Sunday, May 10, 2015

A life in the West for Singapore's young rebel Amos Yee

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Amos Yee is a most unlikely Singaporean in Lee Kuan Yew's island society of mindless conformists.

Immediately after Singapore's strongman Lee Kuan Yew had died only recently, this 16 year old boy came up with a searing attack upon the man calling him names and expletives, a "horrible man" and so on.

He also exhibited enormous wisdom and street savvy far beyond his age criticizing Jesus Christ and calling Margaret Thatcher a dictator and so on.

Regardless of everything else he said, it is his criticism of Lee Kuan Yew which got him into trouble in Stalinist Singapore. Please see the island's state controlled newspaper Straits Times report here

I think he would be wasting his time living in a boring sterile society such as Singapore where it is simply impossible for anyone with a mind of his own to survive.

And Yee has a mind of his own in a society where everyone else is either dumb or afraid of his rulers, not much different from Kim Jong Un's North Korea.

Amos Yee would be accepted as a refugee in any Western country as he satisfies the United Nations definition of the term.

He should travel to a country outside Singapore such as Malaysia and appear at any embassy/ consulate of a foreign country which he prefers. There he should ask for refugee status.

He clearly qualifies since he is being punished for expressing his right of free speech and opinion.

The reasons given by the government of Singapore such as his violating the racial balance of the island or posting a obscene drawing are simply nonsense.

If he were to ask for refugee status, no Western embassy of Consulate would deny him that request and return him to the Singapore authorities.

I would also suggest that before he takes that step, to alert, if possible various international human rights agencies and newspapers which would make any foreign embassy wanting to deny his request think many times over, since it will certainly have serious repercussions on their reputation for democracy.

Once in the West, he could continue his education and perhaps even pursue his dream of becoming a famous move star.

This would certainly not happen in Singapore and Yee should seriously consider getting out than rotting in that sterile one party mindless society that Lee Kuan Yew has very successfully cultivated.

If he happens to enter the United States as a visitor and then plans to apply for asylum status, I would be only too happy to represent him.

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I would point out to the reader that the numbers of young Singaporeans coming to the US and applying for asylum is already on the rise. I am already representing a number of them but attorney client privilege does not permit me to disclose their identities at present. There is no doubt in my mind that the very stupid policy of Lee Kuan Yew's son after his father's death to continue suppressing and repressing Singaporeans is certainly seen to be counter productive. His belief that the only way to rule is like that of his father is nonsensical, something he does not appear to understand.

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