Friday, May 15, 2015

It is impossible for Singaporeans to challege Lee's PAP

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In every single aspect of one's daily life in tiny Singapore, any display of even the slightest opposition to the establishment means punishment while open support automatically results in privileges.

There is simply no advantage in opposing the regime in Singapore, a Lee Kuan Yew creation, a classic fascist state.

Open critics are disadvantaged and marginalized regardless of their level of education, skills and abilities.

Chee Soon Juan the Secretary General of the opposition Singapore Democratic Party was fired from his job and has been jobless for years, a man who was previously a highly respected university professor with a PhD.

Had it not been his open defiance of the establishment, he would have been in a highly lucrative position where his education and skills are used accordingly. The list of marginalized highly educated Singaporeans goes on, all because they have decided to oppose this system.

Only recently, Roy Ngerng, a young man in his 20s openly accused lee Kuan Yew's son of dishonesty relating to the state retirement fund (CPF). He was immediately sued and fired from his job at a local hospital. He is now jobless and believed to be living off donations from well wishers.

John Tan was the chairman of Chee's political party. For that he was fired from his teaching post at Cook University's Singapore facility. I am not sure how he survives today.

This shameful practice of denying careers to those who are not sympathetic to the establishment, is not only the worst form of persecution, it also deprives Singapore of valuable talent which it badly needs given a small population base. Although you may think the government is shooting themselves in the foot through the loss of such talent, it appears the government doesn't care. To them, punishing their critics appears far more important than the island's interests.

The public punishment of government critics is not only to punish them, it is done more to warn other citizens not to go down their path, a plan which is clearly shown to be effective. Today most Singaporeans are not capable of thinking between right and wrong of the government's actions, while many chose instead not to think, as it offers no benefit.

Human beings being unique among God's creations, have the ability to think and reason, and thinking and forming judgments is a natural thing.

If you may not like the denial of free speech and expression as is the case in the island of Singapore, it would be natural for one to openly say so.

But in Singapore, to do what is natural to the human spirit is not only discouraged, it will result in great harm to you. .

Criticizing the prohibition of free speech, even though common sense tells you there is nothing wrong with it, is disallowed and a citizens therefore are required to deliberately hold themselves back from being a normal human being who speaks his mind and become someone who deliberately checks himself to conform to group- speak just to survive.

And this general acceptance of conformism being right changes the normal thought process. In Singapore the general consensus is that only fools would join the opposition. Clever guys will do the smart thing and join Lee's PAP.

But what is PAP anyway? It is a government that denies free speech expression, the rule of law and yet expects people to respect and obey Lee Kuan Yew's son even though in their own minds, these are a bunch of gangsters who have turned them into slaves.

But because they have got away with it for so long with impunity and since it is they who have the means to dish out the goodies, and any opposition to them results in eternal pain, people have slowly begun to really believe that this dictatorial government is actually good and those who oppose them surely are a bunch of fools.

And this philosophy has not only become the norm on the ground, it has also become the truth and the prevailing philosophy in that island.

In the end the Lee government has managed to turn the island into a bunch of zombies, who actually believe that Big Brother is right after all.

The question is, is such group thinking and conformism any good for Singaporeans  or their island.

The answer has to be clearly in the negative.

The ability to think independently with logic and common sense is a desirable and necessary quality for advancement in life and a career anywhere in the world, except in Singapore where it is not only discouraged, it is not necessary.

The Lee government appreciates people who can blindly just do their work without the need to think whether they live as slaves.

But the moment such a brainwashed individual leaves the protection of Lee's island, he is totally at a loss.

In western countries, one has to have the ability to think and question to survive in their competitive world, a quality which the Singaporean totally lacks.

Not only the adults in Singapore, but their children too end up as mindless brainwashed robots because this is what is appreciated in Lee's society; blind obedience.

And blind obedience is the clear path to success under Lee Kuan Yew's son.

Can a country like this progress in this competitive world? Hardly.

Countries that succeed always have societies that can think.

It is thinking societies that come up with new ideas. And new ideas mean innovation and experiment.

And innovation and experiment means progress, which the Lee government does not want because, new ideas means questioning the Lee government and questioning them means trouble for them, which they do not want.

Better to keep you a mindless fool rather than allow you to threaten their grip on power.

I have no respect for Lee Kuan Yew's son or his government.

