Friday, May 29, 2015

Only the helpless or ignorant will willingly accept a Singaporean life

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I assume that most people with a choice would want to be free to live their lives as they want and not be compelled  to live under some government who can do as they please over them. Which explains why the Soviet Union is no longer the Soviet Union or why East Germany is no longer what it was.

Singapore island today, like the former Stalin's Soviet Union or East Germany denies freedom to it's people. They are not free to do as they want as the government decides that for them at any moment. The Singapore government just as Josef Stalin of the Soviet Union is all powerful and their people are helpless.

The Constitution of Singapore is just a piece of scrap paper. Nothing in it has the force of law. No right to free speech expression assembly. Simply nothing. After Lee Kuan Yew's demise in Singapore recently , his son and members of his cabal are the island's Big Brother who can at the flick of their finger push anyone around at any time, and declare black to be white or simply say or do anything they want with total impunity.

The Lee government is not accountable to their people, period.

So who are these people who live such lives under the Lee family and accept their miserable existence? Except for complaining on the Internet on a daily basis, it is clear that they are quite happy to live their lives the way they do. There has been no civil unrest in the island after the strongman Lee senior died and everything is calm and quiet as it was before.

If I have even the slightest ability to judge human nature, only souls helpless or ignorant would willingly accept a life such as this. Any self respecting human being would find such a life simply disgraceful.

If you were helpless through a lack of skills or education and incapable of moving anywhere else, I suppose you have no choice but to live like this. Or otherwise, one has to be ignorant. If you did not know that human beings live as free men in the rest of the world, I suppose you wouldn't object to the way you live. Afterall what you did not know cannot hurt you.

If so, one has to conclude that the majority of Singaporeans are of second rate quality because they lack skills which the rest of the world needs which forces them to live the way they do under the Lee family.

Second, they may be ignorant and not aware they have any rights.

So if you have a population of an island made up of poorly skilled or poorly educated workers or worse, dumb individuals, I must say any society like that is in some big trouble.

They are incapable of competing with countries who have educated and confident citizens who are not ignorant as they are in Singapore, and who would not even dream of putting up with such nonsense.

In the long run, with a poorly qualified and educated population, the island will only regress and decline further and further behind countries which have confident robust discerning and demanding well educated citizens who do not have to take the sort of nonsense you see under Singapore's Lee family.

It may take some time, but the long term prognosis for an island with a population such as this does not look very confident. Any society made up of slaves would have a hard time making any progress. If Singapore has managed to remain afloat so far, it is only because it was not the Internet age. Now with ease of mobility and access to information at the click of a mouse, the rules of the game have changed entirely.

No one in his right mind would want to live in any country where he has no rights at all. So you can imagine the caliber of those who populate Lee Kuan Yew's son's island of Singapore today.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A signaporean in Exiole
Fremont California USA
Tel: 510 491 8525


Kevin said...

Actually, the thing about Singaporeans' state of education is that a large portion of them have degrees and even if they cannot get into local universities, some will opt to go overseas to study and obtain their degrees when sponsored by parents. But yes, despite the level of tertiary education among Singaporeans, they are a docile and effete lot which is unable to tell between right and wrong a lot of times, and chose to sell their birthrights to freedom to leaders who are immensely ridiculous and out-of-touch with social justice.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gopalan, I am an NS defaulter. Is this an extraditable crime in Malaysia? I am planning to visit Malaysia so I can catch up with family and friends. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

"Hi Gopalan, I am an NS defaulter. Is this an extraditable crime in Malaysia? I am planning to visit Malaysia so I can catch up with family and friends. Thanks."

Not at all, as long as you don't enter Singapore, they can't touch you.

Anonymous said...

Roy is now in trouble with a corrupted judge.
That judge, in his opinion, the Queen’s Counsel is irrevelant and outsiders should not bother with local matters.

As an expert of law, what could Roy do to defend against such nonsense.