree with you. KJ is destroying the goodwill many have towards him