Thursday, March 6, 2014

Singaporeans in a fascist state kept in line to please Chinese millionaires.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Singapore is a pure fascist state. Fascism is a political system where every pillar of power is controlled by a single dictator or an oligarchy, a situation which exists absolutely in Singapore.

To survive there one has to join the establishment, period. Any independent mind has no place in the island whatsoever.

The newspapers, one of the pillars of any free society is both owned and controlled by the establishment which requires that every single paper has to report only the government's line. Therefore people can only read what the government has decided for you. No investigative journalist can come along and report that Lee Kuan Yew's son is a queer even if true,

Newspapers are used to push government propaganda, government plans, and discredit and malign it's critics, if there are any left.

Teachers in schools are all government employees and ordered to ensure their students are politically obedient. Using the carrot and the stick principle, students who support and joint he government are given good jobs. Those who don't are victimized. As a result the knowledge that you can succeed only by worshipping the government line leads to students to actively be seen as government supporters.

Judges are carefully selected for their loyalty to the establishment. Those who go out of the way to harshly punish government critics and always defend government policies see quick promotions while those who don't are dismissed.

Lawyers who are connected to the establishment and volunteer their time at government organized grass roots organizations are given top jobs in top law firms and lucrative government contracts. Those who don't have to scrape a living doing poorly paid cases.

The police and civil servants are told to favor government supporters and deal harshly against those seen as non supportive.

The government through their large secretive network on the ground and from identity card information keep careful surveillance on every citizen in the island so much so that they know each and every citizen almost as well as he knows himself. This information is daily reported to the police and civil servants who go out of their way to deny privileges to contrarians and favor those who support them.

Singapore's large business community of small shopkeepers and stall holders, and big businessmen all know that their profits depend on their outward showing of support to the authorities. As a result they have either praise or nothing to say about anything political.

Several Indian businesses in Serangoon Road in the island display portraits of Lee Kuan Yew and his son on their premises, thereby making doubly sure that there is no doubt as to whom they support. In reality of course, these businessmen not only have no knowledge of politics, and neither do they care one way or another.

The average Singaporean is even careful what he says to whom, out of fear that anything said which is derogatory of the powers up there can land them in big trouble. So why court danger for nothing.

In the end, this sort of island wide conformism leads to a very quiet uneventful society. The only people doing any thinking are those at the very top, by which I mean, Lee Kuan Yew's son and his trusted lieutenants, most of whom are related to him (nepotism)  who make the policy and hand it down the hierarchy for the press to report it and the civil servants to obediently enforce it. As far as the average citizen is concerned, he has nothing much to do except obey whatever is thrown at him on a daily basis. His views are irrelevant, unless of course it is the same as that from the top.

Reading the main state controlled newspaper the Straits Times is like reading a company bulletin. It tells us what new policies have been  implemented, who has gone to jail, who has been promoted and who demoted and the latest message from Lee Kuan Yew's son on the virtues of hard work. Other than that there is nothing much more.

It is a life where you have no choice but to sit back and wait for what next is being done in your name. And people just breeze through their lives, day after day, just waiting to be told what next to do.

The reason for the oligarchy's preference for such a regimented obedient society is two fold. One is obvious. If the people are forced to obey, it makes the hold on power by the oligarchy much more secure. An empowered demanding and engaged population would be risky for the rulers.

Second, the Chinese millionaires who park their money in Singapore after embezzling Chinese state owned corporations need a country which is stable without the uncertainly of democracies and changes in the power structure.

Realizing this fact, the government of Singapore ensures that they alone will stay in power, their policies will be the same as before with no changes, the workers will be kept on a tight leash and obedient, and there won't be any calamity or catastrophe whatsoever. These are ideal conditions for any investor but not so ideal for anyone with a head on his shoulders or a conscience in his heart.

The millionaires in Singapore are by the way, only third rate, mostly Chinese crooks who have just cheated state-owned companies. They come to Singapore mainly because Chinese is spoken there, and they can feel at home. There are very few Americans looking for low tax jurisdiction in the island as the new laws in the US make it unprofitable to cheat the US taxman. I know there are some similarly crooked Indian millionaires but other than these two nationalities, both equally crooked, I don't think there are many other nationalities there.

All said, it is a society which caters to the rich, with the Singaporean seen only as their servants to pamper their needs. Singapore itself does not produce great thinkers, scientists or even great businessmen. Anyone seen today with any ability is probably a foreigner running a large bank or big business. It does not cater for those who have big dreams to make a castle out of their own will and their own spirit. This is not possible in Lee Kuan Yew's Singapore, a fascist state controlled by the Lees for the last 52 years since independence.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in Exile
Fremont, California, USA
Tel: 510 491 8525

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Irene Puah Siew Hoon said...

You are correct about the attraction of Singapore to Chinese millionaires and their ill-gotten assets. However, the very big question is: how long will the Lee party in Singapore last? Once LKY is no more, things could unravel very rapidly.