Monday, January 7, 2013

Singapore. Two forces that will topple the Lee Kuan Yew government; the Internet and rain

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Firstly let’s take the Internet. Lee Kuan Yew is delusionary if he thought he can get away much longer the way he represses his people. He appears incapable of understanding that the Internet is like a malignant tumor. Once it begins to spread, there is no holding it back.

In order to rule, I believe, one has to have the respect of the people. Surely that is understood. But in Singapore, he pays himself and each of his family $3.7 million a year. This is theft. He denies his people the right to free speech and human rights. He allows foreigners unlimited immigration to the island, lower wages and deny locals jobs. He abuses the law to punish detractors, jails and bankrupts them. He denies a free press and has instead propaganda through his state controlled media.

Any human being living under such conditions is not going to respect their government. How do you respect thieves as your leaders who would sue you and bankrupt you if you complain? They would hate it. There is no justice in such a system. No one can be expected to respect, obey and co-operate with such an unjust government.

Lee Kuan Yew has said that "if people did not fear him, he is nothing". Where does he think he is living, in Machiavelli's 1513 Italy!

And to make matters worse for him, of all languages, English is taught in the island, making emigration for those who want to leave that much more easily.

And daily the Internet, including this blog Singapore Dissident, is repeatedly reminding Singaporeans of their miserable lives under this dictator; which he is unable to stop. And throughout the island, except for those at the top who trade their souls for money to work for him for astronomical salaries, everyone else is simply miserable.

The unhappiness on the ground is already being manifested daily. The emigration rate continue to mount, with thousands of skilled people leaving the shores for the West; the birth rate has dropped to almost zero which means no babies are being born and the large segment of old folks are just dying.

The Lee government tries to control the damage by increasingly appointing more and more people to senior positions at astronomical salaries in an attempt to retain their support. But the island simply cannot afford to dish out these huge salaries to buy their allegiance indefinitely. They also need the middle management and workers. As for middle management and professionals, doctors, lawyers and engineers who are not affiliated with the top elites have no incentive to serve this dictatorship. Why should they when it is nothing but a corrupt uncaring administration.

As for the workers at the bottom of the rung, they could bring in as they do now, unlimited numbers of Chinese, Indian and Bangladesh construction workers. But what this means is that as time goes on, the island workforce will have fewer and fewer Singapore workers at the bottom, with a disproportionally large top heavy management being paid zillions of dollars.

This sort of thing simply cannot last. The Lee Family's ultimate enemy is their disgrace that is being exposed in the Internet on a daily basis. Unfortunate for Lee, he might as well toss his Machiavelli out the window now. It simply does not work now. No one is afraid of him now. It is impossible to govern Singapore Island through fear as Lee Kuan Yew thinks he can.

Chee Soon Juan, Lee Kuan Yew's arch political enemy's greatest friend is the Internet. For the others too who are in Singapore today, I don't think it would take much more for the regime to topple on its own. The death of Lee Kuan Yew would definitely give the momentum a very welcome push.

I notice from the state controlled newspapers that several more top honors are being given to Lee's toadies such as Senior Counsel and judgeships. If I was them, I would be very wary in accepting anything from Lee Kuan Yew now, as it is uncertain when I would have to account to the new free government of Singapore for many of their actions.

We can all proudly take credit for what we have done towards a better Singapore. When Lee repeatedly punished JB Jeyaretnam for standing up for justice, the people’s hate for the regime went up several notches. So did it, when Chee Soon Juan was repeatedly punished through the abuse of the law; for which the people hated this administration. So did they hate this administration when Tang Liang Hong, opposition politician, was impoverished to nothing from a millionaire which he was. So did they hate this administration when I was suspended for two years from practicing law in 1991 for merely questioning the administration culminating in my being jailed and disbarred. The people of Singapore can see injustice when they see it. And that alienates and antagonizes the people. And we can all take credit for our actions.

Second the rain. The rain would finish off Lee and his island too. The atmosphere has warmed up so much that each time it rains now, which is almost everyday; it is as if several supertanker loads of rain water falls down from the sky in a deluge. No matter how much you dig culverts and underwater reservoirs or whatever else you claim to do, it is simply not going to work. With a rising sea level through the expansion of sea water from higher temperatures, the water has simply no where to go. I understand from enquiries that it floods almost every other day in Serangoon, Thomson, Bukit Timah and parts of Orchard. If you have an overcrowded city with shops, roads and apartments every single inch of space which repeatedly floods knee high, I am afraid the time is up or will soon be up.

The athmosphere over Singapore has heated several degrees over the years and continues to increase. This means as each day passes, the air will contain even more water vapor which means even heavier thunderstorms and even heavier downpour. If the flooding today is only knee high, it will be waist him in no time. It is the revenge of the heavens.

Vivian Balakishnan, Lee's minister or Comedy Vivian as some call him, tries to justify it by saying the water subsides within a short time. But what good does that do, to be submerged for an hour each day in floodwaters!

Yes, the time for reckoning is fast approaching. Brace up.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in Exile
Fremont, California, USA
Tel: 510 491 4375


Anonymous said...

Cannot topple the LEEs since more than 50% of LEEapore people are slaving under one of the many many LEE enterprises.

That is why only 30% left voting opposition.

Anonymous said...

Asia Sentinel on the AIM Scandal

AIM's termination of the lease to the Aljunied-Hougang Town Council became more controversial, however, after it emerged that the company is wholly owned by the PAP. The website TR Emeritus revealed AIM to be a dormant company with paid-up capital of a mere S$2. Its three directors, Lau Ping Sum, Chandra Das and Chew Heng Ching, had all been former PAP members of parliament.

The prime minister's reaction to Alex Au's blog posts indicates that the government may not be eager to address this concern. Au has removed the posts from the Internet. On Jan. 5, the blogger issued a public apology saying he recognized that publication of the controversy was an accusation of corruption on the part of Lee Hsien Loong.

Anonymous said...

weak people revenge.
strong people forgive.
intelligent people ignore.

The Lees defamation lawsuit expose their weakness in the internet age.

They can no longer hide behind their private Gurkhas army at Oxley Rise.

I notice that you repeat similar facts in your postings. It is not your fault, so little skeletons comes out of the LKY closet that internet readers are starved of information sometimes.

But 2013 will see less skeletons remaining ... My wish for 2013

Anonymous said...

If people cannot even speak up, no one will tell the truth.

How PAP will fail the people.

Anonymous said...

According to reliable sources, it was Lee Kuan Yew himself who ordered the management of Marina Bay Sands to build an ark at the peak of the Skypark.

Why? He knows that it is mother nature, not a revolution, that will eventually put an end to his tyrannical dictatorship.

With this, his family can escape upon the first sign of trouble, & the rest of Singapore will meet its doom.