He only manages to retain grip on power only though corruption by giving bribes in the millions to his minions to continue supporting him.

Like a thug he uses his police force to intimidate his citizens into obedience and uses his corrupt judges to subvert the law to destroy his opponents through defamation actions.

But his people are so afraid of him that they dare not question his abuse of power and simply submit.

In fact the entire society there have been so intimidated and brainwashed that they actually believe that being loyal to him is actually the right thing to do.

Singaporeans are either incapable or unwilling to challenge their government either because they actually believe that living as slaves is a good thing, while the rest of society are even unaware that they are in fact slaves.

Under these unfortunate circumstances and under the ongoing unremitting brainwashing regimen that the average Singapore is presently being put, Singaporeans have no hope of standing up to this regime.

Gopalan Nair
Attorney at Law
A Singaporean in Exile
Fremont, California USA
Tel: 510 491 8525


Anonymous said...

The same thing exists in the SAF.

The instant they learn that you don't support the PAP, or have any patriotism for Singapore, they bar you from any specialised vocational training, and condemn you to be a menial labourer.

Even those with technical skill, are barred from learning how to be a repairman or mechanic, whilst Tony Tan's son can be given a 10 year deferment to go to medical school.

Anonymous said...

The latest casualty is fmr SDP Cttee member Dr Vincent Weysingha, son of the well-known RI ex-principal Eugene Weysingha. He was fired from his academic Govt job just 3 months ago! You may wish to follow up. Vincent told me personally 2 months ago.

Anonymous said...

The PAP government is ironically endangering PMETs jobs opportunities for virtually all indigenous Singaprean that had been systematically marginalized by the senseless massive imports of foreigners to fill PMET jobs, despite there is no dearth of qualified indigenous Singaporean. These foreign talents are not brought in to close any gaps or supplement our talent pool but it had already been revealed time and again to supplant our local talents with foreign talents with qualifications of dubious or even lesser standing. These are also certainly neither industry leaders nor movers. As such, these are really foreigners imported merely to displace junior - mid level PMET Singaporeans and not contributing to creation new job opportunities for the locals.
As the loss of PMET jobs to Singaporeans may in reality be significant and even trending upwards, this sorry state of affair has since become critical enough so much so that the government can't help but sound the warning bell on looming unemployment problem for our educated professionals. Apart from banking and IT sectors long invaded by foreigners, the law profession was announced to be suffering the same fate and prospective graduting JC students were warned to stay away from it. It was also reported recently that the government had also agreed to grant free admission of Indian nationals into accountancy, medicine and healthcare professions too. Fearing this long term consequence of unfulfilled aspirations of our tertiary educated Singaporeans may turn into an ugly macro problem with serious industrial strife and political instability implications , the government desperate at nipping this in the bud cannot but raise the ante by openly and blatantly appealing to the masses to forgo university education and go down the vocational route.
On the other hand, Michael Y.P. Ang, a Singaporean freelance journalist, has also correctly pointed out that it is silly for those who point the finger at immigrants (skilled workers from the West and low-cost labourers from the Indian subcontinent, China or ASEAN) for causing Singaporeans' lack of employment or underemployment and overcrowded public transportation.

Immigrants are drawn to Singapore because we offer them what they cannot find back home, even in Western countries with 'greener pastures'. Don't blame them for doing what is a very human thing to do. Immigrants are allowed to work and live on our island because of the PAP's liberal immigration policy.

In short, there is simply no denying that this tend of systematic undermining of employment propsects for our indigenous Singaporean will continue to premeate our evey remaining PMET job types may very be a grim reality don't bear thinking about. This explains squarely why the current PAP team failed miserably to rally many Singaporeans behind them. Regardless of how sound the strategy of gunning for highest short term economic growth exclusively is, the local populace who are unemployed due to the ultra liberal immigration policy, suffering the full brunt of rising costs and dejected would naturally seek the alternative.

Thus, the slip in popularity shall prevail so long as the present PAP government persist in failing to fathom how their obsession with quick fix economic growth policies had heighten bread and butter fears among Singaporeans.
However, can Mr Nair or anyone why there still so may apparently high educated Singaporeans that can continue to justify and support the PAP self destructive action of alienating indigenous Singaporeans please? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hello PMET commentator; it is really an extreme political cult situation that has continued with a massive core group of Sinkies who will vote for the status quo however ludicrous as blind followers in perpetuity aka Jim Jones etc.