Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Singapore's brainwashed infants

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore's state controlled newspaper Straits Times of June 06, 2013 has the story "United World College halts intake of Singaporeans" See

United World College Singapore is a school run on the comprehensive school system in Britian staffed by expatriate teachers from Britian. Attending this school will facilitate entry to UK tertiary education, not to forget to mention the fact that the philosophy behind a British edcuation is to produce students capable of thinking independently and analytically. Such as producing more Gopalan Nairs. For instance a British schoolboy would be willing to say openly (and why not)  that men should have freedom to speak and criticize, not something a Singaporean schoolboy would dare to do, after going through Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore schools.

It says
"The United World College of South East Asia (UWCSEA) has told parents that it is no longer accepting applications from locals, as the number of Singaporeans in the college had "reached a significant level"."

Day by day ever more Singaporeans are trying to avoid sending their children to schools staffed by Singapore teachers of the Singapore government preferring Europeans and American.

In any case, a Singapore parent does not have a right to send his child to an expatriate school in the island. To do so, they have to get permission from the Singapore government which is always denied for locals; unless you happen to be Lee Kuan Yew’s grandson.

In this way every single Singaporean child is forced to go through Singapore government schools where their brains are subjected to a sort of bleaching, schools where they are taught to obey their teachers, do as they are told; stand up when you are told, sit down when you are told; and in effect simply be a robot to serve the Lee Kuan Yew government when they have finished with you. You then become a model Singapore citizen, one who does not go on strike, does not write blogs which Lee does not like and someone who does not end up as another troublemaker like Gopalan Nair, writing this.

Why is the Singapore government so determined to prevent parents from sending their children to schools of their choice, in this case, schools run by European or Americans. The answer is obvious.

Singapore teachers just like their parents have already been sufficiently brainwashed to comport to the Singapore way of thinking (quite obvious, because otherwise they would have been fired long ago) which is, just do as you’re told, obey the Lee Kuan Yew government, or otherwise Lee will get you.

So a pathetic miserable helpless child going through school taught by a bunch of these intimidated castrated, horse in blinkers souls, is not going to be any better than them when they have completed the program. In the end, at the other end of the assembly line, having drummed a mindless sense of conformism into their heads, the product you get is a robot; a human walking robot; exactly what Lee Kuan Yew and his government wants. The human product you get at the end is the average Singaporean you see today; a very bad specimen indeed; someone who is unable to realize that there is no need to live under any dictatorship least of all that of Lee Kuan Yew and son.

With more and more parents realizing that their minds and thought process has already  been permanently damaged as a result of Lee Kuan Yew's brainwashing regimen of you listen to me or else style of life; they don't want the same to happen to their kids. An American or European teacher is unlike the Singaporean human robots. Being expatriates they are not afraid to speak their mind and naturally would encourage such confidence in their children too. And the end result, independent thinking human beings capable of deciding between good and bad without fearing for their lives.

If too many people have the ability to think independently with confidence, Lee is afraid his position will be threatened. Dictators around the world prefer unquestioning robots like Singaporeans are. More and more Singaporean parents are realizing the harm being done to their children’s brains and are trying to opt out.

The situation has reached a dangerous point for the Singaporean dictatorship. This case tells us that Singaporean parents simply do not want to educate their children through Singapore teachers. Since the government is denying them a right to choose the school of their choice for their children, it will only mean that even more families would send their children abroad and if this not no possible, they would simply emigrate with their children.

This is a moment when this government which does not appear to have their heads squarely on their shoulders to read the message on the wall. The repressive measures; denying free speech and expression, denying the right to assembly, clamping down on the Internet, preventing speeches in public, dismissing judges who are not compliant, are all causing increasing numbers of families to simply leave the island, and if that is not possible, to educate them in foreign schools.

Singapore parents are desperately trying to keep their children from being brainwashed. Day by day it gets worse for the Singapore government. A good looking newspaper such as the Straits times does not impress anyone if all it has in its pages is just propaganda.

Singapore reels under the onslaught of its own people yearning freedom. Bringing in more Mandarin speaking Chinese nationals will not solve the problem,

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in Exile
Fremont, CA, USA
Tel: 510 491 4375


Anonymous said...

* Two-thirds of Singaporeans (aged 21-34) said in a survey that they had considered retiring in another country with a slower pace of life and lower cost of living.

* Among youths (15-29 years of age), 53% are considering emigration. Despite having gone through national education, 37% say they are not patriotic.

* Six out of 10 undergraduates said they wanted to go abroad to live or work, mostly to enjoy a higher quality of life with less stress.

* An ACNielsen poll showed 21% of Singaporeans, mainly professionals, were considering emigration, half opting for Australia and New Zealand.

Anonymous said...

Lee has sent his grandson to the Singapore American School (SAS) -- something Singaporeans cannot do, as they must attend only Singapore schools.

Addressing the Singapore American School (SAS), MM Lee said: "I also had a grandson who could not fit into our schools. He had an IQ of 140, so he is not a stupid boy. But he was having trouble. His brother was scoring and he was not because he was dyslexic and he had to learn two languages - English and Chinese.

"So, the Education Ministry allowed him to opt out of the system. We did not have the specialist teachers to cater for people like him. He joined the SAS and at your school, your teachers helped him cope with his dyslexia and in the process restored his self esteem and confidence, and he's done well. Your staff support the American community and they have brought benefits to Singaporeans. Thank you."

Only Lee Kuan Yew's family members and "friends" have the right to attend foreign schools in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Lee Kuan Yew had figured out how to have a slavish docile population, saying, "If we had an English-educated middle class to begin with in 1960 -- querulous, arguing, writing letters to the press, nit-picking, chattering away -- we would have failed."

Irene Puah Siew Hoon said...

It was only when I turned 20, that my eyes were opened to the way I had been brainwashed during my education in Singapore. It was when I began dating my Western boyfriend that I realized how cynical my environment in Singapore really was. When we began travelling overseas together, I at first could not believe how openly people and the media in Europe criticized their governments and how cynical they were about their politicians. A free media in Singapore will be the downfall of the Lee clan and its bootlickers.

Anonymous said...

The government education in that country produces "Salad Tossers" and not intellects. From day one your destiny is pretty much decided and you just have to accept your fate and worship your teachers and principals like they are supreme beings. Questioning the system will get you expelled or punished in some way that tries to break that angst. The lucky ones like me who had some means pissed off to a better land that gives us equal rights and opportunities unlike that latrine of a place called singapore. Day by day I see the effects of that failed education system which promotes a "master & slave" relationship from day one.

Anonymous said...

LKY has said so himself that he prefers graduates from foreign universities like Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard etc and does not think much of graduates from NUS. In fact, he sees NUS graduates as inferior to their foreighn counterparts. Hypocritical isn't it? Deep down he knows that education is Singapore is not the bee-knees despite what the PAP make it out to be.